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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Lok Satta Party has ushered in a new political culture of choosing its candidates on the basis of secret primaries

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Hyderabad, July 3, 2007 Lok Satta Party, for the first time in the country, has ushered in a new political culture of choosing its candidates to contest elections on the basis of public opinion expressed in open and secret primaries. The party, which is contesting the forthcoming by-elections to four ZPTCs and 15 MPTCs, has already conducted primaries at six places. The exercise in other places will be completed by July 6, the last date for withdrawal of nominations.
Addressing a media meet today, D. V. V. S. Varma, Secretary of the Lok Satta Party, said that the Lok Satta was putting an end to the traditional parties' practice of foisting their candidates without taking people into confidence. More often than not, the traditional parties regarded candidates' selection as a private affair and promoted dynastic rule. In sharp contrast, Lok Satta Party's candidates are people's candidates.
Mr. Varma underlined that unlike traditional parties, Lok Satta candidates would not splurge money on buying votes or distributing liquor to influence the election outcome. The Lok Satta Party was also changing the way electoral discourse was carried on. Unlike traditional parties which viewed elections as a clash between parties or a game to grab power and derided each other, the Lok Satta would make elections people-centered by focusing on their problems and means of resolving them. The Lok Satta, if elected to power, will:
Transform municipalities and panchayats into genuine local governments.
Form district governments and allocate 50 per cent of the State budget to districts and local governments.
Actually transfer powers in respect of 29 items to panchayats and 18 items to municipalities as stipulated in the Constitution and provide funds and personnel.
Completely implement the Right to Information Act and Citizens' Charters.
Appoint an Ombudsman for every district to prevent corruption and irregularities
Form Ward Sabhas in municipalities and make people partners in governance
Enable people to watch the Panchayat and Municipal Council proceedings by providing special galleries

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