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China is designating itself as the saviour of Buddhism

Minding the Modern: Human Agency, Intellectual Traditions, and ...
In this brilliant study, Thomas Pfau argues that the loss of foundational concepts in classical and medieval Aristotelian philosophy caused a fateful separation between reason and will in European thought. Pfau traces the evolution and eventual deterioration of key concepts of human agency—will, person, judgment, action—from antiquity through Scholasticism and on to eighteenth-century moral theory and its critical revision in the works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

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Keep an upbeat attitude
Winston Churchill once said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Succesful people don’t waste their energy on a bad mood. They never kick off the work week in a funk. Instead, they wake up Monday morning with a positive attitude. Gung-ho about the days ahead, they remain focused on the big prize and what they intend to accomplish.

For six months every year, nearly 70,000 labour migrants from #Nepal travel to the Konkan to work as Rakhwaldars. As guards of the precious Alphonso Mangoes, they are made to live on trees, clock-in 14 hours of work & paid little. I write for @htTweets

Dear Friends - please do consider reading this excellent note by my colleague @swati_gs. She is an outstanding  reporter who is doing some pathbreaking ground stories. Support us in taking this forward.

Theatre develops you as a human: Pankaj Tripathi

Today's generation of filmmakers say things boldly, openly: Gulzar

Monday's World Day for Cultural Diversity Dialogue & Development celebrates humanity's rich diversity:

#WorldDiversityDay. Diversity is an enabling & enriching concept, empowering people of all backgrounds. Worthy of active support from people, communities, businesses & nations. Thank you @CommBank for encouraging/promoting it. @HussMustafa1 @MaliniRaj3  @gunjanpagare @shebatweets

Huge blackspot in Indian history textbooks and also in world history textbooks is no discussion about the Christian role in colonization. Can we please start with calling the Age of Discovery by its proper name The Age of Christian Invasions.

The ideology of capitalism is now 'anti-capitalist'. The villain in Hollywood films is routinely the 'evil multinational corporation'. Yet it's capital which is the great ironist, easily able to metabolise anti-corporate rhetoric by selling it back to an audience as entertainment

Karnataka results prove that it’s time to revamp our representative democracy

Modi’s various steps and actions have helped highlight the trademarks of his foreign policy, from pragmatism and minimalism to zeal and showmanship. They have also exemplified his penchant for springing diplomatic surprises, writes @Chellaney

How the deepening roots of Democracy are being uprooted and being smeared with a pesticide of superficiality- All by the BJP. 
A personal account and a political reason. Please do read my piece-

#4YearsofModi: Modi is both revered and reviled for his outspokenness and disrespect for the status quo, writes PR Ramesh

India is giving in to the instinct of majoritarianism in South Asia

How Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh destroyed Indian economy that even after 4 years - India is still paying a huge price for their misrule
Sonia Gandhi NGO Lobby first threw fiscal discipline out of the window and she went berserk on entitlement programs [MNREGA, Right to Food, Relentless increase in MSP, Oil Subsidy] but there was no money to pay for what Govt did - it borrowed like crazy
It's ironic that all these mainstream media channels do fact check on Modi speeches and let Rahul Gandhi get away with all kinds of nonsense like Modi is taxing fuel for personal purposes and they giggle out it.

Our education system is programmed to create a left liberal - ask every student of our generation - but for RamJanmbhoomi Movement, we all would have become left liberal commies after school- and nothing much has changed in past 26 yrs

Confusing Islam with Muslims is a very very bad idea. No one is fighting Muslims. But regressive unscientific ideas of Islam will be fought against and will be fought vehemently.

One of the reasons India is unable to fight terrorism effectively is because we're not fighting terrorism. We're fighting Islam. The fact that the entire Sangh terror network went scot free and no one bats an eyelid shows how serious we are about fighting terrorism!!

What is wrong in “fighting Islam”? Islam is an idea. Muslims are human beings. Rights should be for all citizens equally. But an idea that says nonbelievers burn in hell, women/LGBT/atheists/Hindus should be second-class citizens must be fought or reformed
Finally, going back to @Shehla_Rashid ‘s original point, the fact remains that fighting the ideas of literalist Islam is imperative if we have to win the “war against terrorism”. So I wish she was right - that we were fighting the battle of ideas, but unfortunately we are not. /e

The making of a ‘neo-Hindu’ democracy

Why are Muslim achievements and liberal traditions not celebrated?

Very prophetic. Watch Christopher Hitchens on the term Islamophobia and how the right to complain will slowly be taken away from you under blasphemy laws.

Musings on #AtmA #arshavidyagurukulam #krsna

The Sensible #Symbolism of the #Lotus Flower in #Hinduism and #Buddhism #dharmaflower #hinduflower

Open Letter to Anushka Sharma (and the Hypocritical Dimwits from Bollywood) #animalkillings #animalrights

#VARNA Explained: The Misunderstood and Misused Term of 'Caste' System #bharmins #brahmans #brahmin

New Book Defends Hinduism's Philosophical Unity - Indra's Net #hindubooks #hindudharma #indra

Top 10 Hindu Blogs #bharetendu #hafblog #hhrblog

Sathya Sai Baba and Mother Teresa: #Saint or Sinner? #albanianun #antihindubias

The Miracle of the Rose #buddha #om #pinkishrose

Kerala: God’s own Country. But which #God ? #godsowncountry #india #karela

"Islam has had a calamitous effect on converted peoples. To be converted you have to destroy your past, destroy your history. You have to stamp on it, you have to say 'my ancestral culture does not exist, it doesn't matter."
 - VS Naipaul

Please @AmitShah read Bhagavad Gita: "when your people are threatened, your values, it is allright to fight with any means, with force, if necessary, to protect Dharma.Being a good #Hindu does not mean always forgiving your enemy and you shud have taken out long ago Sonia Gandhi.

