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New autocrats maintain a façade of democracy

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@_YogendraYadav piece. disagree, fully. what's the normative idea of secular being advocated? aren't deviations from that done by all, majority or minority? how come we end up having a national public debate on this only when the right selectively picks on deviations by muslims?

Thanks for noticing my position. Have respected @HartoshSinghBal for his sharp analysis, consistent position and courage to speak truth to power. Would love to debate this crucial issue with him in a spirit of honest, friendly dialogue.

Part 10 of #DemocracyInIndia
my piece: Democracy is ushering in a revolution of the mind among Indian youth in some regions. #Gujarat shows positive trends in intercaste marriages.
Over these decades, not even half of Brahmins in Gujarat married within Brahmin caste, with intra-Brahmin marriages declining from 49.6 percent in 1980 to 46.8 percent in 2010.  #DemocracyInIndia Part 10

I had written about Savarkar's views on Lingayats. Such a visionary. He knew that this sort of separatism could arise. 

I just published “Savarkar’s Solution to the Lingayat Issue”

Savarkar's definition is flawed IMO, for reasons it would take an article to elaborate. I offer a simpler alternate one: Anyone who worships the deities of the Vedas and Agamas is a Hindu.

Great explanation on ‘Reason Behind The Lingayat For Separate Religion Staus’ via @swarajyamag

Why Modi has paving the road to destruction of Hindus. After this Islamoservile "Hindu" govt every secular government will pull out all stops in discriminating against Hindus in favor of anti-Hindu peacefuls & sundry others.

#MyPiece: Modi is a bigger threat to Indian democracy than Trump is to America!
After the collapse of the Soviet Union, most democratic breakdowns in the world have taken place by the elected leaders, not by generals. Unlike classic coup d’état, these new autocrats do not suspend the Constitutions or bring tanks to occupy parliaments or kill their opponents.
New autocrats maintain a façade of democracy while adopting three common strategies to subvert it: 1) Taking control of judiciary and security agencies. 2) Marginalising political opponents and civil society. 3) Changing electoral rules to gain unfair advantages in elections.

BJP has created an atmosphere of fear in the nation: Yashwant Sinha

Farmers' protests and suicide indicate the crux of Indian governance: vast number of Indian masses are being ruled practically by outsiders/foreigners who may be Indians but have no empathy/understanding of us. #DemocracyInIndia

Hundred Years back - Personal Mobility (Cars) created the basis for New Society - Shopping Malls, Suburban Living, and Long distance Driving. Now Personal Mobile Computing through Smart Phone creating a new ecosystem.
Ecosystem of Google, Facebook, Twitter and Netflix....and we have not even scratched the surface...AI has to come next

#Replug Walmart is already in the Indian wholesale retail game, and Flipkart means plugging directly into retail customers to make up for what it is barred from doing offline.

Saw an article denigrating bharatanatyam as majoritarian cultural nationalism. The whole systems hv to b destructed to see a fresh start. That would see a lot of casualty. Not talking about politics. RW is becoming another stale ecosystem of merely political response, mostly.
Or religious discourse, which is good. But not complete for SM or general resurrection of culture. In a decade, the whole RW ecosystem will decay almost as much as left commie part.

The India Foundation is a scam. It is a sham organization tasked with providing academic legitimacy to the Hindu Right and BJP. Problem is the Hindu Right has zero intellectual originality or firepower. Even the plagiarism is crude and obvious- eg top hit on Google

Not just a sham but a money making racket. Offices in Lutyens Delhi, promising face time with ministers/directors dealing with multinationals who sponsor them, FCRA permit & Pakistani & Saudi partners of Doval jr

Dear Sir Ravish Kumar, most of the pvt schools particularly Saraswati Shishu Mandirs and Sri Aurobindo Integral Schools all over India are economically exploiting its staff. Teachers are paid less than daily wagers. Please make awareness @ndtv

#ScrollMagazine | Sufism doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it does

[Replug] Was Rabindranath Tagore a feminist? Read his essay ‘Woman and Home’ from 1922 to find out

Michel Danino is an author and historian with works such as the "The Lost River: On The Trail of the Sarasvati" to his credit. Influenced heavily by Sri Aurobindo and The the Mother, he left France for India in 1977, and has been living here ever since. #quoteoftheday

Cormac McCarthy’s Three Punctuation Rules, and How They All Go Back to James Joyce

1950s :: Street In Pondicherry

Marketime: Humans may not care much about making rational decisions @NathTusar #Tagore
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- SAVITRI by Sri Aurobindo

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