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Only Sri Aurobindo remains relevant for the future

History, Critical Thinking & Autonomy
Prof Thapar claims that History departments at JNU & similar institutions use critical thinking and Social Sciences methodologies which are objective. She further claims that previous governments had policies of autonomy towards NCERT & other scholarship. I offer a counterpoint.
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by Kailash Chandra
The present study is an attempt to know the importance of rituals of Hindu's in spirituality. Spiritual psychology is the study of the unity of the spirit,...

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Post-Sri Aurobindo English nonfiction: Jiddu Krishnamurti has no parallel. Rushdie comes next. I keep Naipaul at No. 3. Rushdie is a greater artist than Naipaul.
Jiddu Krishnamurti was a supreme artist of nonfictional prose in the post-Sri Aurobindo era. What Ruskin Bond is to fiction Krishnamurti is to nonfiction. Charmers n dreamers, they put up some resistance against the  pollution of our consciousness.

Same here !To better appreciate plays by #SriAurobindo ,I believe 1 should also have a background of western mythology &🌍-history! SA beautifully used His knowledge to develop His literature!! Exposure to European languages certainly was a 👍 help, to His Father! @omram1206

Starting to read Sri Aurobindo, and his model seems to be opening up to higher spiritual dimensions that come down into you, which allow a more universal consciousness. Gebser sees distance from origin as a loss, how are these views compatible?

Dr. Alok pandey, The person who helped me or guided me at each and every moment of life . When I first time met him , we were like we are friends from years . In my life I have never met or seen such a person ...
It's all mothers grace , we all are blessed sir and even physical presence of guru sometimes becomes a hindrance , so it's even better

In your case you can make an exception. You risk to overwork yourself, see to it that you get the most convenient journey. Remember Sri Aurobindo has endorsed you & the young people of the earth. All the best, your sincerity counts.

Hinduism has never been about the chanting of slogans and bike rallies. Hindu is the only religion which preaches the concept of "Bhakti". Hindutva is Hinduness of Sri Aurobindo and Swami Vivekananda.

The greatest damage Nehru did to this country is to allow his PERSONAL beliefs and his FAKE image to over-ride country's interests... When I wrote "Chacha Returns"... most people laughed... You can see Nehru in "Saffron" now... Hypocrite, Deceiver..

Gandhian fetish - to seek praise from wicked/enemy, even at the cost of family, friends and countrymen - does not move by such reprimands. A galaxy of greats, from Tagore, Besant, SriAurobindo and many others, failed to impress Gandhi. Why wannabe Gandhis be any less, sir?
There is one more way, a la Sri Aurobindo: create doubt about their religion. This can be done so easily by all out verbal war against Islamic doctrines - totally nonviolent, and with negligible cost! Only things needed is clarity of mind, good conscience and a spine.

Pascal came to see that the surest way of defeating the erroneous views of others is not by bombarding the bastion of their self-righteousness but by slipping in through the backdoor of their beliefs.

Savitri Era Open Forum: Sri Aurobindo’s Shakespeare criticism is unmatched

Ideological confusion continues among those who have captured power on false planks. It's good in a way in as much as new ideas are discussed or experimented. Past theories have their limitations and must not be applied uncritically. Only Sri Aurobindo remains relevant for future.

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