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Stop being derisive of humanities studies

The New Indian Express-6 hours ago
As the great saint Sri Aurobindo once said, these names that we come across in the Puranas are not mere characters in a story. They are live conscious forces ...

Their Villains are Vivekananda and Aurobindo, Not just Savarkar or ...
9 hours ago - After Savarkar abd Sangh Parivar, it is Swami Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo who are going to come under attack. At the moment they are softening the field ...

Read eBook / Adi Sankara and Sri Aurobindo - Open Source Stanford
7 hours ago - OECBJN9KAJPW » Book » Adi Sankara and Sri Aurobindo. Read eBook. ADI SANKARA AND SRI AUROBINDO. Download PDF Adi Sankara and Sri ...

Assorted tweets for general information:

We all need to focus on three goals: 1. Imposition of nominated governors on states must end. 2. States must be enabled to elect govts directly. 3. States must be empowered to deliver effectively while strengthening the unity of India. Let us hope parties will look beyond polls.

India needs two party system. Largest chunk of funny money in politics is due to the coalition politics of regional parties. Ironically, all these are family based parties running it like a business with no vision for India or their their own state.
These regional parties work like middlemen always ready to extort, exploit and manipulate democracy. To them government is just a money-making scheme.

People abusing BSY who tried to do ABV. My two cents i find BSY more secular, no subtle bigotry in his utterence. ABV is  not near to BSY on these parameters.
People hv created aura around ABV.Mostly by uppercaste moderates so he gets pass on these crucial points
Yup. Either mafias or genocidal maniacs. U forgot crown prince though.. Hegde

Yes that ABV speech was much more bigoted than anything Modi has said in the parliament.

That ABV is a moderate is the biggest con of BJP, bigger than Modi’s Guj model. He was as bigoted as anyone from RSS. An example: Dec 5&6, 1992.

Behind a liberal mask, ABV was a biased & bigoted politician all life. He always engaged in Muslim bashing & equated Islam with terrorism.

There is an entry level criterion for being a Sangh Parivar goon. Vajpayee's inciting speech on Babri:
If there is anybody who I blame for the rise of venomous bigoted atmosphere in the country, it is the duo of Advani & ABV. #ShauryaDiwas
ABV "changed" after becoming the PM, but he is part of the same bigoted filth.

ABV was able to transcend his party’s bigoted #Hindutva rhetoric with his “Insaniyat” based discourse.  But ABV was a moderate; Modi not.

Moderate ABV was just a myth / facade.

@sanjayuvacha Modi is a moderate, but unlike his image is a spineless. On tight leash by RSS.  Even if he wants, can't....

302. This is the essence of M.N. Roy’s Marxist perception of India.
303. We will continue with the Marxist perception tomorrow taking up the perceptions of D.D. Kosambi.
282. He advances the Marxist thesis that in the scale of material civilization the people of India had lagged behind, while the European peoples had made great progress in political, social, economic and cultural fields.
283.‘Not to recognize this historical fact and to sublimate this backwardness by clothing it in the glorious garb of a ‘spiritual’ civilization is the effort of reactionary forces’.
284. That is because, in his view, the people who represent them, like Tilak and Gandhi and Aurobindo, refuse to learn anything from others and hug the old traditions.

There are mainly 3 yogis consider my gurus in my sadhana: Swami Vivekanand, Sri Aurobindo and Sri Anirvan. All bengalis. I just discovered that English &sanskrit are not all, atleast the latter 2 hv written plenty in Bangla. For Sanskrit, mother helps me, for Bangla: 

I wish this thread never ends :)  _/\_ Its pure nectar, Rishi Aurobindo's futuristic visions and analysis.

I wanted a different mode of creative expression, using allegory and social satire.  Sri Aurobindo, while somewhat influential here, will be more so in another scifi universe I'm planning. The Alcioneverse is more a science fantasy space opera, but still with metaphysical themes

Impossible to talk to idiots who have their heads stuck up the arses of self-confessed failed avatars. If you read Aurobindo, you'd see that he himself admitted his failure to receive shaktipat & thus achieve his desired avatarhood.

