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More leadership is needed at the grass roots level

The Missing Horses Of Harappan Seals Are Not Really Missing

Swarajya-10 hours ago
Perhaps, one such solution may come if one uses Sri Aurobindo's approach to ... 'The Horse and the Aryan Debate' points to Sri Aurobindonian approach and ...

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More leadership is needed at the grass roots level where local leaders can have more of an influence on its people, so that at the least people can be taught what their rights are and how they can go about exercising them. #India - A #Democracy at the Surface #congress #congressparty #inc

While we stand around scrupulously criticising the Congress for the past, we are letting the BJP close its hands around democracy's throat. My column for @bsindia.

If #Modi was Blamed for Post Godhra, Then Who is Responsible for These Riots? #2002godhrariots #antibjp #bjp

"There’s no such thing as moderate Marxism" Brilliantly insightful

The Max Muller Syndrome: Deceiving #Hindus (Part 2) #antihindus #antihindu

Why is #Kali dancing on Lord Shiva?! #goddesskali #hinduism

#Myths related to the Bhagavada #Gita #arjun #bhagavadagita #krishna

Indian Scriptures and Its Impact on #Castes #caste #castesystem #hinduism

Is #Caste Only a Hindu Problem? Potpourri of Castes in India (Part 5) #castesystem #casteism

The #Vedic View of the Universe - Macrocosm (Part 1) #advaitavedanta #brahman

#Maya - The World of Quantum Physics from a Hindu Perspective #hinduphysics #hinduism

Freedom in Love and Relationships #freedomlove #freedomoflove

Hindu Seva or Christian Charity? Lessons for the US and the World #christiancharity #hinduhating

#Hinduism and #Christianity #christianityhinduism #moksha

Am I a Hindu? #amiahindu #christian #hindu

Are “Hindu’s” Too #Progressive Thinking? #accomodations #adaptability

Sikh Holy Golden Temple #goldentemple #punjab #sikhism

In India, space for people to pursue their faiths and profess them is as much a product of civilisational attributes as it is of modern law and jurisprudence.

There is too much conflict on core within bjp. I m sure about my state.  Half hearted on core isn't acceptable anymore. Time is running away. On issues where hindu voice reaches a critical mass, at least those, bjp must not suppress.

@HMOIndia : Dear sir, Please follow the tenets of Sri Aurobindo and not Gandhiji to keep the tactical balance in our favour in J & K. Please do not be swayed by Ramzan or projection of peace  and policy of appeasement which is alienating the ground workers .

IE Y I say Bengali Hindutvavadis should prove such people wrong by bringing back Hindutva in WB and it will not be a diluted Gandhitvavadi RSS or Nehrutvavadi BJP's version. It will be the Hinduness of Vivekananda, Rishi Aurobindo & Master Da

And don't forget  Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu whose creed has saved dharma in your state during Philistine medieval age 
@youthwithdharma @kittylo33

Dada go ahead with ur thread on Aurobindo Quotes _/\_ In these times of turbulence,political,social,economic, the nectar of Rishi Aurobindo's words brings some solace .
we will definitely rise and shine dada,and not by keeping "20%" of the population separated or segregated. We will rise in integral humanity,involution,mysticism,and in unleashing a new spiritual age for mankind,as Swami Vivekananda and Rishi Aurobindo prophesised. _/\_
Most hindutva vadis will realise this sooner or later,that every religion will get corrupted sooner or later,if the religious aspect becomes a process of collective and not individualistic. Hence SwamiVivekananda used to stress on inner Involution instead of outward evolution.

Forget about actual great politicians like Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Bal Gangadhar Tilak & Sardar Patel & of course Sri Aurobindo, BJP is going to showcase this Gandhian windbag.

The Waltz of the Founder and the Investor. And a New Manifesto for and by “We, The People” of #StartupIndia

So... here it is, the #newbook ToC, “ #philosophy of #Autobiography #body & #text “ in #contract w/ @routledgebooks about #Nietzsche #Gandhi #ambedkar #Hemingway #andywarhol #yukiomishima @Marji_Satrapi @ArtSpiegelmaus @AngelouQuotes 
Def controversial! @TwitterBooks @nytimesbooks

On #InternationalMuseumDay with theme hyperconnected museums, please explore Odisha State Museum palm leaf manuscripts e-catalogue. The museum has PROBABLY the largest palm leaf manuscripts in the world

Here I discuss the sorry state of Indian museums and lack of initiatives to popularise them.
#History #Museum #Heritage #India

The horses were conspicuous by their absence in Harappan seals or were they? Here is a detailed essay on the horse-Harappan connection.

This difference in physical activity and culture, gets easily transposed into the philosophical plane, where the cow represents consciousness (static and eternal: purusha) and the horse represents energy (dynamic, the harbinger of Rta: prakrti). This resonates with Aurobindo.

A Free World-Union Must Eliminate War and Support Free Association and Expression of All Peoples

Marketime: Modi's record has been restorative rather than transformative @NathTusar @Chellaney
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo (SAVITRI)

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