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Children will not grow up in dharmic household

Jyotirmaya Sharma's Hindutva: Exploring the Idea of Hindu Nationalism
T García - 2018… Then, in his attempt to discover the roots of Hindutva, he studies the works of four major figures of the late 19th- and early 20th century of Hindu revivalist movement: Dayananda Saraswati, Sri Aurobindo, Swami Vivekananda and Vinayak Damodar Savarkar …

[PDF] Non-Local
V Vision… Model The idea of Integral approach that is inclusive and holistic has been around since last many decades. For example, Sri Aurobindo gave us the idea of Integral Yoga, Deen Dayal Upadhyay gave the idea of Integral Humanism …

[PDF] Tracing the Elements of Non-Conformity in The Doldrummers and French Lover
V Bhakuni, N Narang… traditional ones. Anita Myles says: Asif Currimbhoy laid the foundation of modern Indian Drama in the 1950s liberating it from the static tradition of Tagore and Aurobindo… He had an amazing variety of subject matter. He was …

[PDF] Love and Humanity amidst Violence: A Study of Train to Pakistan By Khushwant Singh
C Shekhar… New Delhi: Creative, 2000. [6.] Cuddon, JAA DEictionary of Literary Terms and Literry Theory.4th ed. 1998. [7.] Danino, Michael. Trans. Satprem: Sir Aurobindo or the Adventures of Consciusness. New Delhi: Institute de Recherches, 2003. [8.] Dhawan, RK Ed …

[PDF] Portrayal of Female Characters: In the Fiction of Rohinton Mistry
R Sood… In the above discussion we can say that Mistry's India is not the India of the Vedas, Upanishdas, Dharamshastras, Brahmans'…It is not the India of Sri Aurobindo and Raja Rao… Rohinton Mistry envisions India in terms …

Supreme Whispers: Conversations with Judges of the Supreme Court of India 1980-89
A Chandrachud - 2018

Buddhist Tantra
B Bang, W Magic, K Yoga, U Path, S Jezirah, SH Bahir
Buddhist Tantra. Typesetter CMS.

Assorted tweets for general information:

Not only most foreign scholars, even numerous Hindus genuinely believe this Nehruvian propaganda: that India's Constitution knows no religious discrimination. Self-deluded people are very intolerant towards troublemakers who insist on the true story.

The seething state – The Indian Express

I have tried. Tried to think of the possible reasons behind the unparalleled hatred and bile generated towards one person. The viciousness cannot be explained. I still wonder, why? What has @smritiirani done to deserve this?

Modi's Fake Degrees Controversy Raises Serious Questions about the Quality of Indian Universities! via @thewire_in

BJP Vs Rest:  Arithmetic Looks Good For Opposition, But Modi Still Has The Edge via @swarajyamag

Modi is in danger of losing in 2019. Alternative is a rag tag coalition led by Rahul with support of Mamta, Mayawati etc. My dreams for a great nation are fading away quickly. Modi continues with his old sloganeering and "Secular Forces" will run India by divide-and-rule
Vajpayee ran huge coalition. His pragmatic approach kept the flock happy. He kept taxes low , sold PSUs. Modi says " No Govt in business". He is still running all PSUs. Railways has lacs of crores of surplus land, he keeps taxing people. Modi should atleast now learn from Atalji

Surely.. abhas Chatterjee n Sita Ram goel.hv exposed the absence of such intent in sangh bjp. Thats what is seen since ABV n NM times. Als removing anti hindu portion of rte requires funds? bjp HELPED inc PASS RTE in 2009. want effective implementation of rte in 2014 manifesto
Well why doesn't bjp accept it's mistake of not doing Bytjing for My core cause ? Becos it wants to accepted as secular as against a hindu party. It Lso sees the term hindu in a negative divisive  light deep inside. @youthwithdharma

BJP is setting the precendent for secular parties when they come to power. Thanks to BJP's all-out appeasement of Islamofascists, when secular parties get power they are going to throw Hindus into the cauldron without a second thot. Modi is doing incalculable damage.

Modi is a cowards coward. He will not open his mouth to offend his enemies but will definitely do so to put down his friends.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has repeatedly talked about changing Indian lives through technology. @RanaAyyub says four years into his term, his followers essentially use social media to curtail critique and normalize hatred and misogyny.

This harassment I have faced in the last few weeks is a new order of tyranny. I chose to write about this in the hope that it'll be confronted and defeated  @nytopinion

Templeton Foundations's close relation to a religion rendered scientists uncomfortable PM Modi's chief econ advisor Sanjeev Sanyal was also the chief advisor of the Templeton Foundation He indulges in racist stereotypes of Bengalis.

Is Minority Benefiting at the Cost of Majority? A Report on Central & State Govt schemes

Gender equality in schools is hiding disadvantages for both boys and girls

Caste and sectarian bias in the most unimaginable of places will astound you. Even after so much of education, people prefer to be bound by bias illiteracy.

Keep a deep breath--Exale--Tell 108 times--Slavery invented by RoL and perfected by RoP--Indic civilisation nvr had slavery--we walk with our heads held high about our legacy))):RT gd nt

Did the building of Birla Temple in Delhi end an era of fear for Hindus? This is something you can feel in the air as soon as you land in Delhi. The absolute absence of ancient/medieval temples.

