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The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's spiritual power behind Churchill

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"The vigour with which the government is making an assault on the scientific temper only confirms that it is actually frightened of it." @urbantucchha hits the nail on the head.

After you have looked at that screenshot here is one more of what RL Kashyap says. Your "linguists" never ever asked a Veda scholar about the Vedas. That is completely ludicrous and contemptible. Sad that those frauds were taken seriously. No more

Where dear good old @TarekFatah , darling of the Indian right wing says "Dissolution of India would be great"

"Reject all systems, and try liberty" -Bastiat, The Law ,1850
Confounding govt with society, they think because we object to govt doing something,we object to it being done at all

Whenever people speak of the greatness of #Constitution I balance it with this...the Judiciary that has not lifted a finger to remove the illegally added political ideology to Constitution has a long way to go before it appears impartial.

Part 8 of #DemocracyInIndia
my piece: To protest, to go to a court, to vote, or for women to play at Commonwealth Games is an expression of free speech. Such expressions of #FreeSpeech will not be possible without democracy in India.

Nearly seven decades after the Constitution came into force, the politics of caste and religion has enslaved the citizen. There is no light at the end of this tunnel. #DemocracyInIndia

My article on Dalit literature: 

#ICYMI | Read this #BookReview of #RomilaThapar's "Talking History"

The joke is even then, Churchill was almost all alone among political elites hated for his 'war mongering'. Thanks 2 Mother Sri Aurobindo's spiritual power behind him, the world was saved from regressing millennia backwards. Jai Maa Sri Aurobindo !!

All the more remarkable if we see that Churchill was an arch imperialist & Hitler an admiring fan of the British Empire. Normally one wud expect them to get along swimmingly & Hitler was keen on some sort of rapprochement w/ the Brits. Yet Churchill chose death over conciliation.

Yes. Or may we say Churchill saw thru barbarian falsehood in Nazi Germany? Didn't he propose Franco- Brit political union to carry on the fight after french surrender. Mother said It was divine grace thru Churchill that France rejected n sunk so low . Churchill admired  France.

It almost seems in hindsight now like he was an instrument prepared & maneuvered into the right place for the exact time he would be needed. He is supposed to epitomize Brits but then they have always placed pragmatism & profit over principles & heroism. Very out-of-character.

Mother Sri Aurobindo  said after rejecting above Divine Grace, none can say when France will rise again to Her pre-eminent glory from depths to which She sank then. She is now embraced Germany. Wrong for Her. @EmmanuelMacron Brance or Fritain. @theresa_may

Thanks a lot sir for sharing d Mother’s words! Frankly speaking I have not touched anything from Her or Master expect Savitri & d Mother, a booklet by Sri Aurobindo!! May d Mother keep U all SAFE in Jammu & Kashmir!!!

To sum it up enormously, all of this, including liberal and socialist discourse, has antecedents in theological (and concomitantly political) controversies. So, for instance, you see capitalism prefigured in the Franciscan theology of property.
(Socialism as well, since all Marx really did was take the logical implications of Locke's labour theory of value and extrapolate them)
Nothing in modern liberalism makes any sense at all unless viewed in the context of this intellectual tradition of proto-protestant monastic thought.
The reason this is uncommon knowledge is because liberals tried to reground this on "naturalism" later when they graduated to full Protestantism as part of their ongoing project of favouring throne over altar.

The Kuhn cult. Admiration for the philosopher is misplaced, says Errol Morris. Kuhn's thinking is unoriginal. Worse, it's an assault on truth. Rituals must be constantly "modernised," but in such a way that their inner meaning & significance are renewed, not lost.

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