Good move from the IITs. India produces too many "science heavy" graduates who are all at sea & only splutter & blabber at the assaults on India from the likes of Pollock, Doniger &Truschke. Heck we can't even handle JNU types because all we know is science which is our sole God
Educated Indians are so obsessed with science that we have completely ignored the foreign humanities cockroaches that have infiltrated into our history & literature. @RajivMessage is working to remedy this and we need to open our eyes and stop being derisive of humanities studies
One thing I have noticed is the derisive way in which my science peers laugh at psychology quoting Feynman as if they are all avatars of him. Our own epics and puranas refect our psychology and we are unable to handle it when Pollocks & Truschkes finger us. Need to wake up.
We have to do that cleansing. We cannot protect people by piecemeal barring humanities in IIT thinking those students are protected. They are not. They have already learned that stuff to get 99% school marks and they have parents & society to influence them
But keeping IITs out of the circuit is a deliberate wearing of blinkers. JNU & IITs are Islands & neither understands the other. I believe that getting smart science graduates to see what is being taught can help turn the tide.
For example - I started digging into the arcane world of linguistics and I find that they have written our history using the most unscientific logic. I would love other science educated people to jump into linguistics and call out that fraudulent speciality for what it is
No option other than to bite the bullet. You are a yourself a great asset - but I believe that other technically educated Indians need to stop placing themselves as a type of "anti-humanities" religion with One God of science & start seeing what is happening.  For eg (next Tweet)

Yes. They worship Feynman etc. Feel good about Hawking without realising that his pop culture image and ideas are magnified by deep state christian culture patronage.

Actually even the genomic and scientific studies concerning Indian anything is also riddled with irrationalism and outright falseities. Just look at that clown and lying snake David Reich and his acolytes falsifying data to push lies and false conclusions as a example.

It is good to break engineering/science students out of their silos. This must also be done for social science and arts students who need to be exposed to more maths, science - and the proper use of statistics. Widening of mind is a symmetrical endeavor.

good: reminds me of the reaction when I told some secular mlechCha and mlechChified academics I am practicing H and place H interests above their secular ideals

In a way it is good. Our enemies are well defined. No ideological compromises. Have you noticed whenever Hindutva compromises with Pseudo-secular and corrupt forces the latter always stand to gain. That is because in any compromise between good and poison death stands to win.

Political power is very important. But in the absence of ideological clarity and strategic vision it means nothing. Hindu power once existed till Central Asia.

Something about our newfound love for 'mukt' politics is deeply worrying. We are too vast and diverse a country for just one party to be represent everyone equally well. Nor is it good to have just one major party with nobody else checking them.
The push towards 'mukt' also gets people to not find ways to work with each other, instead it helps dismiss another's perspective as rubbish and ignore it. That, in turn, nurtures the extreme polarization that we see, because the focus is now on eradication.
A healthy sociopolitical environment allows for contradictions to exist and allows for the emergence of a somewhat conciliatory approach that accomodates numerous perspectives.

In the May issue, Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd finds Shashi Tharoor's "Why I Am a Hindu" to be a farrago of uncritical thinking and historical erasure.

Many Indians in their 60s, 70s, and older are so much more open-minded, liberal, and pluralistic than the generations that came of age in post-liberalization India. Whatever criticism one may have of their economic policies, Nehru and his cohort got something fundamental right

Compare the western/christian divison between mind and matter with the #Hindu view as enunciated by #Aurobindo.
"Life is already involved in Matter and Mind in Life because in
essenceMatter is a form of veiled Life"

It is shocking that the culture that has Bhagwad gita has almost digested the juvenile idiosyncrasies of Newton, Einestien, Adam smith, Marx et al
Reject neo-hinduism of last few centuries that more confuses than clarifies, it's a product from confusion and for confusion
Part of the reason why Indians are so confused about Bhagwad gita and their own sources of knowledge is neo-hinduism and its prophets of last few centuries
It is heart breaking that  prime inheritors of  brilliant Bhagawad gita are seeking deep ignorance from west and calling it "knowledge"

All Hindus have since time immemorial wanted their country to be a home to all religions. However there are two religions that want to destroy all other religions, including each other: Christianity & Islam. These two must either change or be destroyed. That is truth, not hate.
I think there are many sects cults & religions that r exclusive without being all-invasive or aggressive or supremacist.

Christianity is a tool for white imperialism. Islam is a tool for Arab imperialism. Communism is a tool for Chinese imperialism. It could not be more clear than this

Capital: The Game-Changer India Needs

A historic moment!  Tata buys Bhushan Steel for Rs 36k crores + 12 pc  equity.  Cheque handed over.  First big case fully resolved under IBC. This is as important as 1991 in our economic history 
Till 1991 we had socialism without entry (except those who could procure a license).  Then we had capitalism without exit. Finally we have a market based system that allows creative destruction. 2/n

The doctrine of Creative Destruction masquerading the real intent of transfer of core assets into a select set of hands. Such a creative destruction shall be found as insidious in a couple of years down the line.

