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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wealth has a role but a subservient one

Theology of Money – Final Reflections
from An und für sich by Anthony Paul Smith

The summary aspect of our book event ended over the weekend and I feel it was overall a success. I want to thank all those who participated in the book event. There were some interesting thoughts put forward for future work in the comments and I hope that we see some work that builds off of Goodchild’s coming from folks like Clayton and Lissa. I hope that those readers throughout the blogosophere that linked to us over the book event will feel free to use this post to continue any discussion as they digest the method and concepts in Theology of Money.

Below you’ll find an index to the individual summaries and Goodchild’s response. Thanks, finally, to Adam, Brad, Lissa, Michael, Alex, Clayton, and Dan for the outstanding job on the summaries.
An index to the posts is provided here:
Preface to the US Edition and Introduction
1. Power
2. The End of Modernity
3. Ecology of Money
4. Politics of Money
5. Theology of Money
6. Metaphysics & Credit
7. The Price of Credit
8. A Modest Proposal: Evaluative Credit
Conclusion: On Redemption
Response from Philip Goodchild
Again, for those who were unable to keep up with the pace of reading, please feel free to use this post for further discussion.

Studying wealth in the calm of Pondicherry : Cutting The Edge By Gautam Chikermane

And suddenly, there are people, tourists largely, thronging the narrow roads. We take the opportunity to cycle to the market, buy stuff, grab lunch. The markets are chock-a-block, there is little space to move amid another sea of people vying with one another for shopkeepers’ attention. They buy food, shirts, utensils, shoes.

The huddled mass tells me why the Indian economy is growing — and why it will continue to grow. This growth, however, is leaving scars of wealth on the once laidback town, now bustling city of Pondicherry. This is a town that along with Auroville in Tamil Nadu and about 8 km from here is possibly the spiritual base of the world. Wealth has a role but a subservient one — not the overwhelming dominance that it has everywhere else I’ve been and seen.

Back in the balcony and writing this piece makes me wonder just what in hell’s name am I upto analysing a paper in the middle of my vacation, my teerth-yatra? Posted by Gautam Chikermane on Monday, December 14, 2009 at 7:42 pm 8:35 AM

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