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Golwalkar decimated our prejudices

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joy of crossing the brahmaputra river from dibrugarh @asamtour @assamtourism @AdventureDub @lonelyplanet_in

The difference between d Emergency suddenly clamped down by in 1975 by then  Prime Minister late Indira Gandhi & the ‘undeclared emergency’ imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is that the latter is like slow poison injected in2 d body-politic of d country, Yashwant Sinha

Very happy to see #MamataBanerjee for PM campaign. I hope Mayawati and other leaders gather force, pump up their ambitions for PM post. This competition is very imp in democracy, leaders across board seemed to have surrendered to Modi. Get ready people.

This is a classic case of how parties in power will subvert good sense to get votes. The other was Shah Bano Act. BJP is also advocating personal law for Sikhs, while advocating Uniform Civil Code #UCC. Please read my #DraftUCC2016

The number of MPs in Parliament and state legislatures can be trebled and at least one-third of seats be reserved for women. This is another idea. 
I am also advocating 50% jobs for women in all police stations across India.

Each constituency electing one man and one woman is the best formula for deepening of Democracy and dependable airing of people's voices.

Sexism isn’t just unfair

Identity politics: A defining trait of Karnataka polls

Unlike the Westernized, English-speaking progressives in India, Siddaramaiah is not rootless. He has located his politics in regional identity & ethnic pride instead of religious triumphalism - @BDUTT

Dual citizenship concept must be extended to all states, as in J&K. Each state must have the power to define eligibility for state citizenship, independent of federal citizenship. Linguistic homelands must be preserved.
#stopHindiImposition @nomorehindi @PLEKarnataka @GargaC

भारत के हिन्दुओ, अब तो इकट्ठा हो जाओ!

@Kripasabha @RevolutionMonk please look up Dhananjay Keer's biography of Dr Ambedkar
@AgentSaffron It can only be Dr. Ambedkar. Intellectually honest to the core
@AgentSaffron have you read his scholarly critique of Islam?

दलित शब्द के इस्तेमाल पर RSS ने रोक लगाई 
दलित शब्द का इस्तेमाल नहीं करेंगे स्वयंसेवक 
भाजपा नेता शांत प्रकाश जाटव की मुहिम हुई सफल संघ का आभार जताया

Logic behind the perversion of caste via @Pragyata_

‘Reaching out to Dalits’ is the political flavour, but BJP & Congress are failing at it, writes @kalyanishankar

"You don't win in a competition with Walmart," an expert warns India

Make no mistake - Marxism is responsible for the misery of untold millions. My column for @ProSyn.

‘New secularism’ of Indian liberals is a scary kind of fundamentalism by @SujoyGhosh1729

The Jinnah Portrait is only a Pretext – Democratic India Is the Real Target

While we have demonetisation to give credit for our economy.

audacious of @incindia to claim nehruism did wonders for india. see using data from goldman sachs. nehruvian penalty

I remember reading yours and Varshas posts on Rediff early 2000's. Incisive and brilliant. Today we have Swarajyas and Opeds, but then V few

Can We Fix The Deeply Troubled Judiciary? @RajeevSrinivasa has some answers.

Ram Swarup founded the publishing house Voice of India which included writers such as Sita Ram Goel who described him as a person who "had no use for any conventional morality or code of manners & could see clearly how they were mostly used to put the other fellow in the wrong."

Ashok Mitra: "Guru Golwalkar decimated our prejudices. He talked only when it was absolutely a humble manner...He knew almost all Indian languages. Most of the times he spoke to me in Bengali. I have to admit Golwalkar’s behavior did really conquer me..." Must read

#ScrollMagazine | Sufism doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it does

Liberalism in #India before independence – an article by Ray Smith #liberty

The best way to read “Why Liberalism Failed” is not as a funeral oration, but as a call to action

Robert Goldman, leading Indologist, talking about the prejudices within Indology.

Since 2015, Shourie has become a scholar for Ramachandra Guha because that was when Shourie turned anti BJP
Earlier, when Shourie hadn't turned anti BJP, the same Ramachandra Guha had abused Shourie and dismissed him as "a pamphleteer parading as historian"

A quick rebuttal to Prof Ram Guha's scathing piece on narcissism and Indian scientists:

STUNNED. In his books, articles, tweets, Prof Guha does mention Allama Iqbal, but NEVER ONCE his chilling fanaticism, bigotry, misogyny. 1/2

STUNNED. Prof Guha, although credits Sir Syed with the two-nation theory, OMITS all of his SHOCKINGLY bigoted views.

