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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Modi occupying mainstream vindicates the Kulkarni Doctrine

Justice: Rights and Wrongs by Nicholas Wolterstorff 
He demonstrates that the idea of natural rights originated neither in the Enlightenment nor in the individualistic philosophy of the late Middle Ages, but was already employed by the canon lawyers of the twelfth century. He traces our intuitions about rights and justice back even further, to Hebrew and Christian scriptures. 

Assorted tweets for general information:

Indians swear by Secularism a concept ie alien to Indian ethos and originated in Europe. In Europe it meant separation of Church and State. But yeah the concept of Church does not exist in India’

Raja Ram Mohan Roy: Google doodle remembers the father of ‘Indian Renaissance’ via @IndianExpress

Good article, except populism isn't opposed go democracy. Populism is the logical outcome of democracy, the absorbing equilibrium of democratic politics. If you hate populism, why would you love democracy?

Tirupati head priest turns whistleblower- alleges massive theft and misuse of Temple property

PM is working towards inclusive growth without discriminating: MA Naqvi

#4YearsofModi: Even Modi’s opponents secretly concede that one of his biggest assets is his ‘outsider’ tag, which he has managed to retain even four years after moving to Delhi to assume office, writes PR Ramesh

As Modi gives a push to infrastructure such as roads, railways, freight corridors, ports, airports, telecom network, infotech systems, toilets and more, he has attempted to provide an almost equal impetus to social sector schemes, writes Amita Shah

Many ardent fans of Modi are now critical of him. While he has disappointed the Hindutva hawks unequivocally, his possible occupying of the mainstream space is terrifying opponents. This vindicates Vajpayee and Advani following the Kulkarni Doctrine (Goa musings) @SudheenKulkarni
One of Modi's strategy is to cultivate intelligent criticism like Shourie & Sinha duo on the one hand and Rupa, Dhume, and Tufail on the other. He also encourages his joker, jumla, or feku images to float. But what is true about Modi is that he admires Lohia and understands India

The eminent RW gyaanis who makes you either bored/irritated with constant talks of RTE, Temple Control & abusing BJP/RSS for not taking them seriously without indulging in grassroot activism like true Hindus or giving practical/amicable suggestions about how to implement core

New post - The World Is Surprising

Why I call them the #DoltRight ...They'll defend anything their guy does even if it means a 180 degree turn. Zero intellectual honesty.

In an open letter, Savio Rodrigues slams Delhi Archbishop who appealed to ‘pray for new govt in 2019’

The statement reads that prayer is to be held for 'defeating evil forces (read Modi), defeating satanic forces (read Hinduism) and defeating pagan forces (read Hinduism again)'. This is a hate speech against the majority community

Hate Modi or BJP. You have the right to. But think twice before painting Congress in pure gold. Don't forget massive scams in their time, where spectrum, coal and even games weren't spared. Citizens have to make a choice during elections, but then must keep all parties accountable

Every single time the BJP gobarmint brazenly steals our money, ass kissers like Arvind Virmani, Gurcharan Das, Sunil Alagh, Surjit Bhalla & more solemnly inform us that it’s an economic reform. Like we’re that stupid!

My hypothesis that Liberal intellectuals enable the greatest crimes when they place blinkers on the public eye, is proved time and again. Also the thesis that media is the most corrupt institution today.
The main guy responsible for WW2 wasn't Adolf Hitler. It was Neville Chamberlain, a bleeding heart Liberal who blindfolded his own allies and the world with his orgy in Munich. Dear Liberals, blame yourselves for the backlash.

Excellent piece but extremely poor choice of headline from @livewire If you normalize such crass behavior you are more likely to get repeats.

“Electing someone is merely choosing a representative to take care of our share of the public domain, and nothing more than that.” If there is only one opinion piece you can read today, let it be this. #KarnatakaAssemblyElection2018

The Economy of Sacrifice: Thoughts on the Value of Gifted Goods in Heathenry

Murder or suicide? The legal complexities of the ‘cause’ of death in euthanasia

Read this book folks....

While at it please read this too - Khristt Bhakti  A fantastic whitepaper on cultural indoctrination and conversion

More and more young parents have started looking at alternative schooling models including homeschooling that focus on all-round development of children

Western Obsession on #Caste in Indian Society #castesystem #casteism #india

'Hinduism is a Way of Life' - Do We Really Know What That Means? #hinduism #hinduismkids #hindus

Science, #Vedanta and Free-will #advaitavedanta

Why 'Secularism' is a Forced Ideal for #India #dharma #dharmicperspective

10 Shades of Indian #Secularism - Hindus Largest 'Minority' in India? #antihindu #antihinducongress

Open Letter to India: A Call to Action (Part 2) #allindians #aryaninvasion

Is #Ayurveda the Next Yoga? #alternativemedicine #yoga

#Hindu Survival and #Buddhist Disappearance During Medieval #India #buddhistsindia #hindusindia

vij~nAnabhairavam is one indeed but the indications are very pithy. I was thinking of the uttara tantra of the mAlinivijaya which has a detailed account of various yoga-s
some reflections here:

The biggest delusion for human civilization is being created by modern science with nonsensical theories promoted by mass propaganda, Indians choose between incoherent & speculative modern science or Bhagvad gita, the eternal sastra with timeless knowledge to know sanatan dharma

The beauty and symmetry of Thiruvannamalai

Jupiter's south pole

A new day, a new, extraordinary perspective. Get a closer look at this unique view of Jupiter and its iconic red spot, courtesy of our @NASAJuno spacecraft’s 12th close flyby of the gas giant planet:

Sri Aurobindo: The Hour of God : Selections from His Writings
Aurobindo Ghose - 1995 - ‎Literature
The Hour of God : Selections from His Writings Aurobindo Ghose ... The hand that sent Jupiter spinning through heaven, Spends all its cunning to fashion a curl.

Sri Aurobindo Centre For Arts And Communication #photography students in conversation with Vivan Sundaram at #KNMA #Delhi PART-II OF THE #EXHIBITION #VIVANSUNDARAM
A Retrospective: Fifty Years Step Inside And You Are No Longer A Stranger OPENS ON 26 MAY 2018 #ThePlaceToBe

"Good facilitators are not readymade" --Christina Furtado, #ECFIndia. The commitment and desire to learn are foundation stones on which all other skills can be built around. #TuesdayThoughts #FightingInequality

We spent a brilliant day with the one and only, the multi talented, the uber positive @anishkmenon who taught us the meaning of #relationships while pursuing a common goal. Each individual has a special contribution to make and brings equal value to any team! #FridayFeeling

The Attempted Justification of Domination by One Culture over Another Based on Eventual Benefit

Marketime: Hindutva is just a slogan without any teeth @NathTusar @yugaparivartan @dikgaj
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo ("SAVITRI")

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