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Varṇa provides an alternative vision to sameness which sidelines diversity

Reflections on Human Inquiry: Science, Philosophy, and Common Life

Nirmalangshu Mukherji - 2017 - ‎Science
One could think of the novels and plays of Sartre, poetry of Sri Aurobindo, 'metaphysical' poetry of Donne, some later poetry of Tagore, some of the fiction by Milan Kundera, Kamal Kumar Majumdar, and the like.

Shyama Prasad Mukherjee's greatest achievement was creation of ...

10 hours ago - Roy said that just before the 1930s, people like C R Das, Aurobindo Ghose who later came be to known as Sri Aurobindo and the revolutionaries of Agni-yuga ...

Igor Wakhévitch - Wikipedia

5 hours ago - Igor Wakhevitch is an avant-garde French composer. He released a series of studio albums in .... ("Sputnik & Statistik") Wakhevitch visited India and theSri Aurobindo Ashram for the first time in 1973. In 1991 he had a 45 minutes private ...

[PDF] Sri Aurobindos discovery of the Kingdom of Subtle Matter in Savitri and Albert Einsteins discovery of the Four-Dimensional Plane of Existence
N Kumar - International Journal of English and Literature, 2018
Sri Aurobindo's discovery of the 'Kingdom of Subtle Matter' in Savitri and Albert Einstein's discovery of the … Sri Aurobindo is a yogi of a very high plane of consciousness …

Towards the Alphabetic Structural Grammar of Tamil Language.
R Kothandaraman - Language in India, 2018
Starting with a structural grammar for the first alphabet 'A' based on the principles of Truth and Consciousness as expounded by Vallalar and Sri Aurobindo, the pioneers of Supramental evolution, we analyze the structural …

Assorted tweets for general information:

It would be quite fitting to have Puducherry, the abode of Sri Aurobindo, as the culmination of the #CongressMuktBharat movement.. https://t.co/EUElTVRbhY
Sri Aurobindo was the one who parted Congress when it lost the light, now the time has surely come for its demise..

When @RJDforIndia becomes the champion of Bhojpuri, Angikapp, Bajjika, Magahi & Maithili, casteist fascists of BJP will have no place to hide in #Bihar.

The need of the hour is to work towards not just a fast track #justice #delivery system, but also to aim for strong mechanisms which will #prevent #violence against #women. #GenderMatters #TuesdayThoughts @gendertrainings https://t.co/cpGU20R3ff

For those who say that being anti-govt welfare implies being anti-poor. https://t.co/l6VjB6l6no

There is always a caste 'lower' in hierarchy to make people feel 'superior'; and even the poorest have their wives to boss around! That is why a hierarchical, patrimonial system is so resilient. That all sections succumb to it does not make it good; it is evil. https://t.co/N5FAmafhtk

Marine Le Pen: “Immigration is an organised replacement of our population. This threatens our very survival" https://t.co/AgHS1qpHRP

"The real price of India’s Independence was paid primarily by the Bengalis and Punjabis." 
@MrSamratX on why Hindutva-wadis should not make sacrificial lambs of the Bengalis -- Hindu and Muslim.

Part 11 of #DemocracyInIndia my piece: #GujaratModelOfPolitics -- I examine how BJP is systematically eliminating Muslims from the nation's pilitical life through the means of elections -- both in Gujarat and outside it. https://t.co/rhq47JwyUR
#TufailAhmadArchives https://t.co/cpSuAjYu5L

India's first-past-the-post system of election has failed to ensure representation to the minorities. https://t.co/rt84ALVQ13

The perception that PM Modi is a good communicator (as opposed to dramatic performer) is the great Indian media myth. He cannot handle open press conferences, cannot take unscripted questions, or manage unscripted answers.

