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The freedom you use is itself a cultural product and non-universal

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Swaraj India, West Bengal President Sanjeeb Mukherjee’s article:
A Guided Tour of Marx in India
Karl Marx was the only concerned intellectual and philosopher of modern times who combined the best of the two greatest thinkers of human history, namely, Gautam Buddha and Aristotle. Like Buddha, Marx’s central concern was human suffering, oppression and exploitation, from which both sought emancipation through knowledge and understanding and care. Similarly, Marx had the most powerful analytical and rational mind, much like Aristotle. Marx shares the glory of Aristotle for influencing the way serious thinking is done and like Buddha he has deeply influenced people globally to fundamentally change their lives and societies and has given birth to an ideology and institutions who claim to protect and preach his doctrine. Though Marx did not step out of Europe his ideas, concerns and impact were truly global.

Here is one old article of mine based on what Bhagat Singh wrote in July can read views of Bhagat Singh about Nehru and Bose. There is no antipathy between Bhagat Singh and Nehru, they rather share a common vision

Like the idea that audiences should refrain from talking while music is performed, the idea that women should be able to move about as freely and easily as men is a cultural product—popularized by the North Atlantic world in the period after the First World War.
Which is fine! It’s a free society, do what you like! But please remember, as you do so, that this “freedom” you use is itself a cultural product, with its own origins in precisely the culture you traduce.
The Western culture of personal autonomy and equal dignity is a precious thing precisely because it is not universal. Those who participate in that culture and enjoy its benefits may hope—do hope—that it may someday become universal. They may hope that their culture will shape the shared future of all humanity. But it is not a universal inheritance, and it is not the universal contemporary practice. If anything, that culture is at present in retreat, challenged and assailed both at home and abroad. It needs defending, and to be defended effectively it is vital to understand precisely how non-universal it is. DAVID FRUM is a senior editor at The AtlanticOn cultural appropriation

Most agree that women shouldn’t be told how to lead their lives by men. Why should being told what to do by other women be different?

The Hindu-24-Apr-2018
Based on the materials available in the ancient Indian scriptures and the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, SAFIC (Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture) will conduct a three-day workshop starting April 26. 'Sambhuti: The Secret of Conscious Maternity and Parenting in Spiritual Light' will be ...

Of course, 'aadhar' cannot be explained 'aadhaa-aadhaa' nor can it put our info 'idhar' 'udhar'... Let govt accept that aadhar is optional and not unnecessarily prolong the aadhaa drama...
this is not an end, a new fight has started, whatever side of the fence,the judgement may rest. people now has become aware that the new age of data war started in India. GovT Corporate societies Group all will try to take away privacy and maximum details in the name of services.

Digging for a Hindu Nation: The search for a Hindu nation is linked to the development of archaeology & it’s manipulative use. Today's article traces some past projects, misconceptions & mis-truths which aid ideas of the Hindu right-wing in India.

Why the United States is promoting the development, possession and deployment of nuclear weapons around the world. My short comment in @ThinkPragati Express. #NorthKorea #Iran #JCPOA

The history of loneliness doesn't go back as far as you might think #mentalhealth

“We need you following your own instincts about what matters and has not been said or seen. We need you defying categories and weathering rejection. We need you reaching out and being honest. We need you.” ~@courtwrites

‘Madam, photo please?’: Life as a photographer at the Gateway of India via @livewire

Psychology says, sometimes silence is the most powerful scream and indication of something being terribly wrong.

joy of crossing the brahmaputra river from dibrugarh @asamtour @assamtourism @AdventureDub @lonelyplanet_in

HERE. NOW-09-May-2018
I was at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education at Pondicherry right from my childhood up to graduation. ... Though I consciously did not choose this gharana, I feel very fortunate to be part of this gharana and to have the guidance of Smt. Sangeeta Dash, who has directly learnt from Guru Sri Debaprasad Das.

The next Savitri Class in Hindi with Dr Alok Pandey (AUDIO).
"There is a beautiful description of the psychic...

Marketime: Golwalkar decimated our prejudices @NathTusar @MakrandParanspe @shantprakash
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- SAVITRI by Sri Aurobindo

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