Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

Monday, April 18, 2016

RM type discourse has given respectability to anti-Dalit bigots

Why insist on English education? Because only then one gets introduced to vast work in humanities field, which we won't find in local lang.
Knowledge of English allows you to access works of Voltaire and Tolstoy, freedom of thought and what not.
How much would people keep translating? New material produced every week. Also, how will you converse with outside world?
"Even if 10% of our children got English education, the intellectual field would have changed."
Many free-market types who have nothing to do with caste also favour abolition of quotas, but I never call them casteists. ...
Look, quota issue has many facets. So, not mixing that with claiming that a guy is casteist. I have other ways to judge. ...
Casteists are those who believe in purity of their caste, think that caste is relevant today, that its an ideal way for scoeity.

All Dalits should master English, it opens doors for them। Also English environ less casteist than Hindi one
RM type discourse has given respectability 2 anti-Dalit bigots who now hide behind fighting ‘breaking India forces’.
In practice Varna was always based on birth just like today…

Deleterious effect of books written by Shourie & RM types can't be ignored. Too many RW come across as sheltered.
Same folks will never ponder on numerous "breaking india" forces in Lutyens/Foregin academia who are from Savarna classes

No one has done a better job at maligning Ambedkar than Ambedkar himself: his copious writings are there for all
Deleterious effect -Shourie has simply reproduced Ambedkar's shameful speeches & writings.Should they be hidden?

read Annihiltion of Caste where ambedkar has shown that Chaturvarna will also eventually lead to caste system
even if Hindus today try to change Varna system to chaturvana it will eventually lead to current caste system

: first of all Varna is NOT based on google & read Sri Aurobindo's writings on caste..ENLIGHTENING
all I can say is read Sri Aurobindo's writings on Varna once.. its based on Guna.. a Satwik person shld be 
well, Dr Ambedkar faced Caste based discrimination almost all his life. he had every reason to feel BITTER but time has changed. now we have to implement REAL Guna based Varna System for an Ideal spiritual society.
find a fault with Sri Aurobindo's writings on Varna if U can. annihilation of Caste/Surname is necessary though

Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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