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Cary Wolfe wants us to abolish the human/animal distinction

Hegel's fascinating philosophical analysis of the Fall can be found in the following reference for those who may be interested in more details: 

Hegel, Logic. Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences, Part I, trans. William Wallace. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2nd edn, 1892, §24 addition.

Regarding your idea of what I am interpreting as suggesting an attuning oneself with nature [is that correct?] to create a harmony. The attunement perhaps refers to the inner self adjusting itself with the outer world. Does this imply the natural world is OK and we are out of wack with respect to it? Not sure what you want to say here. 

Bhakti Madhava Puri

Stephen Greenblatt, in his recent book in the Eden myth's history and variations, brings in an earlier story from the region. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh meets an immortal couple...

Since it is through language that we arrive at so many of our
judgments, is it language itself whose dangers we're warned of in the Eden myth? If so, this might conjoin with Taoist warnings about language, where "tao", meaning "way" or "ways" (the Chinese is neither singular or plural), also suggests the branching paths.

So putting language to one side, so as not to judge too quickly, while appreciating the ways open before us, which, to use another metaphor, radiate somewhat like spokes (spokens?) from the axis of here and now -- that's where dukkha can come in. The Buddhist Sutras repeatedly emphasize the difference between what things are called, the verbal labels we give them, and what they really are, insisting that even the label "buddha" is ultimately inadequate.

Sophocles would have known well the statues of the goddess Hecate, whose statue was typically placed at the junction of paths in ancient Greece, holding a lamp aloft so the paths might be seen, much like New York's Lady Liberty.
Whit Blauvelt May 14, 2018

Assorted tweets for general information:

Interpreting Hegel’s India | Economic and Political Weekly
"I will now turn to Hegel’s interpretation of the Bhagavad Gita which offers interesting challenges even today." | Read Rahul Govind's #BookReview of Hegel's India

34. If early humans used speech mostly to share moments, be it by 'tales' or 'truths',putting truths above tales may not come naturally to us.

There is no brilliant physicist who has not taken inspiration from Vedanta. Homage to Sudarshan for getting deeper insights than most, thanks to his Indian background.

Very fuzzy boundary between #depression vs normal sadness/disappointment/grief.
The reported rate increases are a misleading artifact heavily influenced by aggressive Pharma propaganda.
Meds do more harm than good for most teenagers.
Reserve only for severe/classic depression.

Depression/anxiety of people frm lower caste communities is not given much importance. You're supposed to be thick with emotions. As they say~'u knw caste oppression is the ground reality of this country. U can't change it in one go. Try to stay happy, everything will b alright'
1. Provided discussion around mental health is a trend in white/uppercaste spaces, the moment you talk about your issues it becomes~ 'oh stop imitating the UC/white folk'. Our struggles are as REAL as yours +

But one book I liked in that series was simply called “What is Post Humanism” that mobilized ideas from Luhmann, Derrida, Lacan, systems theory & animal studies to criticize the human/animal ontological distinction in a way that’s interesting tho not necessarily devastating.
While Wolfe wants us to abolish the human/animal distinction, Luhmann wants us to see the social as autonomous reproducing self enclosed systems, where every observation is an operation, and all study & action cause reverberating changes in the system.
Wilderson argues that Blackness is constitutively excluded by the ‘human’, because the ‘human’ arose in tandem with whiteness as Europe practiced Settler Colonialism, Genocide & the African Slave Trade in the Americas, and thus is constituted by these histories & ontologies.

Mr Wolfe was on the cutting edge of the so-called New Journalism that exploded onto the scene in the 1960s

I love the #KarnatakaVerdict.  For those who like quantum mechanics, Black Swan and the perfect storm this is a brilliant conundrum.

Political alliances and MLA trading should be subject to GST. At least some fraction money will come back for public use.

“Nectar should be nectar for all/
It cannot be poison for some.”
Excellent piece by @mamtasagar on the irony of “political parties who thrive on agendas of religious and social discrimination” quoting 12th century reformer #Basavanna. #KarnatakaAssemblyElection. @IndianExpress

Horse trading has always existed in Indian politics. But our job as journalists and commentators is to criticise it strongly and shame those indulging in it. Not celebrate it like an ‘art form’ or Chanakyaniti.

Horse-trading is after all a Chanakya Niti, only violence in elections is murder of democracy. Exam Warrior Lesson Number 1:

Liberal democracy is poorly suited to the internet age because it necessitates conflict and conflict is exacerbated by the internet. Only a political system that values cultural homogeneity and collective action can thrive in the internet age.
The Great Internet Reckoning is this: “Is it Left or Right?” Everything must answer to this question. Every hobby. Every subculture. No piece of our society shall resist this political sorting. Ultimately, all that matters is which side you’re on.
The proliferation of subcultures was the movement of pre-internet culture onto the internet. Everybody DID get their own magazine, their own TV channel. But the Political Reckoning is the action of the internet qua medium. All resources must be repurposed to collective struggle. The future belongs to the civilisation most disposed to creating a hive mind.

