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Modi deserves a second term

The Hindu-21 hours ago
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where to even start except that it is such a shock to see this rant passing the editorial muster at @OpIndia_com . Absolutely at a loss for words. Aap to aise na the!! 

Kudos to u, u have actually put forward the grievances of a growing section of the right to the forefront. I too personally believe in the legitimacy of the issues addressed in this article. I think many ppl would agree that @BJP4India  has done little for their core voter base.

A lot of hue and cry over Karnataka but it's nothing. SC intervention was unwarranted; politics should have been allowed to follow its natural course. I'm not a Modi supporter but he deserves a second term. We must switch to American system of two terms. Odisha must get a new CM.

Agree with first half. SC has acted like softened pet may be out of over-eagerness to show neutrality. Disagree with latter part as we need Modi indefinitely or ~ 15 more yrs to cleanse India fully.

When modi has spent years n years in rss n bjp, survived cut throat competition n demonizing by the whole world for 2002, what is he doing so that somebody else of his calibre should not get demonized tmrw? Who takes the responsibility of giving right direction to hindu youth?
Let's ask this question the other way round - whats the point of giving loads n loads of money to muslims without publicizing it? Is bjp so foolish to drain money while getting beaten up on secularism? Who does that in politics?
The focus of bjp rss politics is somewhere else, n nobody can deny it. They hv been so devoid of power, money et all that this is comfortable. I don't want to say more.

The world is now experiencing a wave of democratic decline. Strong men syndrome has become quite popular. The desire for rapid economic growth & to be a global power has also pushed India to look for a ‘strong’ leader in Modi & ignore country’s democratic norms and values.
Indian economy to grow does not need an all-powerful authoritarian system and the country to be ruled by a ‘strongman’. There is no doubt that India had experienced spectacular economic development and improved its global standing under Manmohan Singh
The stability & survival of a hugely diverse country like India is heavily dependent upon country maintaining its democratic character. For democracy to last, public discourse in India has to recover fast from its fascination of the global pandemic of ‘strongman’ syndrome.

Romila Thapar's analysis of "caste" is incomplete, and at times, even dishonest. Aravindan Neelakandan explains how Marxists mess with history.

My article on how BJP's Hindutva agenda in backfiring in Assam | Unfortunately, nationalism don’t take you too far. It is a narrow self-eroding idea that alienates and disorients people. As BJP is coming to realise in Assam. #CitizenshipAmendmentBill

C.S. Seshadri: From proofs to transcendence via theorems and ragas

“The biggest challenge for journalism is how to stay relevant to a democratic society even while its primary form — news — is disintegrating and while being buffeted by the twin forces of entertainment and propaganda” A very perceptive article by @h0d3r

My own review of the book, well worth reading for those interested in modern India:

#TheDarkSideOfChristianHistory was published in 1996 and is one of the most important books written in recent years.
Deals with very important topics. 
1. The role of the Divine in human life.
2. The divinity of the Earth and the Universe.
3. Circular & Linear Time.

Siddhartha Gautama #Buddha #buddhism #gautamabuddha

Celebrating #Buddhism Culture in Andhra Pradesh, India #andhrapradesh #apbuddhism

Impact of British Colonialism on Indian Society #britishcolonialism #castes

The Plight of Hindus - A Lion Who Thinks He is a Mouse? #hindulions #hindumous #kashmir

Poetries Based on the Bhagavad Gita #bhagavadgita #bhagvadgita

Fasting: A Personal Choice for Good Health and Spirituality #durgafasting #fridayfasting

How Relevant is Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) in Modern Society? #brotherday #hindufestivals

An Introduction to The Vedas: Among Hinduism's Oldest Texts & Initial Layer of #San #ancienthinduscriptures #vedas

The best piece read in a long time. Really. Draws you into exploring ancient Hindu philosophy even more. 
WOW!!! Via @SwarajyaMag

Random stranger sits next to me in the bus ferrying us from.aircraft to terminal. Asks me a few questions about me and then gifts me this book - and not just any book - a portion of the Mahabharata that is a hidden gem - the vidura Neeti. #thismademyday @Gopanarya

Indians have to choose between Bhagwad gita or ignorant puny delusions of modern "science", it is not compatible or comparable at any level with brilliant top most knowledge in Gita , it's the difference between knowledge and ignorance
Modern "science" considers space as "Vaccume" which means nothing exists  but uses it as a carrier of gravitational force , for Einstien it is empty but curved to fit his theory, more dogmatic than any superstition

And dear sir, Lovely Mother. CLEARLY FOUND OUT N SAID, 
only Japa has a DIRECT influence on the BODY, the most material creation in universe is earth n in an individual is the BODY.
So deep inside, I hv always felt, aspirational full of love Japa for Supreme Mother is the best n only way to transform EVEN THE BODY. I m not being a typical Abrahamic here as some immature hasty hindu trads might feel when they read these lines. Jai Maa Sri Aurobindo !!
U r confusing my tweets. As a Sadhana japa alone transforms the body as found by Maa. In this tweet I was saying Maa is the Grace between jiva n Parama. And then I said Linking both , japa in Maa is the best n safest. SA said Relying on MAA IS SAFEST. Seems u r too textbookish.

My dear friends,I believe in welfare of all & according to me , Integral Yoga is d latest way of Sadhana! Surrender is d key !! Repeating d name ‘Maa’ is more than enough for mortals!! And I blindly follow whatever d Mother & Sri Aurobindo say !! For me She is Mother & not Mira !
Arpan , we should propagate d teachings of d Mother & Sri Aurobindo because it’s D ONLY Way to Save d earth for our next generations ! 
As d Mother says in Savitri:
I shall save d earth if earth consents to Be Saved .

That's all well. I too am a devotee. But I never say my way is the only way. That was my argument.
SA certainly didn't aim at creating a mass movement. Nothing about IY is suitable to be a mass movement. It's an exacting path of  hardcore seeking of Truth for sure.
"Mother" in Savitri does not seem to be restricted to a particular form of Her.
You wrote "japa of Supreme Mother is the only way". 
Did u mean Mother in form of Mirra Alfassa only ?
I get the rationale behind selecting japa: seems to be 1 activity tht easily goes from gross to subtle forms.
But like SA transformation seems 
affectable in utter silence.

Great thread on creation, Sri Aurobindo-Mother, original Asuras and Gods & Bhārat's true role as VishwaGuru. 

Their Villains are Vivekananda and Aurobindo, Not just Savarkar or 'Sangh Parivar'... P Parameshwarji writes 
After Savarkar and Sangh Parivar, it is Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo who are going to come under attack

Choose proper commentary on Bhagwad gita, don't go with commentaries from prophets of neo-hinsuism of last  few centuries, choose authentic commentaries like from Ramanujacharya, for english readers commentary by srila Prabhupada is the top most and best

@redLotus1_ @raptor_fossil @viryavaan Please let Hindus know more about Rishi Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo - The Brain Of India

Marketime: Stop being derisive of humanities studies @NathTusar @bennedose @krishnarjun108
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo ("SAVITRI")

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