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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

At work or in the shopping mall, the marketing of religion is here to stay

The Business of Religion By Mil Arcega Washington 23 July 2007
It used to be that companies were in the business of selling products and churches were in the business of promoting faith. Today the line between religion and the marketplace is blurring. Faith-based marketing generates nearly $5 billion a year in revenue. And as VOA's Mil Arcega reports, some well-known companies are bringing religion to the boardroom...
Agencies such as Marketplace Chaplains, says business is way up. And last year, stores selling so called "Christian products" took in more than $4.6 billion. Bill Anderson is the head of the Christian Retail Association. "The industry has grown from books and bibles to include music and apparel and cards and jewelry and children's products. It's really a Christian lifestyle store."
"It's a battle for good versus evil" says David Socha, who runs a company called One 2 Believe. He markets a line of dolls called "Messengers of Faith."

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