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Sunday, July 29, 2007

The interns would see how the party firms up its views on these Bills

Left 'perspective' for IIM grads The Tmes of India 13 Feb 2007 Akshaya Mukul
NEW DELHI: Come April and Chepuri Krishna would be the first IIM-Ahmedabad student in the CPM headquarters trying to learn Left's perspective on everything from local politics to global issues. However, a similar proposal by students of the National Law School, Bangalore, for internship with CPM has not been so fruitful. The students made the proposal to CPM leader Sitaram Yechury, who visited the institute as part of a parliamentary delegation a month ago. But he suggested that they do internship with Parliament itself. He then spoke to Speaker Somnath Chatterjee, who, he said, "has reacted positively".
Back to the IIM interns. During the politburo meeting in Kolkata, the party had cleared the proposal of IIM-A students, made to Yechury, to do internship with CPM. Considering that IIM students rake in big stipends even during the internship, the party would be paying them a small amount, "nothing compared to what they would have got elsewhere". While Krishna's internship is certain since all formalities have been gone through, there are chances of more IIM students coming to AKG Bhavan for internship this summer.
Yechury said, "Since the IIM students showed interest in public policy, they would be attached to the party's parliamentary office where they would work closely with CPM leaders in framing legislation. "Sixty-six Bills are in various stages of completion which the government would like to introduce. The interns would see how the party firms up its views on these Bills and would be asked to make their contributions." He also said that since the interns would be coming in April-May, they would be asked to contribute to Bills and issues which would dominate the monsoon session of Parliament. For instance, he said, the interns would be asked to contribute to plans of extension of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act to more districts, and pension and banking Bills.

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