India Growth- Caste as Social Capital

If there is one efficiently want to read on a Sunday morning this is it! Thanks @arvindneela and Swarajya for this!
Romila Thapar's analysis of "caste" is incomplete, and at times, even dishonest. Aravindan Neelakandan explains how Marxists mess with history.

Why do we NEVER hear about freedom fighters of #Bengal from BJP leadership?

1. Khudiram Bose 
2. Netaji Subhash Bose
3. Surya Sen
4. Binoy-Badal-Dinesh
5. Bagha Jatin
6. Matangini Hazra 
7. Chittaranjan Das 

Bengal had contributed the most for independence.

The future of India depends on whether the cow belt vision triumphs over the civilized alternative or vice versa.

I am a touch surprised that so many are batting for Sanskrit as the national language. I say, folks - have you had a taste of its difficulty? For the record, I am a native Sanskrit speaker, who learnt Sanskrit from the cradle. Even I don't know many of the forms still. :)
Out of curiosity, why do you want Sanskrit as our national language. As a native Sanskrit speaker, I can tell you that it is one of the hardest languages in existence. Is there a specific reason you want Sanskrit as our national language?

It is our sacred lang, synonymous with our Hindu mother culture & also the lang that interweaves all our langs together among other things. Difficulty shud not b a consideration. If Jews can revive & universalize Hebrew, Hindus shud be able to do same for Sanskrit.
I remember when I first started reading BG in sanskrit. It did seem difficult at first but not more than any other lang & soon assumed a more friendly form over time. Now I am reading Sanskrit (altho not understanding) & can make out words here & there.

Swami Narasimhananda tells you about why it is important to know your Mother Tongue as it is to know English. @AbhinavAgarwal @_NAN_DINI @VikasSaraswat #LANGUAGE #LanguageLearning @ColRishi @upanishadist

Yoga Vasishtha - A Treasure House of Philosophy by T N Sethumadhavanji @SwamiDoseDaily #meditation #spirituality

LIFE IS LEELA enjoy it to the fullest. Ideas on how to live life kingsize. Ishita Sharma of Speaking Tree in conversation with Sanjeev of esamskriti. @VikasSaraswat @_NAN_DINI @swati_gs

I read that differently. He's rebelling against the Dr Faust approach of the west that bliss is never possible at any given moment. The hindu approach is the opposite: even a lay person can momentarily glimpse bliss, and the adept can live in constant bliss

Until the last of our temples still stand, memories of our heroes still live and some like us still act to make Bharat reach the pinnacle of its lost glory, no one can crush, leave alone  bring down the foundations on which Bharat was made.

#Islam  Why are the geographical references in the Qur'an so out of place in central Arabia? To receive updates on the release date (plus a free ebook, 'On Islam and Indoctrination') please click here:

Are attempts being made to communalise India’s historically secular ethos? @hindupost @ChakraNews @HinduGlobe @savitha_rao @republic @TimesNow @thenewshour

#Negationism in Indian History: Its Lessons for the Arab Spring #Dystopia #ancientindia #antihindu

#Yoga as #Anti-Hindu Invective #hhr #hinduyoga #hinduism

Top Powerful Spiritual & Physical Weapons from Ancient Hindu Texts #ankusa #arjuna #arjunaarrows

India's Unending War - #Terrorism #congress #endterrorism #inc

Spiritual #Devotion and its Practices #hindudevotion #hinduism

Working Towards Becoming a #Brahman v2.0 #adishankaracharya #brahmin

Interview: Author Rajiv Malhotra - Where His Work Fits in Hindu Tradition #beingdifferent #breakingindia

Read the unabridged in Sanskrit. If not, then this English translation is the one to read. My notes & observations. Bala & Ayodhya kaand.
My review, in @OpIndia_com, of "The Valmiki Ramayana, Vol. 1", translated by @BibekDebroy

It's possible that the focus of the dancing Nataraja art is not Shiva but the demon crushed under the god's foot. Here's an interpretation:

Dr Alok Pandey on Health and Healing (TEXT)

The Need for a Diverse, Vibrant and Living Unity of Humanity

Marketime: Politics is about seizing power to defend the truth @NathTusar @prasannara #MarkLilla
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
Sri Aurobindo, SAVITRI

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