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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The world is closely looking at Auroville for its efforts to find a new society

National Auroville, cynosure of the world The Hindu Tuesday, Feb 26, 2008 Staff Reporter
“Human unity is the first step towards a better world”
140 commercial units operate in Auroville
Township planned for 50,000 people — Photo: T. Singaravelou R. Meenakshi, an Aurovillian, addressing a press conference at Auroville in Puducherry on Monday. PUDUCHERRY:
Travelling through a challenging and progressive path in the last 40 years, Auroville is moving towards forming a new society, a new way of living. The world is closely looking at Auroville for its efforts to find a new society, a panel of Aurovillians said on Monday.
Addressing a press conference here, member of the Outreach Media team of Auroville, Mauna van der Vlugt, said mankind is looking for a new unifying approach to tackle issues such as climatic changes and population explosion. Human unity is the first step towards a better world.
With around 2,000 residents from more than 40 countries, the Auroville community has a double role, secretary of Auroville International, Friederike Muhlhans, said. “We have to bring Auroville in contact with the outside world and bring the world in contact with Auroville,” she added.
Ms. Muhlhans said people are longing for an approach to bring the human family together and so they look forward to Auroville.
More than 140 commercial units operate in Auroville, including handicrafts, food processing, clothing and architecture, with 5,000 people employed here.
Aurovillian R. Meenakshi said the villages around Auroville have accepted them and also support the works.
“The township is planned for 50,000 people and has four zones – international, cultural, industrial and residential. Efforts are on to introduce guidelines keeping in mind the ecological concerns,” architect Lalit Kishore Bhati said.
Experiments, with vast range of aspects in green constructions and earth constructions, are part of the township.
Aiming at a cashless economy, the Aurovillians said people working there are either self-maintained or maintained by the community.
“We brought in a new structure where there is no need for exchange of money. When provided what you need, you work for developing yourself. This simplifies life and there is less stress. Possessing money is suddenly not needed and this new system is spreading,” the Aurovillians added.
Auroville will celebrate 40 years on February 28. Starting with a bonfire and kolam ceremony, there will be a symposium on the theme of ‘Auroville and the Ideal of Human Unity.’
The celebrations will end with a cultural performance by Mallika Sarabhai and her troupe on ‘Savithri, Flame of the Future.’

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