Secularism, the word that came into existence to distance the Church from the affairs of States. Only in India, in the name of Secularism, Church is meddling into politics. The convoluted Secularism of India. Farce. Facade.
In India, Political-Secularism is nothing but naked Hindu hate. No Hindu should be in any doubt.

Do read this racy piece on history highlighting Hindu Muslim cooperation, which is not limited to 1857. Prof Anirudha Deshpande finds this cooperation from 13th century onwards. Hope all those who want to rewrite history will care to read.

In short, Muslim rulers and traders engaged in religion based neopotism and shut international markets to Indic traders through protectionism. And look at how this moron @AKanisetti portrays it-

Both sides miss the point. Question is not whether to reprint. An entirely new collection of Ambedkar's writings must be collected & published. Existing set has errors, omissions, shoddy scholarship -- a disgrace to scholar, Dr Ambedkar. via @economictimes

30 'Dalit' brothers performed Vedic rituals w/ own hands, w/ chants of Veda Mantras. Same Vedic rituals every child is brainwashed to believe r reserved only 4 'casteist' Hindus! Countering false allegations of Hindu critics, uniting all. Naman 2 Agniveers of Telangana!

On Hinduism is a go to work for any person who has questions about Hinduism or seeks to understand Hindu perspectives. #Hinduism #Hindu #religion #hinduperspective

The philosophy of Mayavada  with its absurd claim of everyone is god and promoted by neo-hinduism, neo-vedantic prophets has moved Indian civilization away from sanatana dharma
As per Bhagwad gita modern atheist scientists and philosophers , almost all of them are "naradhamas", the lowest of mankind, Only Srila Prabhupada could have dared to say this naked truth

My vision of Hindu society is one that is at least aware, if not expert, of our Vedic source. That at least knows that Dharma & Neeti are not separate. That can feel the threats. That can answer anyone why they are Hindu and not anything else. That does not live in contradictions

These lefties are so blinded in their hatred of freedom that they can't even see the friggin' obvious -that so-called crony capitalism is a function of government control of things.

Devadasi Abolition Act must be applied on the Catholic Church & nuns must be liberated from it clutches.

The #SAI Evolution: A #Dharmic #Odyssey #bhagavadgita #divinebeings

My Acharya, Pujya Swami Dayanand Saraswati #arshavidyagurukulam #vedanta

#Dharma and #Religion - A Rejoinder #dharmaandreligion #dharmic

Were the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World Designed to be One-Sided? #7wondersoftheworld #india

Incense, the Important Indian Attribute that has Influenced the World #agarbati #agarbatti #ayurveda

#Mass #Conversions in #India - Destroying Cultures and Families #charities #christianity

Lord #Ganesha the Lord of Success and Freedom #ganapati #ganesh #ganeshji

Why are #Hindus so Uncomfortable with Themselves? #community #contradiction #shy

A quote from one of the tweeps Rjrasva (spatel) is worth recounting here:- “Religion is private etc are talking points of brainwashed idiots who imbibed a protestant worldview. On the contrary, most grand festivals are public, have always been”
Religion was always meant to be observed in public, discussed in public, it always helped to establish in-group and out-group identities and build solidarity among in-group members. Indeed, its meant to spill over on to the street. The inconvenience of a traffic jam is hardly
Actually, even I was brainwashed into thinking that it's all private & should never be out in the open thanks to our excessively secularised way of life. Only relatively recently I began to realised that religion has always been a valid way for like minded people to come together

External signalling of religious identity is critical. I have done my saMdhyopAsana very frequently in front of non-Hindu room-mates/friends. I wear my vESTi, apply bhasma on my bare chest, arms and forehead & do my nityakarma without issue.

I know I'm a minority who is part of this modern gen but who still practices our Bharatiya aachar and sanskriti to the extent possible. In fact I often feel guilty for nt being able to imbibe a lot more from my Amma but I'm glad they instilled this sense of respect for traditions
P.S : I'm not passing a judgement as to whether it's right or wrong to wear bindi, mangalsutra or dress appropriately when receiving each her own. This post is just my observation on how the newer generation lives and I too am part of it and how the differences I see
It's a fallacy that dharmics have wholeheartedly appropriated when being thrown labels like sanghi , traditional ..these binaries do no exist IMO...I'm a dharmic but have a modern outlook towards life, travel a lot, dress modern when req , dress trad when req, we adapt
This binary tried to box someone who is dharmic as essentially being backward and regressive. Infact this is the beauty of Sanatana dharma that it gives us freedoms while also binding us to our "dharma" , rules, codes to live a sustainable dharmic and modern life
I've been thinking a lot about my generation and now that many of my friends, cousins are pregnant and will give birth soon & knowing them it feels bad that their children will not grow up in  dharmic household cause their parents knw zilch..too much secularism has eaten up Hindus

Most of the abrahamic or atheist customs are public and observed en masse, be it shabbat or sunday mass or jumma namaz or humanitarian day. They fool pagans into believing religion as something strictly private.

Protestants made it pvt. That's where current liberalism comes from.
@kshetragnya You will like our article on Jallikattu ban:

In Pagan systems,festivals embody its vitality. Death of Roman Paganism was begun by banning its public festivals.

#ScrollMagazine | Indian illustrators are telling the inclusive fashion stories that photographers often don’t

When did the lights first come on in the universe? A galaxy close to the dawn of time gives a clue

Marketime: Modi occupying mainstream vindicates Kulkarni Doctrine @NathTusar @SudheenKulkarni
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo (SAVITRI)

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