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Men feel entitled to our bodies

Millennium Post-16 hours ago
Aurobindo's discourse on the foundation of the Indian culture is still relevant. Indian civilisational ideas are even reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals ...

1941- A Love Story or Why you don't need Valentine's Day - Firstpost
11 hours ago - They might believe that this was a woman who wore khaddar during the freedom struggle and was a lifelong devotee of Shri Aurobindo. But they certainly would ...

Assorted tweets for general information:

Chanakya is not a synonym for amoral politics • Pragati Express

Hindudom is the world of many raikva-s, often possessed of great knowledge and deep insights but hidden from the glare of recognition and public adulation like the legendary cartmaker even as the mass celebrates the wonders of mediocrity
So spread out is this collection of raikva-s that one hardly runs into another in real life and even with the spidery spread of the evils of google one barely realizes the existence of another

So many Indians-Govt, Courts, Media talk abt Secularism. Reality it is an European concept ie alien to India, started to separate Church from State. In Bharat there was no Church. Read my 2013 Rediff art @RatanSharda55 @VikasSaraswat #ChurchTargetsModi

What nonsense. The Constitution of India itself discriminates on the basis of religion, creates a #ReligiousApartheid state.

Casteism, tribalism and religious discrimination are enshrined in India's Constitution (@narendramodi 's religion) @rajnathsingh

Apply pressure on @BJP4India and @RSSorg High Command to return to their  roots.Stop venerating divisive anti national British stooges like  Ambedkar, Naiker and Gandhi. Stop fawning over Moslems and Christians,  Do not turn your back on Veer Savarkar, Hedgewar or Brahmins.

Well said.. Constitution of India, itself is a plethora of contradictions, casteism, minoritism , Secularism etc. are different contradictions wherefrom Hindus are being discriminated ..!!!

Democracy has "Hairy armpits"... but with all its flaws... in India its been run for long by a corrupt, criminal family like its private fiefdom... Enough of foreigners.... They must leave India...
Ambedkar wanted to burn the Constitution and he should have... That document is a half baked plagiarised version... We should be writing an entirely new Constitution...

Modi’s sheen has clearly dulled, yet his mass appeal remains unmatched in the country, writes @Chellaney

Rituals are part of human social existence ... However, the rituals of the followers of Hindu faith are considered by many, including many Hindus themselves, irrational and unnecessary. Why? I examine.

Constitution of #India and Rights of Equality & Backward Classes #backwardclasses #castesystem

Removing a Layer of Ignorance: #tattvabOdhA – Self Knowledge #hinduism #kosha #lawofkarma

The #Hindu Rate of Fascism #bjp #facists #hhr #hindurate

First Martyr for Human Rights? #Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji #1675 #brahmins #hindus #islam

That shameful @ThinkPragati pc reminded me of this: “Its a telling commentary on the state of Hindu nation that we have collectively forgotten the titanic struggles of our forebears who shed their blood in the millions to defend the very land we walk upon”

Basavappa Shastri -- one of the extraordinary #Kannada poets who enriched the language 

Jewish writers are great. I learned so many awesome Yiddish words from them: schmuck, schlemiel, schlep, shiksa, chutzpah, schmooze, meshuggah, megillah, klutz, goy, kibitz, oy vey,... These are redoubtable words, and you need them to appreciate woody Allen type movies

Here's another uncanny similarity between Japanese and Tamiḻ . Check out these Japanese words for textures and moods:
Tamiḻ-speakers will be reminded of கறகற, சொறசொற, வழவழ, கொழகொழ, பளபள, குளுகுளு, கலகல and so on.

Kizomba rolls it's hips and spreads it's legs:

#JNU students coming to my #PhD #research #writing #workshop that @jadumanilion is organizing on 09 June, read this article beforehand. Bring pen, paper & your mphil thesis! 
From finish to start: Writing your thesis with the end in view via @DocwritingSIG

To all scholars, researchers, and Yoga enthusiasts, to grab this opportunity to attend the #Yogadarshana workshop enter the contest: write an essay, submit to us, if your essay gets selected you get to attend the workshop!
#Yogadarshana in a workshop on aspects of #Patanjali's Yogasutra being conducted by the venerable Sri Vinay Jha in the idyllic settings of Nainital. @indictoday has been able to reserve exactly one seat in that workshop.

Good example: that God awful salwar kameez. 99% of southern women are shapeless potato sacks in them, but in kerala 'churidaar' and 'salwar suits' are big hits. Same women look 10x better in saris, but noooooo! (ok, if the thing is more convenient, wear jeans or pants instead)

“There’s very little difference between the impact of inadvertent and intentional harm.” #ToxicMasculinity #NotAllMen #YesAllWomen
We all learn that men deserve more than anyone else: more money, more resources, more opportunities, more respect, more acknowledgment, more success, more love. We all internalize that. To say that “not all men” do is absurd – because, quite simply, all people do.
So when you enter a space – any space – as a man, you carry with yourself the threat of harm. Of course, in most cases, it’s not a conscious thing. We don’t think that most men move through the world thinking about how they can hurt us. You can’t see all the ways in which your maleness distorts the fabric of society, but we can. 
As such, when we generalize and say, “Men feel entitled to our bodies,” this man would be wrong if he said, “Not all men are like that – I’m not.” But what makes (yes) all men potentially unsafe – what makes (yes) all men suspect in the eyes of feminism – is the normalized violating behaviors that they’ve learned, which they then perform uncritically.
कौन अधिक हानिकारक? जाली, विकृत या राजनीति-प्रेरित समाचार? #FakeNews

Rereading this wonderful short interview of Philip Roth. I wish I also get to spend my last days like this

An Alternative Vision for Human Unity to the Imperialistic Model of Unification

Book Review: #Skanda Purana by Bibek Debroy. Reviewer: @SistersWhoRead

Decline of a bookstore

Thoughts: A small excerpt from Sri Aurobindo's writings on the great classical poet Kalidasa

Marketime: Children will not grow up in dharmic household @NathTusar @NamasteNiHao @pnvijay
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo ("SAVITRI")

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