STUNNED. Prof Guha names Periyar as one of the Makers of Modern Asia; is laudatory, but WIPES OUT his call for breaking Gandhi's statues, slandering Ambedkar, burning holy books & the Constitution, and openly calling for the killing of Brahmins.
SHOCKING selectivity on display.

STUNNED. Prof Guha, who now showers praise on Arun Shourie calling him a credible intellectual & author of serious books, had earlier showered ABUSES at him, calling him ill-informed, bilious, bigoted, and a pamphleteer. (h/t @TrueIndology & @rahulroushan)

Funny how ideologues conveniently hide that their 'Leftist Communist' Bhagat Singh avenged the killing of Lala Lajpat Rai, who said this:
Doubtless Bhagat Singh was in disagreement with Lajpat Rai on many views, but there was tremendous mutual respect. Left ignores this.
The Left also hides the fact that, if it was Lala Lajpat Rai who co-founded the Hindu Mahasabha, he also co-founded AITUC. Own up.

SHOCKING bigotry, racism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism of Dr Mahathir Mohammad, seen as a progressive, moderate Muslim leader by many.

Outright ethnic hate articles remain in RW flagship portals, principal office bearers who expressed ethnic hate remain too. Not surprised that think tanks hire “scholars” who plagiarize. Anti-intellectualism and hate are at the core of BJP-RSS ecosystem

Shri Elst is wrong here. The primary goal of the Hindu Nationalist project is to wean so called backwards away from the anti-nationalist camp. Anything that enables it, must be done.

Shriman @saliltripathi is an ideological Liberal. To be illiberal towards ideological Liberalism is a virtue all Nationalists must inculcate in themselves. Without this clarity, one shouldn't label such Liberals,  illiberal.

I don’t agree with the thrust in Shourie’s books but at least he sought to make a sustained argument which is much more than be said of the RW Trolls of today who cannot go beyond filthy personal abuse. You can debate Shourie, as I did, but you can’t debate mere name callers.

If you have not learned the Vedas orally in a veda school I suggest that you read Aurobindo's "The Secret of the Veda"-freely downloadable (or expositions on his work by Rl Kashyap). All this kine-shine, horse-shorse etc are all metaphors with deeper meaning mistranslated by gora
Good question. A Vedic education takes 10-15 years the time that a modern education eats in order to get a PhD. That is why we have so much misunderstanding of the Veda. Our education is English  Christian Indologists wrote in Eng & we read that. Aurobindo is readable in English
Internet age is only the current excuse for the handicap of English education being needed for survival. That problem has existed since late 1900s - not just 'internet age"
In fact Internet age has made it  far easier to access the lies and controversies that have been piled on us that our fathers and grandfathers could do nothing about

Was happy to address teacher-innovators of govt schools in UP on #NewIndia,innovations in education, was moved by their enthusiasm #Rupantar

Sri Aurobindo Society is happy to announce the signing of mou with government of meghalaya the 20th state in India for #Rupantar and 3rd in north east @swarup58 @AuroSociety @SAS_Rupantar @HRDMinistry @teachersofindia @amitabhk87 @vijaymaroo

Sri Aurobindo Society is happy to announce the signing of mou with SSA Andaman & Nicobar the 21st state in India for #Rupantar, was amazed to know that SAS is the first ngo to sign an mou with A&N @swarup58 @AuroSociety @SAS_Rupantar @teachersofindia @amitabhk87 @vijaymaroo

The next chapter of a short biography of The Mother (TEXT).
"The International Centre is an experiment in the process of growth, a very comprehensive and...

As criticisms raged over Bose’s work in England, Tagore wrote in a Bengali magazine that Bose was to be celebrated not just because he was helping recover the self-respect that colonial rule had injured and for leading India into Western science, but also because he was +
Salute to this great son of India who showed there was an “Indian way of doing science” and for a while, seemed on the brink of challenging not just the experimental and theoretical protocols of western science but also its very foundations.
#JagadishChandraBose #Crescograph

How the Father of Computer Science Decoded Nature’s Mysterious Patterns

The Hidden Agenda Of Christian Churches in Tamil Nadu Will Shock You To The Core..

Wikipedia: Our New Technological McCarthyism, Part Two

Why Jonathan Swift’s satire and ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ still matter

Derided by Dadaists and Surrealists and hijacked by contemporary narcissism, beauty is an idea that's been up and down. What does it mean today?

Marketime: New autocrats maintain a façade of democracy @NathTusar @ashoswai @_YogendraYadav
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- SAVITRI by Sri Aurobindo

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