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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Nobel prize and the Magsaysay may well be rewards for doing the West's bidding

Instructive that the two axes of scholarly discussion which so irks these orgs. are and .

You wonder about trupti, Rohith, kanhaiya? I forecast assault
The enemy is clever, has deep pockets, and vast resources, including many moles and sleeper cells. In the UPA years, the project of keeping India down worked nicely. The challenge for the Modi government is to ensure it can escape this well-laid trap, and let it be known that it will neither expect, nor give, any quarter. The PM might take a leaf out of Lee Kuan Yew's book. No more Mr. Nice Guy. And no more being ashamed just because white people say you should be, either. India should march to its own, and different, drummer.

i fear their output is far too long, a cut and paste job, and seriously discriminatory. needs rewritten in 10 pages

There can be nothing more harmful to economy than FRBM act, it's such a subtle monster with devastating impact

Indian universities must change what they teach their political science graduates.

We mangled Ambedkar’s Constitution: Here are 10 changes we must make

How Left's terminological terrorism reduced Hinduism to Brahminism - when Brahmins were essentially just priests.

Humbled & delighted to see my piece on Bezos & Buffett in 's top 10 weekly reading list

[a poor farmer taking few thousand rupees is taken to task but these big people are making merry, top court said] SC

[Mainstream, April 4, 2016: ‘Danger to Constitutional Values’ - Statement by Retired Civil Servants, Niranjan Pant...]

10 वर्ष के लिए तय राजनैतिक आरक्षण हर 10 वर्ष बाद बढ़ा दिये जाने के कारण लीडरशिप में आत्मविश्वास की कमी साफ़ दिखती है

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