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Even when one is deep into Sri Aurobindo one loses balance

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In a democracy, elections are not designed to produce victors and vanquished. It is designed to produce a Government and an Opposition, both equally vital. Simple fact that many journalists and commentators seem not to have grasped.
If we wanted to have Governments without Opposition, we would have designed the Constitution in such a manner that the party with the most votes will take all the seats in Parliament.
And if we really wanted to have mass media owned and peopled by those who crawl, bend and demean themselves before the Government, we would have banned all media other than what is government-owned.

Read this important article by Krishna Prasad, speaking truth, without fear or favour, to the compromised Indian news media: Democracy can die in daylight too

Scientist and author @subhashkak1 explains in this fascinating piece how the ancient Indian astronomical and scientific concepts are the basis of the foundation of Western Sciences. Check out.
#HistoryAwareness #AncientIndianSciences

Brilliant article, a must read. Especially for folks here. "Pessimism can be hard to distinguish from critical thinking and is often taken more seriously than optimism, which can be hard to distinguish from salesmanship and aloofness."

Demographic impact of Christian Missionaries: India needs the equivalent of Russia’s Yarovaya law (writes @ShashankGoyal01)

You've probably heard the word #dharma before, but it's not always easy to know what one's dharma is. Here's a look at the history of dharma and how you can find yours.

One that comes to mind is Sri Aurobindo's very short piece, 'Philosophy', where he begins by contrasting 'the knowledge which a man of intellect prefers' to 'a more active and mundane curiosity'. It's in the collection Essays Divine and Human, but may also be published elsewhere.

A thread collating speeches and articles of great nationalist leaders and intellectuals of the past century.
Sri Aurobindo: Indian Resurgence And Europe
Sri Aurobindo: Lifeless Unity
Sri Aurobindo: India’s True Swaraj

Balance is the key word for true criticism. Sri Aurobindo teaches us how to be balanced in our judgement. All critics should read Sri Aurobindo to learn impartiality in judgement. I like Messey but I know the power of Ronaldo. Sri Aurobindo taught me this.
Balance n impartiality r not external tricks. Arnold didn't explain enough. Even when one is deep into Sri Aurobindo one loses balance! It's a long practice of criticism. "The inner must prepare before the outer follows."
Speech comes to many naturally, but to Ananda Lal with a special accent of calm n poise reminding us of the intonations of the Rigveda transferred to English by Sri Aurobindo. He has derived this great speech style of unhurried fluency from his father, P. Lal.

A Practical Guide to Integral Yoga: Extracts compiled from the writings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother Ed. Manibhai remains the best book for beginners
The other one of course is the all time favourite The Sunlit Path by The Mother
"The Life Divine" by Sri Aurobindo sensitizes us to several pitfalls of pure empiricism such as Illusion of size, Illusion of quality, Illusion of quantity, Illusion of the obvious, Illusion of our present possibility, Separateness is an illusion, etc. ...

Got 5 months of pending salary all in one go,due to an accounting glitch,my dept was not being able to pay my emoluments,and now I am rich beyond words ,have never seen so much of money together anyway first I offered handsome amount to Mom,and then to Rishi Aurobindo
Also don't read yogic books on electronic medium like Kindle,because the act of touching a book in physical form brings about a transmission of idea frequencies at some level of existential plane,that I can't exactly explain with logic or science.
A good point touched by @ArpanAgarwal3 this vast flow of space-time matrix is actually one point of singularity,thus all 'being' is simply existing at once,on same primordial frequency,yet we perceive it in the mode of far,near,past,future etc due to the illusion of causality.

As Sri Aurobindo states: To strive intellectually is not the right attitude to approach such literature. The right way is to keep reading with a silent non judgemental/striving mind with an aspiration to get to its truths. Overtime it reveals itself. As for formidable length:/1
That is an illusion of the time-bound mind. Whether the book is long or short, one can only read  a word or a sentence at a time. Goal is to just read a little daily. Somedays the mind might have interest to read an entire chapter. One day one realizes that one has read it all./2

@JaganKurup Riding piggy back on Aurobindo and R.Tagore,the Left held sway.That liberty enshrines responsibility escapes all.If not my way,then the highway of violence ,is the ruling maxim.All fine  philosophies fall on deaf ears,the uncouth  and the unruly are  what fascinate .

Understanding the meaning of the tetramorph (or Aurobindo's "fourfold Atman" or Blake's "fourfold vision", or Rosenstock-Huessy's "cross of reality") therefore strikes me as crucial for our survival in an emerging four-dimensional cosmos.

Historical linguistics about the evolution of languages mostly skips the development of words for numbers. But there is nothing obvious about numbers, or how we call them. Obviously, it is difficult to convince a whole population to use random words for numbers they don't need.
Historical linguistics assumes the numbers popped out somehow. So I am trying to explain something which nobody (AFAIK) previously thought worth explaining. In that sense, this is a bit similar to Darwin's theory of evolution. Its competitor (creationism) is not a theory at all.
The word for 6 Shaṭ or Shashṭa "sixth" is derived from "sas", which refers to the act of sowing. A related word in Sanskrit is "Sasya" सस्य. You can see the similarity also in English "sow", originally from the root "savan" !
Indians would know precisely what this is.
The number 9 is remarkable because in most of the Indo-European languages the word means "new". In French, the words coincide"neuf". Same in Sanskrit "nava" नव.
What is this new thing about 9? Well after you fold 4 times (you get 8), you need a new cloth, or a new block of clay.

Isha Upanishad: the Methods of Realisation, Part 6, the Action of the Divine Will

Random inspection of Hooka bars done and Haveli, Black hukka bar and God father hukka bar sealed/ closed  in violation of norms

Plasim Radar

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