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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Course on Politics by Times Foundation and S.P. Jain Institute

6-month course for aspiring women politicians Times of India 6 Mar 2004
MUMBAI: A new management course to help train women to compete in the powerful world of politics has been given the thumbs up by Maharashtra governor Mohammed Fazal. On the occasion of Women’s Day on Monday, Mr Fazal, who believes that 50 per cent of representation in politics should be reserved for women, will launch course on Women and Political Governance’. The course, the first of its kind, will be offered by the S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) in collaboration with Times Foundation and the Women’s Movement for Peace and Prosperity.
Speaking to TNN at Raj Bhavan, Mr Fazal noted that the number of women in politics should be in proportion to their number in the country, and thus a 50 per cent reservation was justified. Trained women politicians will change the face of the political system. Moreover, such a course should be offered to men as well,’’ he said. Educated politicians would improve the quality of discussions in parliament and positively impact the quality of decisions taken, he noted. The course, which aims to train women in political know-how, will not only provide a conceptual knowledge base but will also develop skills and expose candidates to the “ground realities’’ of politics, according to a press statement issued by Times Foundation and SPJIMR.
The six-month course will include subjects such as finance and accounting, personality development and communication skills, legal and constitutional studies, current issues, group behaviour and interpersonal skills. Times Foundation is supporting the initiative because “it sees it as a positive instrument of social change that relates to women’s empowerment and hopes to provide the decaying political system with a much-needed sanitised shot in the arm by promoting good governance’’.

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