Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Friday, November 06, 2015

Bracketing the most exalted and enlightened Indian minds with the CPI(M)

October 30, 2015 Press Communique
Growing Communal Violence
 All across North India, communal tensions are sought to be sharply escalated by the RSS/BJP outfits.  During the Dussehra, Muharram festival period, reports of such tensions leading to riots in some places were reported. 
Simultaneously, inflammatory campaigns such as against `beef consumption’; campaigns decrying reservations for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and OBCs with the RSS chief asking for a review of existing reservations; murderous attacks on dalit families like in Dadri etc are intensifying.  Till date, the Union Government and Prime Minister Modi have not assured parliament or the country of any action against any member of the Union Cabinet or RSS leaders and BJP MPs who continue to make inflammatory speeches spreading hatred and communal disharmony. 
Given such patronage by the BJP Central and state governments and the refusal by PM Modi to take any action, various outfits of the RSS are being emboldened by the day to mount such attacks that seek to undermine the secular democratic foundations of the Indian Republic and create widespread insecurity amongst the religious minorities in the country.  They are undermining the Constitutionally guaranteed fundamental right of all Indian citizens to “life and liberty” and their habits.
The Polit Bureau while strongly condemning such growing communal activities, has called upon all CPI(M) units and other Left, progressive and democratic forces to unitedly rise in protest against such nefarious designs of the RSS/BJP.
CPI(M) Hails this Protest 
In protest against the growing intolerance and the spread of hatred across the country that has led, amongst other violent attacks, to the murders of rationalist thinkers and activists like Dhabolkar, Pansare and Kalburgi, a large number of award winning littérateurs have returned their Sahitya Academy and other recognition of excellence awards to the government in protest. 
They have been joined by reputed historians and film personalities who have similarly returned their national awards.  12 such prominent film makers have so far protested in this manner.  
Latest is the return of awards  by Indian scientists of international repute as a form of protest against the current situation of intolerance, hatred and violence.  Over 100 scientists have joined in this protest.  Internationally renowned Dr. P. M. Bhargava, founder chief of the Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, has announced the return of the Padma Bhushan conferred upon him as a mark of protest.  The Padma Bhushan is the third highest civilian award of our country. 
The Polit Bureau salutes these eminent personalities who have shown the courage and taken this extraordinary expression of protest in the defence of the unity of the Indian people and in defence of the syncretic civilisational ethos of our country.  Such action by Indian intellectuals, scientists and creative artists strengthens the resolve of all Indians who cherish the secular democratic foundations of our Republic to defend our country and people’s unity.  The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) hails the courage and commitment of these eminent individuals.
The protests by such large number of eminent scientists nails the lie of the RSS spokesman and BJP’s senior Cabinet Ministers that these are ‘politically motivated’.  The Union Finance Minister appears to have gone to the extent, as reported by the media, to say that: “space of the Left has reduced”. He further claimed that “those returning awards were in a way electioneering against the BJP in Bihar polls.” Such is the contemptuous political bracketing that the RSS/BJP does in their flimsy defence. 

Press Release Date: 
Thursday, November 5, 2015
 CPI(M) General Secretary, Sitaram Yechury’s reaction to Shri Venkaiah Naidu’s Press Conference and Release of the BJP book “Know the Truth”.
  1. There is nothing new in this “truth”. All the charges against the Left raised ad nauseam in the past are repeated once again. The Left is accused of hegemonising the intellectual discourse in the country. The point of view of Left intellectuals has been persuasive and continues to be so because of the strength of its scholarship, reasoning and study of Indian history. The RSS, unable to meet these high standards, has once again unleashed a calumny of disinformation, speaking of “ideological motivation” of the Left.
  2. We are thankful to Shri Venkaiah Naidu Garu for bracketing the most exalted and enlightened Indian minds with the CPI(M).
  3. The return of State awards as a form of protest is nothing new. During the course of the freedom struggle this has happened on many an occasion. Recollect that Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore returned his knighthood in protest against the atrocities of the British colonial rule in India.
  4. The issue is not of an ‘alternative RSS/BJP point of view’ emerging in the battle of ideas. The RSS point of view has always been there in the academic and intellectual discourse of India. The current intolerance in the country is highlighted by the growth of violence and intimidation between opposing points of view unleashed by the RSS and the various tentacles of the communal octopus. Violent intolerance is the issue before the country and people today. The largescale protests that have enlarged to include litterateurs, historians, film makers, scientists, former chief of Indian armed forces etc are a reflection of protests against this atmosphere.
  5. The creation of such an atmosphere is unambiguously moving towards what Sardar Patel described when he ordered the ban on the RSS, as “cult of violence spearheaded by the Sangh” that had claimed many lives “including that of the Mahatma”.
  6. The hallmark of the current intolerance is the violent attacks that are being unleashed all across the country. A Muslim is killed allegedly for consuming beef. Two dalit children are burnt alive. Pakistani Gazhal singer Ghulam Ali is not allowed to perform. The BCCI office is attacked as they were to discuss a possible cricket series with Pakistan etc. Instances of ‘moral policing’ are being reported from various parts of the country.
  7. It is simply untrue that all these issues were not brought before the government by anybody so far. In the parliament in the very first session after this BJP government under PM Modi took office demands were raised asking the Prime Minister to take action, if not at least give an assurance to the parliament and through it to the people that action will be taken against members of the Union Cabinet and BJP MPs who continue to make inflammatory hate speeches across the country. Till date, forget any action, no such assurance has been forthcoming from the Prime Minister.
  8. The CPI(M) and the Left have always been critical of the role of the Congress party like in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots or their compromising attitude towards communalism. Our record on these matters is there for all to see. But when it comes to saying that in the past why did ‘so and so’ not protest and why protests are taking place now, the RSS has to answer:
(a)            Why did it not join the national struggle for freedom? Even Nanaji Deshmukh, a respected RSS leader ha asked in his book why the RSS had not participated in the freedom movement as an organisation?
(b)            The British Home record on the basis of intelligence reports telegraphed to London by the Bombay Police department had noted that the “Sangh has scrupulously” remained within the law. Has the RSS ever answered why they cooperated with the British during the course of the freedom struggle?
(c)             Has there been any apology from either the RSS or the BJP for the 2002 communal genocide in Gujarat?
(d)            Till date the RSS has not retracted or apologised for their Guru’s, Madhav Sadhashiv Golwalkar’s observation that we should learn from the methods used by Hitlerite fascism and that India should “learn and profit” from this.

The series of violent attacks and communal disturbances that have consumed the lives of innocent people and the complete silence on the part of the Prime Minister confirms today’s reality of intolerance. No other conclusion can be drawn except that the current BJP central government under Prime Minister Modi is, in all practical terms, patronizing such violent intolerance across the country.
The only agenda that this government seems to be pursuing is that of advancing the RSS objective of transforming the secular democratic Indian republic into their version of a rabidly intolerant fascistic “Hindu rashtra”. Development of the country and the people clearly is not on this government’s agenda.

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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