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Sunday, July 08, 2007

American Revolution was not inspired by economic policies but by paranoia of the loss of sovereignty

When the Mothership Lands: Secrets of the CIA’s Psi-Plasma Vortex
By Drew Hempel, MA Anti-Copyright Fall, 2007
I’ve done a lot of voluntary progressive policy activism and have experienced directly the psychological warfare, the sabotage, the physical assaults, the threats, the censorship that goes along with just trying to practice democracy! Both White and professor Hugh B. Urban document that Tantra was the dominant means of social rule in the 8th Century A.D. and no one knows how far back or how far West beyond Central and South Asia.
According to Professor David Gordon White the most important technique of Tantra is the male drinking the vulva juice of the female as a means of replenishing his lost “vital fluids” power. This central secret of his academic treatise was left out of the recent scholarly review (2004) and apparently in Ancient Greece men would drink the sperm of boys also as a means of replenishment. Tantra now is a means to sell Nike and exotic tourism but, as professor Camille Paglia documents Nefertiti – the cold femme fatale robot-Queen – is supervising the Matrix of imperial spiritual technology – Freemasonry.
The run away best-seller book The Da Vinci Code, stolen from Lynn Picknett and Clyde Prince’s earlier analysis, The Templar Revelation (that I had already read before Brown’s trashy novel came out), is also based on this myth of a Cosmic Mother bloodline controlling the West. In Tantra the King must sacrifice himself so that humanity can continue and since democracy means that more of us are the real sovereigns (ruling kings) that more of us must be sacrificed! Such is the Kali Yuga – the age of destruction.
Stanford professor Bernard Bailyn in his The Origins of American Politics (1967) argued that the American Revolution was not inspired by economic policies but by paranoia of the loss of sovereignty. Explicitly (see also his “A note on conspiracy” in his book Ideological Origins of the American Revolution) Bailyn states that the colonists who fought were motivated by conspiracism! Ivan Illich documents that conspiracy is derived from conspirare which referred to a medieval community religious ritual of “secretly breathing together” to bind people to the land. F.W. Schelling wrote of the fundamental “conspiracy and unity” of life, referring to the root “spiro” meaning both spiral and breath. Just like Ivan Illich, “To the end of his life, Kafka persisted in denouncing school as “a conspiracy of grownups….” (p. 26, Nightmare of Reason). Probably the most credible conspiracy source if former President Clinton’s mentor, Georgetown Professor Carroll Quigley who not only documents the tragedy of militarists unaware and disavowing of the latest technology but who also affirms a cabal of Anglo-American global finance masters controlling policy.
My favorite academic to document the importance of esoteric politics is University of Chicago anthropologist Bruce Lincoln who documents that the C.I.A. hired scientists to infilitrate and assimilate indigenous communities in Guatemala. Clive Prince and Lynn Picknett, author of several conspiracy books, make the same charge against New Age gurus Drunvalo Melchizadek and James Hurtak after the CIA monitored and shutdown their website for their expose book, The Stargate Conspiracy. My own “the plan for the Actual Matrix” and “the Real Matrix” summaries, freely readable online, ties the other main New Age guru, Jose Arguelles to former CIA-funded mind control scientist Dr. Andrija Puharich and to Willis Harman, author of the Stanford Research Institute’s CIA-funded study, Man’s Changing Future.
The explicit goal of esoteric Freemason politics is to assimilate radical “back to the land” ecologists into techno-spiritualism. This Freemason project necessitates a new global religion (i.e. transhumanism promoted by the World Institute-U.N.-CIA collaboration published as Cosmic Humanism and World Unity) that is based on an attempt to control natural cycles of comets, Ice Ages, etc. through global Tesla-inspired electromagnetic systems (i.e. Project HAARP) and through biowarfare terrorism. The conspiracy author Jim Keith and his publisher Ron Bond were both dead through mysterious circumstances in separate occasions – both at a young age and just a few years after publishing several Jim Keith books exposing this Freemasonic Matrix Plan, as first devised by H.G. Wells. Posted by Great Galactic Ghoul at 9:40 AM

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