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Meritocracy makes the successful feel entitled and absolves the greedy of guilt

Basic purpose of Indian Constitution is to orient every person of an ethos transcending narrow boundaries like region or religion. This boils down to an imposition; but Sri Aurobindo charts out the philosophical foundation and a method of psychological practice to inculcate that.

Situation isn't that bad as you paint. Each person represented some quality and contributed. The transition was precarious and leaders adopted enough caution to build a firm foundation. Now is the time to design the desired superstructure but intellectuals ignore Sri Aurobindo.

The whole of east has been a philosophical melting pot from the ancient times. #PrachiValley
Egypt is the cradle; can't be overlooked
Not an expert, but my feeling is that Odisha can't be understood without linking it to Egypt and Indonesia. Interpreting language and culture in isolation would be an error. Overdose of hubris around any deity, or even political figure, can distort an objective search for truth.
Mukti is one stream but physical immortality is another and temples and pyramids point to that in a concrete manner. This is an aim The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have resuscitated in our time. Trade was instrumental for exchange of knowledge between distant lands separated by seas.
Now that you are a proud possessor of The Life Divine you can begin with the last six chapters which Sri Aurobindo added after two decades. They are more sociological and futuristic. Besides his last essays on Mind of Light clarifies many a nitty gritty; Savitri has cryptic clues
There can be various opinions about the past which keeps on changing but the truth is that contact with European education and culture gave the Bengalis the first mover's advantage. Their position is secure in history; no one can dispute with that or remove them from the pedestal
I have not read him but many perceptive persons are recommending the books by Nigurananda (Professor Sachidananda Sarkar). You may check. There would be many others like him.

Evergreen Essays: Cricket, chess, or tennis: see life through the learning lens
Savitri Era Party: Savitri Era Party is the right alternative to Hindutva

People of India are being manipulated and exploited in various ways and those who are in the know are in the rolls of perpetrators. Deep State and Big Data are calling the shots in connivance with religious predators. The positive agenda of Savitri Era can combat vulnerabilities.

Dr. Alok Pandey's lecture on Aurobindo's work are so good. Such a bliss to hear them while travelling.

This means education should be scientific, habits should be scientific and clothing should be neutral, so the language we speak must also evolve to the neutral which enlightens the citizens about the neutral. This is the only way we can defeat China.

Spiritual learning of Bharat is steeply rooted in its Vedic learning.  In this book, 'Vedic Index' , Sri Aurobindo explains the importance of Vedic symbols, words, images and concepts. #SpiritualSunday

7) Hymns 39 - 43 (Verses 472 - 517):
Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 01, Sukta 039 to 043 (including rare hymns to Pushan & Aryaman);
with #SriAurobindo's words on how 3 major aspects of the Vedic Sacrifice (Yajmana, Offering, Results) are dealt with in His psychological theory
8) Hymns 44 - 50 (Verses 518 - 599):

Description of Rig-Veda, Mandala 01, Sukta 044 to 050 (including hymns on Usha & glory of Surya);
with #SriAurobindo's words on how 3 major aspects of the Vedic Sacrifice (Yajmana, Offering, Results) are dealt with in His psychological theory

India and the Indian: Hindu nationalism is an inherently secular notion, not a theocratic concept, writes Sreemoy Talukdar My piece on a special series for @firstpost

पूरी दुनिया में “भारत” एक ऐसा देश है जहाँ लहसुन, प्याज खाने से पाप लगता है।
दलाली, रिश्वत व हराम की कमाई खाने से पाप नहीं लगता..👎

The incongruence between Hindutwa's imagined glorious liberal past & the stark reality of its insecure & violent present is shootng through the roof!

There was an attempt by reformist-liberal (sort of) elites to create something resembling civilization by copying from the West. But they copied some of the worst things, like utopian coercivism, and not surprisingly the project collapsed of its own self-contradictions & corruption

Curse that addiction to shine bright in corporate world and money chain bending,this thing is draining away the spiritual,transparent, self-luminous Bengali sentience field,thus we are not getting our sages,poets,scholars,warriors and mystics anymore.

This is a great problem of meritocracy. Too many people try to go for top and in time waste their resources.

Between 1948 and 1970, half a million people moved from the Caribbean to Britain, which faced huge labour shortages after the Second World War. They helped to rebuild the country. Their contribution to British society should be celebrated.

10) Better off, sometimes more liberal Americans have their own ideas about who deserves what. The ideology of meritocracy reassures them they deserve their wealth, status, and privilege. This lets them think of help for migrants, the poor or minorities as charity.
11) Meritocracy is also an individualistic ideology that obscures the working of wealth, power and privilege. It makes the successful feel entitled, as though they have earned what in fact has been given to them by a larger system.
12) Ostensible meritocracy confers false honor and absolves the greedy of guilt. It makes them feel innocent of causal responsibility for the suffering of immigrants. But they may feel moral obligation. And they may feel shame when their country is cruel to suffering children.

What's the best politics book you've read this year? Gideon Rachman's favourite authors of 2019 so far include @MichaelWolffNYC  @annafifield @paragkhanna and @kevinhorourke #FTreadinglist

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