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Deleuze suppressed references to the Platonic tradition

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Seeds of Possible Development of a World-Union of Free and Independent Nations https://t.co/EXExq5qhYr

Consciousness is an instinct, says Michael Gazzaniga. But this is less a solution to the “hard problem” than a window through which to see it. https://t.co/ShIGDxcSpM

Like most modern ideas in India, “Hindutva,” too, was born in Bengal in the 19th century. But even he fails to mention its probable progenitor. A Bangla tract by that name was published in 1892 by a bhadralok man of letters we have forgotten today. His name is Chandranath Basu (1844-1910).
I have often argued, as in my book Making India (2015), that the 19th century offers the key to our understanding of what transpired afterwards, how we ended up becoming what we are today. 
Just read this article by @MakrandParanspe           https://t.co/zRw4hbzuU5.              It’s amazing how far Bengalis have moved away from once being the leading lights of Hinduism. I hope we rise again. SOON.

The question for India and Pakistan is, rather, what kinds of societies they want to be, and what terms of freedom and equality they can give to all citizens. Pakistan has already given a disappointing answer. The Hindu nationalists, using a forgotten photo of Jinnah as a pretext, now want to take us down the same path. In obsessing about Jinnah’s photo they will ensure that Jinnah has the last laugh. The writer is vice-chancellor, Ashoka University. Views are personal
Jinnah is an obvious hero for the BJP as the party seeks to legitimise religious majoritarianism, make religious minorities second class citizens. Yeh tou hona hi tha

Must read this article to understand the real history & character of the RSS & see how deeply, communal, fascist & anti constitutional it is. https://t.co/0qsaSF8NOn

Golwalkar idolised the Holocaust and declared that it could be a way to deal with the minorities in India.  https://t.co/E9fOXOmV6v. Note the quote from Golwalkar.

Part 9 of #DemocracyInIndia
my piece: As democracy matures in India, there is a process of thinking and rethinking among people who can vote a party in a certain election and vote out that party in the very next election.
#TufailAhmadArchives https://t.co/JtGe5JAHlC

I just uploaded '"The founder of my religion" and the wisdom of crowds' to @academia! https://t.co/Foez8TSEKT

Marketime: We respect power and make a big show of respecting goodness https://t.co/mv2LQdXZ6r @NathTusar #SriAurobindo #SavitriEra

Few realize that Deleuze's discussion of aion and chronos is heavily dependent on Proclus' discussion in the Elements of Theology. Deleuze was explicitly reading Proclus in Difference and Repetition, but doesn't deign to cite a Platonist after that. https://t.co/mZcbnJTQoN
The Aion/Chronos distinction as Deleuze frames it in The Logic of Sense comes entirely from Proclus. The reason that the antecedents seem unclear is because Deleuze has suppressed positive references to the Platonic tradition at that point for ideological reasons.

Good call. I fond that a recent genetics paper under discussion here has scores of refs that have not all be cross checked for validity - but just accepted as correct. This is what science has become. Bollocks

And propagandist apologists like you will find excuses for someone who was Jihadi minded even before he became a Ph.D scholar. Tells you two things 1. The desperation in question is a consequence of the marijuana that's radical Islam. 2. Education isn't a cure for this disease. https://t.co/eacnkqsQZu

Some set of officers rise and fall with the party in power. Some, I wonder how, manage to get good postings regardless of the party in power. Some are forever relegated to background bcoz they show mirror to the governance, speak up/report. They are in minority n I belong there. https://t.co/OnoNQ9fP14
Yes, that's why we joke upon ourselves that we are like crabs--pulling down each other. If society doesn't create role models and recognise honest work, why should anyone remain so when there's easier way, easy money and on top of it lax enforcement https://t.co/opk5jsvccr

Governments come and go, Mayors come and go but a few corners of Lucknow never get cleaned. One is Kukrail area and the other is this one in Mahanagar, two blocks away from Neera Nursing Home.
Can’t find Samyukta Bhatia online so Shri @drdineshbjp please pass the message. https://t.co/rrpDvhuR2J

Hunger for greatness of a past civilisation is so great that people are almost blind to present imperfections. For instance, the bus stand at Jewar near Greater Noida is full of so much of dirt that it seemed it hasn't been cleaned in a decade. And no one seemed to bother either.

This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,

From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres. ||29.6||

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