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Root for capitalism, not state capitalism

The Stillborn God Analysis - › Study Guides
Dive deep into Mark Lilla's The Stillborn God with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. 
Hobbes, in Lilla’s view, was the author of what Lilla calls the “Great Separation,” since Hobbes showed the way for talking about both politics and religion in naturalistic terms, in place of considering nature and politics from the perspective of theology. Even those, such as philosopher John Locke, who disagreed with the view of the nature of humanity presented by Hobbes tended to follow Hobbes in focusing on human experience rather than on divine order. After Hobbes forced faith and authority apart, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Immanuel Kant brought them back together

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I speak with the sociologist Avijit Pathak on interdisciplinary research, my interest in Gandhi, writers and politics, and more:

Why today's grand show of opposition unity to mark  HD Kumaraswamy’s swearing-in leaves me cold? My article on the tested, tried and tired template of grand alliance.
Please read and share. via @thetribunechd

I've been repeating this point: Citizenship Act Amendment Bill is unconstitutional, as it is based on two nation theory. Pl read @pbmehta on why we need to pay attention.
Assam is sitting on ethnic volcano. BJP wants to ensure it errupts, so as to swing marginal votes in 2019.

Why replacing politicians with experts is a reckless idea Excellent read/analysis --for those dolt experts:))) RT

Researchers reason that things spread through social networks because they are appealing, not because they are true

#Event: Renowned author and economist @sanjeevsanyal speaks on satire and how fiction imitates life.

Disgusting article. Sexist upper crust garbage.

This indian illustrator is challenging all the norms of beauty, body and gender. His work is beautiful and so strong !

Replacing Babasaheb Ambedkar with Deendayal Upadhyay Shows BJP's Hatred Toward Babasaheb Ambedkar

Chakras are related to the hierarchy of the 5 senses, which describe multiple planes of existence from gross to subtle. This idea, originally from the Sāmkhya system, is unique to Indian systems of philosophy. The Dēvas are the principal components across each of these planes.

We don't follow things written in any Hindu scripture because of Macaulay effect. We hesitate wearing any religious symbol because that makes us look uncool. But we badly fear Islam and Sharia and want to chill in Malls. So we are self certified great Hindus. Okay!

Brilliant! I will go further & say that Gandhism & its progeny RSS are not products of Vedic Shakti-worship but of Christian masochism transmitted to them via Ramakrishna Mission & Left-wing guilt-mongering.
General attitude of revering Islam & Christianity while looking down on Hindu nationalism. It seems to have had major impact via Golwalkar & now even Modi.

A new way to measure the five death-blows Earth dealt to its life

How neoliberalism colonised feminism – and what you can do about it

Powerful subject, gripping reportage & writing that smashes it out the park #mustread

This Day Last Year - 23rd May - An object of fascination & at times reverence in Europe’s cultural centre — France, the timeless creator and tireless giver she is, India should shed her passivity & effectively project all that is precious in her heritage.
Hugo, Quinet and Michelet were part of the Romantic movement in one way or another. So were the poets Lamartine, de Vigny, Leconte de l’Isle, and many others who all liberally drank deep at India’s fountains, some to the point of inebriation. -Michel Danino

Open Letter to India: Looking Back in Time (Part 1) #culturalintegrationindia #psec

For decades Thomas Kuhn struggled to square the thought of an independent reality with the thesis of a changing world. He died feeling like a failure.

Such a lovely essay by @RoshniBajaj Brought back memories of Bombay

The illusion of prosperity-China’s orgy of infrastructure spending
Absolutely must read for fans of state capitalism
China’s central planners haven’t even begun to appreciate, let alone practice, the lessons of the great urbanist Jane Jacobs, who viewed cities and the socioeconomic processes that go on in them as largely the result of spontaneous, unplanned entrepreneurial development. As an economist quoted in the Washington Post article points out,
Urbanization and modernization are processes that naturally take place.… You can’t force it to happen or have 1,000 places copy the same model.
Root for capitalism, not state capitalism. For freedom by right, not a little more by permission. 

Teaching Race: On Stereotypes and Privilege - by Laura A. LeVon

Achieving disagreement: A conference on overcoming polarization & orthodoxy & achieving constructive debate.

What a fabulous, evocative, cover of @davidfrawleyved's book, "Gods, Sages, and Kings" (much better, IMO, than the one used for the Indian edition!)

Tune into AuroMusic to listen to Sri Aurobindo Gayatri Mantra 

Hymn to Maa Durga by Sri Aurobindo in Bengali

JAYA MIRE - a Prayer to The Mother.
A musical offering in Sanskrit. Lyrics and direction: Sampadananda Mishra, music: Pavitra Kumar. Recorded in Cuttack, Orissa. Produced by Sri Aurobindo Society.

Recitation of Sri Aurobindo's lyrical poem (VIDEO CLIP + AUDIO)

Marketime: Men feel entitled to our bodies @NathTusar @mediacrooks @RajeevSrinivasa @acorn
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo ("SAVITRI")

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