Finally, @Gutrgoo is officially recognised by @startupindia.
Congrats @mehulvora009 @sureshnakhua & @nisheethsharan.

My answer fwiw (others have replied more eloquently and at greater length) - If archaeologists found a 200 million year old human fossil, would it debunk evolution? by M Alan Kazlev

Musings on ancient history, language and migrations. by Prof. @subhashkak1

His book how I became a Hindu, is a great book. I think whosoever wishes to study our religion has to first read it, also for those ignorant Hindus who have outsourced their mind to Western ideology & believe their religion to be primitive religion, would be compelled to rethink

Being a RW Hindu or even a BJP/RSS supporter carries significant personal risk in "professional" class,and in colleges. Most of the time you are outnumbered 10:1, and that is not counting silent Hindus who may support you but never utter a word out of fear of professional harm.
Yesterday @Hiranyareta made a thread about Modi shifting support base due to fickleness of middle class. What he ignored that it was only a part of this middle class which supported Hindutva. Kewl doods and town hoes were against Hindutva from start because it curb their "freedom"

Part 8 of #DemocracyInIndia
my piece: To protest, to go to a court, to vote, or for women to play at Commonwealth Games is an expression of free speech. Such expressions of #FreeSpeech will not be possible without democracy in India.

This search for TRUE Muslim is what leads to birth of Islamism. All the sects are the same on this theological aspect.
This search for TRUE Muslim is a disease that has spread among Hindus too. For example, right-wing Hindus do not accept secular Hindus as TRUE Hindu. #AbrahamicHindutva

In my own meagre practice, I experienced a map-and-territory difference between reading the Ānāpānasati Sutta, and just sitting in a 20-minute session facilitated by a decades-long practitioner. 1/2

Ethics in Politics & Election in the background of current trend in #KarnatakaElections2018 Please read my view from #Koraput

Read how various judgements on #Hindu succession are indirectly promoting #LoveJihad

Chief priest slams Tirumala administration: | The whole reason the state captured Hindu places of worship was so that such things do not happen. What now?

SGPC Seeks Action Against RSS for Distorting Sikh History

Many Indian Muslims believe that Jinnah deserves a place of honour in our halls of fame, alongside other non-Congress leaders like BR Ambedkar, says @ZareerMasani

India is long due for serious electoral reforms. The kind of crude democracy that exists now can only  encourage majoritarianism and corruption.

With their prominent history of subnationalism, the southern states’ anxiety over their presence in the Indian union is likely to grow worse.
In the May issue, Nilakantan RS in Perspectives:

Is it the India people who have lost faith in secularism or the Congress? Its defense of the principle seems unconvincing; it pays lip service to the idea even as it promises a paternalistic, benign Hinduism in contrast to the nasty Hindutva of the BJP

Essentially, you feel that the Indian public is willing to vote in droves for a more aggressive and puritanical version of secularism? In the absence of which, they are voting just the reverse. Hmm..

Poorly argued piece by BS editor Ninan who says, only with the slightest sneer, that India should compare its economy with Indonesia not China

Love seeing 'counter tweets' of Hinduphobes who insist that atrocities against dalits, women & LGBTQ community is done only by 'savarna' Hindus, totally in denial of casteism, misogyny and homophobia prevalent amongst ALL religions, ideologies & 'ways of life'. #IDAHOBIT2018.

My book #likeagirl in markets shortly. 51 stories of 56 incredible women from India. Illustrated by 27 women artists. Pre-orders available now. Please spread the word?

Sanah Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor's sister, opens up on body-shaming

Movies That Would Cause Outrage If The Genders Were Reversed

Well researched article.
@MinhazMerchant excellent article
So WW I was war between two cousins similar to Mahabharata war. Rishi Vyas proven right. But did righteous win WW I?

Why is it bothering you? You are a call yourself a vedacharya and what not ( are u like dhongi yogi??) and you spend all your time poking your nose in India's political matters. keep your mind (filled with communal filth) clean so u learn the scriptures better
He is Avatar of Shakuni Mama!

How Sri Aurobindo's book turned Egyptian Zackaria Moursi's life forever! via @IPC

Excerpt from Uttarpara Speech of Sri Aurobindo

A recitation of Sri Aurobindo's lyrical poem (VIDEO CLIP + AUDIO + TEXT).

Marketime: All States of India must be granted nationhood @NathTusar @tufailelif @saliltripathi
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo, SAVITRI

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