Because US media has a spine - It does not fear Trump, why will it fear a Modi? https://t.co/bBtn4sxZMG via @IndianExpress

The #deepstate in the US has been defanged much more thoroughly than in india because Modi was too tentative and queasy about wiping them out https://t.co/N4vgEgDA2S

Yes. It's appalling that hard left newspaper 'the hindu' is considered required reading for civil services aspirants! Anybody reading their #xinhua-paid propaganda will end up automatically a patriot of China and a #breakingindia exponent https://t.co/lKHiqVpeOl

true, and we complemented each other. we were yin and yang: she with her infectious passion, me with my cold engineering logic and numbers. we showed that PLUs who spoke good english could in fact love their hindu roots and the nation, which was probably startling to many https://t.co/EDlKjOrLPW

there is a big-time 'science' shibboleth in india. science is fundamental, often theoretical research. engineering is the practical instantiation of the same. traditional india was more engineering-oriented (eg ramanujan who disdained proofs). today we have this awe of 'science'

Lies, damned lies and statistics. This encapsulates my concerns about drug trials, #bigpharma and #allopathy. They increasingly confuse correlation with causation. https://t.co/96P1VFFJK7

MEETING THE MOTHER - Peter, Auroville. 
From the series “The Mother. An inner story by Auroville pioneers”. Episode with Peter Matthias Anderschitz. Video by Fred Cebron. https://t.co/wkhlwiuBMR

An autobiographical essay by Dr Zackaria Moursi (TEXT) https://t.co/i1RF5pH1Vx

Very nice - both in language and argument.
Do read. "The Agnostic God and the Problem of Evil: Examining the Hindu view", by @shrikanth_krish @IndiaFactsOrg https://t.co/6X0yaFlMBT

Varṇa provides an alternative vision to current discourses rooted in notions of sameness, which sidelines diversity and induces a rat race in the society by forcing individuals to abandon their inner calling https://t.co/tRYj8mn2Om

Shame on the motley bunch of Bengaluru intellectuals who cheerlead the most despicable and cynical brand of politics. And connived with Lutyens media to foment every faultline - caste, linguistic, religion. Some sold themselves cheap all for a State award.
If current trends hold my greatest fear - the despicable Porali scums will now leave no stone unturned to up their poisonous propaganda. Smarting under this defeat, Lutyens media vultures aided by few Malayali media trolls in TN will foment every available faultlines

An excellent, well-researched article. I understand your focus is on trad. Hindu scriptures. Reading Sri Aurobindo gives one more way to see chaturvarna - as 4 powers of the Mother. He also speaks of the need for integral devt in the individual of all 4 powers for future society.

This SHOCKING piece of bigotry was published by @thenewsminute ... if this is not a call for hatred against one section of society, I don't know what is.
I do not, yet, have the reach to publicise this. Hence am tagging some persons who I hope will.

A must read on why India needs its own methods to resuscitate recognition of its heritage and tradition rather instead of chasing foreign bodies like the UN. https://t.co/pnH84eA7OM
#UNESCO #KumbhMela #Yoga

Why did Hindu monks start bearing arms? Was it Adi Shankaracharya who encouraged them? Different answers are found in histories and hagiographies. My article: https://t.co/4L49etWNRS

Can you imagine? In an Indian textbook! @INCIndia allowed communists to write all the curriculum in India and @BJP4India is a prisoner of that treason. What to do?

If @benshapiro and @jordanbpeterson are the premier public intellectuals of the West, then the West truly is in decline

Remembering E.C.G. Sudarshan, a seminal theoretical physicist https://t.co/Nifa3FJP31 via @TheWireScience https://t.co/eefQSvXEaZ

Himanshu Roy: A Devoted & Thorough Police Officer Who Knew No Ego https://t.co/igCzTtw7G8

The uniqueness of human beings vis-à-vis other species can be attributed to the human brain. If so, how come the Neanderthal Man with a similar brain turned extinct?
Scientist Chaitali Bhattacharjee explores

"And as for solace: That's what great novels provide. They remind us that we're not the only ones to have known betrayal, bereavement, financial ruin, miserable love affairs, unconsummated passion; that it's possible to survive every sort of calamity..."

“A tale of human struggle and true love.” (via @thereel_in) https://t.co/1voKMN86F7

Marketime: Hindutva bigots have built a constituency of obliging dunces https://t.co/O3yfTBjs8L @NathTusar @SankarshanT
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo (SAVITRI)

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