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Hindu sphere yet to produce a coherent alternative

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Marked as to-read: Engaging India by Strobe Talbott

I'm not sure that our own H sphere has produced a coherent alternative. Mostly I see religious discourses and explanations, or historical ones, or mired in contemporary politics. 
No one who brings the vision of the alternative whole system.

think hardly any commend themselves in the H-sphere. There is often a hint of serious defects in the thinking of many of the H who are widely followed on SM as shown by the Aryan issue. Hence, I take a dim view of all the many H ventures that have recently cropped up

Well-said, Sir, but don't you think these intellectuals also need to be well-trained in academics so as to make a worldwide impact as also to offer authentic contemporary interpretations of our traditions?

Kudos to Prof Priyamvada Gopal for calling out and standing up to racist bullies and an indifferent administration at Oxford. Racism is pervasive at Oxbridge, and too often too many Indians are willing to play the bumbling  Aziz figure or grateful native informant.

Those who use words like 'purva paksha' pretend to be objective, but deliberately misquote/misunderstand other people's truth in order to establish superiority of their own truth. Trapped in an echo chamber, they will never expand their mind. Neither will their minions.

In a Mantric language like Sanskrit, the meanings of the words are not derived by chance but are formed by its own depth & root sounds. A simple recitation of Sanskrit text tunes the body, mind and senses to a finer frequency writes @Sampadananda.

32 Dr.Shanta Kumari-Ramanuja-1 (14-4-18)AVR-SACAR_Vedanta–In the Light of Sri Aurobindo: via @YouTube

The biggest strengths of all hateful political ideology are our ignorance, timidity and gullibility.
Our politics is only a reflection of our character.
Our character defines our choices. Our choices define our politics. Our politics define us.
All change has to begin with us.

All for the Sake of Nehru: Jinnah’s Pakistan demand was more tactical than practical, writes @ZareerMasani

He didn’t declare a war is probably his biggest achievement although maybe the credit ought to go to other countries. 
He has caused huge damage to Rupee by demonetisation and trade by stupid GST.

Achievement: UPA-III
Failure: History books

I did the Integrated BSc.,BEd. course (1972-76) from Regional College of Education, Bhubaneswar (now, RIE) under NCERT. Studying with students from different States speaking different languages was a great experience apart from teachers from diverse backgrounds and orientations.

The first of 6 recorded talks on Savitri in Hindi by Dr Alok Pandey, which took place at Savitri Readers Bhavan, Bhubaneswar, in Dec 2017 (VIDEO + AUDIO).

Firstly, one has to be discerning enough.
This quality of appreciating from a distance and also assisting in the flowering whenever possible is given only to those who have crossed the bridge of Self-centeredness....

Barring few exceptions, most of the people come into your life or talk to you for overcoming their own life issues. Once they are fine, you must not expect them to be same ever.

"Why do we need to think and act more systemically? on @LinkedIn" CC #andnowweek #ik2018An increasing number of people are beginning to understand that the world we participate in is too complex, magnificent and changeable for any single perspective to do justice to its diversity and complexity. There is more to life than a ‘theory of everything’ that reduces the awe-inspiring diversity, creativity and beauty surrounding us to a series of abstract mathematical equations.
We live in networks of relationships defined by qualities that make life worth living... We should neither exclusively favour inter-subjective ‘rational’ reasoning nor only rely on individual insight and intuition, but let ourselves be informed by both, as and when appropriate.

Manto’s pain amid Savarkar’s acolytes restating Jinnah’s divisive politics

On Manto's birth anniversary, RJ Sayema remembers the secular and feminist rockstar through his writings. 

The marriage between biometric surveillance and financial surveillance of citizens is breaching the social contract between the state and the citizens, Writes @krishna1715 Read more at:

Alphabet (Google's parent company) is considering investing in Flipkart alongside Walmart — insiders explain why

Is tech addiction real? Well yes, if you get high on these habits. #NationalTechnologyDay 

The film Dunkirk portrays a sequence of terrors: the horrible vulnerability of being prey to a swooping dive bomber.

Marketime: The freedom you use is itself a cultural product and non-universal @NathTusar
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- SAVITRI by Sri Aurobindo

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