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Politics is about seizing power to defend the truth

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... India, where he was the onsite architect for the first reinforced concrete building in that country and became one of the first disciples of Sri Aurobindo.

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An essay writing contest is being conducted by @Indictoday. The winner will get to attend a workshop on #Yogadarsana in the idyllic settings of Nainital. Please see details below:

Sure. I just want to reiterate that I’m deeply saddened that after following me here for years even someone as sane as you has fallen prey to online polarisation so much so that you think I of all people and trying to save face for BJP. I think political analysis can and....
...should more enlightening than the polarisation between “Modi is evil” and “Modi is god”. The speed of social media is making us all very boring people. Once upon a time we were not like this. propaganda. Such dogmatism is found in left and right alike. It prevents us from understanding the reality and seeing the big picture.

Earlier, we judged on impressions, projections, and prejudices but now enough of pure data to base our views otherwise all future scrutinies will be skewed. This is incumbent upon all those who are independent.

I Was Advised To Go With The System & Not Invite Criticism But I Felt There Is A Larger Duty Towards This Country: Chelameswar.J On Judges Press Conference

For our new series, contributors read Joan Scott's "Sex and Secularism" alongside Sara Farris's "In the Name of Women's Rights" to prepare for a broad conversation about sex, gender, religion, nationalism, secularism, neoliberalism, and the public sphere.

Here’s my list of books this summer—some new and some not-so-new—in @Openthemag Includes books by Ryszard Legutko, @PatrickDeneen @ahsanib David Miller and more...

Another "wow" from S.Prasannarajan. Mark Lilla, himself a disillusioned liberal, says that liberals ‘are losing because they have retreated into caves they have carved for themselves in the side of what once was a great mountain.’ They have become evangelists. ‘The difference is this: evangelism is about speaking truth to power. Politics is about seizing power to defend the truth.’ 
Modi is the change India is yet to comprehend fully by @prasannara @Openthemag

Drunk on the dregs of Nehruvian history

Yogi Aurobindo's esoteric interpretation of Prasthan Trayi apart, His Visionary Injunctions of the Political Life of India are bordering on the prophecies of Bhagwan Vyas in Srimad Bhagvat... We are left speechless the moment we read Mahrishi's Commentary on Indian Political Life

Of course you do moron. That's the very definition of "New Age". Your failed Avatar & his Arab lady companion cannot touch the sublime wisdom of our Vedic Acharyas & their still living Sampradayas. #apasampradayika sects are the bane of sincere Truth seekers.

I'm not a fan of trads. In Spirituality,as in any science,i firmly believe in Dynamic approach-experimentation and conclusion. To judge a person merely on whether he follows scriptures or not-isnt my approach.

Also, this whole thing on just scriptural sanctioning is borrowed from Abrahamic Religions. This happened bcoz Britishers tried to govern using Laws of the ppl of Hindusthan which acc to them meant every act must be scripturally sanctioned. This I read in Jakob De Roovers work +

You are a moron no doubt about it. All you new age Aurobindo/"Mother" freaks are ignoramuses who don't know any Shastra or follow any Dharma.

what a abhorrent statement you have made against our supreme god krishna. I don't support @AryanPaladin statement against Sri Aurbindo but you are equally guilty of profanity. I'm a proud Madhwa brahman and such statement does deride my precept 
@From_Himalaya @raptor_fossil

See how these Aurobindo cultists curse Bhagavan Sri Krishna who is regarded as Parabrahman by all Acharyas in favor of their false avatar & his Arab lady companion. #BrainwashedCultists

Stop yelling & start thinking. I gave u an eg of exactly the kind of flase distortions u are spreading about Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. Sri Aurobindo IS Sri Krishna. U dont have to accept it, but that is what I know. As I said before try to get a deeper understanding b4 abusing.

In this book, Sita Ram Goel, one of the world’s most incisive students of #Islam, blows away any confusion by giving an unvarnished, scholarly yet highly readable account of the theory and practice of Islam #BookReview

Why Hinduism? Why Bhagavad Gita? #bhagavadgita #hinduism

A Vedic Approach to Vaiṣhṇava Āḻvārs - the inner meaning of "Agna-Vishnu" and a vision with no scope for religious exclusivism in the hymns of the Alvars
- an interpretation by Dr. R. Nagaswamy

Where Can We Find Hanuman? #hanuman #hanumanji #hinduism

Bhagwan Shiva’s 7 Indicators of Yoga Siddhi #adiyoga #ancientyoga #hinduism

Rajiv Malhotra's Unpublished Interview #beingdifferent #breakingindia

The Worship Of River Cauvery – From The Puranas To Ambedkar

American Study: Hindu-Originated Yoga Holds Promise in Improving PTSD and Depression #ancientyoga #bhaktiyoga #unc

[PDF] The Concept of Self with Special Reference to Ramanuja: An Analysis. S Kalita
… The hand book of srivaishnavism. 4. Sharma, Chandradhar. A critical Survey of Indian Philosophy. Delhi Motilal Banarshidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd.2009 5. Sinha, priti. The philosophy of Advaita: A transition from sankara to sri …

Marketime: Liberty is a primordial drive in humans @NathTusar @sonaliranade @_Mauna_
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo (SAVITRI)

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