Hindus must start similar protests everywhere Hindu temples are under government control. Hindu temples are not mere properties or commodities to be exploited.

Ramadan greetings to only those who shun violence and wear Tiranga. Our world and your Ramadan must connect essentially with glory of our nation. Otherwise...

Genocide-threat-veiled-as-Ramzan-greeting from India's ruling party to Muslims. Can't even begin to critique this .. Crass, hateful and ignorant .. this is what India's ruling party stands for.

#AntiTerrorismDay: The Quint’s Exclusive on lawyers who defend a terror accused.

A people ravaged: Peeling off the many layers of Partition trauma

Babri Masjid demolition: Rajiv Gandhi, Congress are also partially responsible for the Ram Janmabhoomi dispute

Rajiv Gandhi played both ways and lost, now Rahul is trying his hand at soft Hindutva

The suspicion over Aadhaar shows why IIT engineers don’t have solutions to India’s ills by @RamaNewDelhi

No, read it properly, they are celebrating the purge of Buddhism and Indic influence from China by Neo-Confucians in the Song era and subsequent Imperial expansion of China, and saying that similarly they will purge Protestant Xtianity and liberalism, and build a new imperium.

Yes, I can see that but my point is that the reality is different. Most Chinese abroad (Taiwan, South-East Asia) are Buddhists plus countries like Japan, Myanmar & Lanka are Buddhist too; so in order to win their hearts, China is designating itself as the saviour of Buddhism.
Hmmm, China is spreading Confucianism throughout Asia yet at the same time, it sees itself as the leader of the Buddhist world. Monasteries that were destroyed in Tibet & China are being rebuilt now. With the latter, it aims to usurp India.

My recent live video busts myths of Vedas being anti woman and suggesting sex slavery. Establishes which cults celebrate sex slavery and inferior status of women. All with evidences from Shaastra. Proves why every Muslim woman should love Hindus.

Imagine what would happen if hundreds of people chanting their hearts out in praise of the Lord and their energies (body, mind and soul) all directed towards touching the divine within themselves

Those who subscribe to Western binaries seek to 'demolish' opponents like Olympians demolishing Titans, or God demolishing Devil. 
Those who subscribe to the highly nuanced Hindu dharma know that all opponents are imaginary (MAYA). Ravana/Kamsa are also part of Ram/Krishna LEELA.

Sir, I am intrigued. Maya/Satya, Dharma/ Adharma, Desire/Fate -- aren't these the binaries of discourses in Hindu Dharma? Though it is true that there is a lot of ambivalence in all of them, subject to people, context and finally, interpreter.

Ban on ‘The Satanic Verses’ by Rajiv Gandhi govt was wrong: P. Chidambaram

Weaponizing classical music

“Art is the only political power, the only revolutionary power, the only evolutionary power, the only power to free humankind from all repression. I say not that art has already realized this, on the contrary, and b/c it has not, it has to be developed as a weapon” -Joseph Beuys

Loneliness is a health issue, and needs targeted solutions

"A new brain is also needed, and sufficiency of knowledge for the new brain to do its work with thoroughness".
From series of essays published in Karmayogin, a weekly journal, edited by Maharshi Aurobindo, 1909, and from book The Brain of India,

Aurobindo's prediction of reunification (of lands with Bharat)/dissolution of Pakistan didnt happen. I appreciate his correct political grasp to start anti-narampanthi challenge, but I dont appreciate his taking to "sannyas/yoga" after having started the "revolutionary" process.
for me the fact that he failed to grasp this crucial part of the political struggle - war or insurgency being an extension of politics - shows a limitation in "vision", and hence I dont rely so much on his prophecies. Stress on esoteric/mysticism/"yoga" has generated a certain thinking I personally feel was shared bane of Hindu/Buddhist/Jaina late ancient pre-Islamic polity, for different logic, each of "Hindu"/Jaina/Buddhist began to rely on magical/supernatural forces to do the job of defence & counter power projection to defend their "way of life".
I dont want ppl to start believing that they can somehow bypass the painful bloodshed and even harder psychological task of accepting need for inflicting casualties more on the enemy side, with a tantrik or "yogic" ritual. If u win, yogis will claim it was their ritual which won.

They lumped Buddhism in with Aurobindo's integral yoga and didn't distinguish between their views of self.... that's straight up ridiculous. Also the Buddhist text they used was Collins' Selfless Persons, about the Puggalavadins (personhood school) which is a very unique position

How Should We Harness Behavioral Economics for Better Health? – A few ways to capitalize on human irrationality. #ThrowbackThursday |

The Attempt to Justify Domination by One Culture over Another Based on Superiority Is Flawed

Marketime: Modi deserves a second term @NathTusar @OpIndia_com @SwarajyaMag @myindmakers
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo ("SAVITRI")

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