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We remain indebted to Shourie for true scholarship

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Food for thought
"Secularism must be distinguished from pro-minorityism", writes @_YogendraYadav

I endorse @_YogendraYadav 's view that "equal constitutional rights of all citizens" are far more important than "symbolic concessions". Secular politics must focus on "equal access to education, employment opportunities, housing, & equal treatment by police and state agencies".

Most Middle class people fail to understand group identities. They think that politics & polices should be made in a social vacuum for some mythical homogeneous entity they imagine exists. It’s a route to disaster. Must be understood that societies are complex & heterogeneous.
And that No policy is ever socially neutral even if social factors were not consciously accounted for. It becomes even more pertinent in India with so many castes & communities that state must actively manage them & their concerns. Stability & continuity of state depends on it.

Totally deny it..
Should education policy be caste or religion based ? Reservation is separate when it comes to admission . I oppose the so called Hindu party allocating billions for madrasaas.

I'm constantly asked how my work spans the free markets and religion. Surely, I can't be interested in both? In fact, to me, at their highest ideal both are about freedom. There can be no truly free markets, nor search for meaning (religion/theology/hunt for God), without liberty

I am Hindu, because it sets me free: @HindolSengupta at Los Angeles for Being Hindu book launch and @IndicBookClub #BharatiyaVicharManch talk. The audience enjoyed the talk thoroughly.

Hindus are not safe anywhere in World .... Majority of Hindus in Pakistan were forced to convert to Islam .... and now Christian missionaries are attacking remaining Hindus ....

Please remember this whenever someone from FT, Economist, BBC, Guardian lectures India.
The head of state of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada etc cannot even be a Catholic forget Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, atheist etc - and these countries have some nerve going around complaining or lecturing about “Hindu nationalism”, Buddhist extremism, Japanese insularity etc

The syncretic history of yoga — Hindu and Muslim — has become cosmopolitan over the years. It is now: English, American, Russian, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, sexual, non-sexual, hot and served at room temperature. via @dailyo_

Tamil Poet-Saint Appar Tirunavukkarasar Was An Ecology Hero Before It Was Cool To Be One. One of the traditional accounts of Appar getting the ultimate vision – the darshan (sight) of Kailash – stands unparalleled in the history of human spiritual odyssey

"While there is much that is still unclear, what is clear though is that the Ganga flows disquietly and the ancient stones of Kashi and the Sants, Mahants, and people of Kashi are uneasy – and therefore a middle ground has to be found"

Many of us are no longer die-hard fans of Shourie, and even disappointed by his undignified tantrums. But we remain indebted to him for alerting to us what true scholarship consists of (diligence, primary sources, evidence) & showing how bogus Left’s scholarship is.

Sita Ram Goel compared Sri Aurobindo with Rahul Sankrityayan on the issue of English versus Hindi writers vis-à-vis Hindu nationalism.

Class 8 book describes Bal Gangadhar Tilak as 'father of terrorism'

Yes - intellectuals who can comprehend what Hinduism is all about. Like Vivekananda , Like Ramakrishna, Like Aurobindo. Not silly people donning saffron robes and becoming ministers and spreading communal discord and having zero knowledge of History or Upadashids

Narendra Modi is a left-winger, so are his blind followers.

Despite povertarian rhetoric, Modi's track record on subsidies is excellent. The money has been targeted well and spent wisely on making a difference in the lives of poor by building toilets, giving power connections, cylinders, giving DBT for building homes under PM Aawas Yojana

All these self-appointed intellectuals, eminent journalists, and velcro historians remind one of the Titanic. Pompous, larger than life, launched amid great fanfare, cruising in calm waters for five days; and then they encounter this iceberg called SM. End of story.

Whataboutery - from Ambedkar to Armageddon: Principles & Pitfalls. My column on outing media hypocrisy & selectivity

In this excerpt from the @chidu77's book, Illiberal India, he discusses an incident when Gauri Lankesh riled up a crowd while giving a speech on Lingayatism, and her serendipitous meeting with  MM Kalburgi later that day. 

Debate: Jinnah, Muslim separatism and Aligarh Muslim University

#Editorial | The real reason for attacking the Aligarh Muslim University was not Jinnah’s portrait.

Active Connivance By Investigative Agencies To Suppress Facts Can’t Be Ignored Or Overlooked: SC [Read Judgment] 

What Indian voters buy with 'bribes' just before elections : Booze, good food and clothes

If the only way you can substantiate your argument is by talking about boobs, penis, vagina, push up bras etc, and then crying sexism when the other person responds in the same measure, you must look at your ashtray and wonder how it is smarter than you.

Rape victims deserve support not death. Tell #Sudan that marital rape is rape. Sign the petition to demand that the authorities #SaveNoura Hussein, who might otherwise face execution →

Trying to insult people by calling them "mentally disturbed" further stigmatises mental illnesses in a country which already has a great deal of shame and stigma around anything to do with mental health. | @MeghnadBose93 

The recent decision taken by the University Grants Commission to give greater autonomy to the better-rated and better-ranked institutions needs to be viewed in a wider context.

From the Archives: UID//Aadhaar Scheme Is Against Civil Liberties 23 November, 2010

Identity Is Tradition

All animals must eat to survive. 

Parenting in the digital age is surely more challenging and more complicated. As a parent we have to constantly juggle with how much digital time we allow our kids.

Here is a review of ALT Balaji's new bold and controversial web series Gandi Baat.

‘He Always Came to Our Rescue’: A Scribe Remembers Himanshu Roy

Hannah Arendt on our only effective resistance to the normalization of evil — written many decades ago, as though for today

The loudest critics of cultural appropriation tend to be the children of immigrants in the United States, says Thomas Jackson, @RachelMJDwyer

My column in @livemint at @Mint_Opinion - my tribute to the editor from whom I learned so much, mentor par excellence, S Nihal Singh:

S Nihal Singh (1929-2018) left ‘The Statesman’ as he led it during the Emergency: Without flinching

S. Nihal Singh Was, By All Accounts, The Last Of The Gentlemen Editors

Shri S Nihal Singh who passed away yesterday was the legendary editor. One of the last links of older generation. He laid the strong foundation of classical journalism. His views on media jingoism is a lesson for TV journalists of the day @PrashantTandy 👌

Twenty years ago the earth shook and India became a nuclear power - by Manvendra Singh

Do you know what causes fatigue and how can you cure it? Take the #FitQuiz to find out!

#ScrollMagazine | Nature as art: This Indian artist transforms dried flowers and leaves into quirky sketches

@neelavanam forages for material that she blends into drawn art.

Another feather on @Nawazuddin_S's cap with #Manto. @nanditadas #Cannes2018

‘Releasing the film was like conducting a nuclear test’: John Abraham on his embattled ‘Parmanu’ via @TheReel_in

Marketime: Westerners are cultural & religious supremacists @NathTusar @viryavaan @tufailelif
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
-SAVITRI by Sri Aurobindo

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