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Humans may not care much about making rational decisions

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Instead of treating basic tranquility with happiness, we end up equating ecstatic state with being happy. It doesn’t stop there then as we then further develop a contempt for basic tranquility. We see so many people being irritable and scowling in the state of tranquility....

"Humanities departments attract intellectually inferior minds..." Deeply unfortunate statement by Prof Vidyasagar FRS
In order to encourage objectivity and judicious, logical thinking, has the time come to make mandatory the study of at least one STEM subject for those pursuing a degree in the Humanities and the Arts?

Lessons of Life : If only we could develop an education system that encouraged kids to be joyful, rebellious curious and passionate. If only we could encourage the joy of learning rather than the drudgery of teaching.

Integral education or free progress education based on the philosophy propounded by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother is the answer.

Humans butchered a rhino in a remote part of the Philippines 700,000 years ago, but who were they and how did they get there? via @TheWireScience

'Generally, native trees of cultural importance get phased out due to urbanisation.'

How healthy is it to ditch dairy products and meat to go on a vegan diet? Is it better than a vegetarian diet or a non-vegetarian diet?

India’s dried-out rivers feed spate of water wars: | I think it's acknowledged alright, but just don't underestimate the apathy of the common Indian

The bill to grant citizenship to Hindu refugees from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan is an important bill. It deserves full support of all Hindus. India is the natural home for all Hindu refugees. Support this bill.

We have written several articles on religious demography and its statistical projections. The relative numbers matter much more than the absolute values +The TFR of Hindus is far lower than that of Muslims in WB. As a result proportion of Hindus in WB populace is decreasing fast. Demography is destiny.
The Web page with all our articles:

India’s Total Fertility Rate Approaching Replacement Rate: An Achievement Deserving Wider Recognition and More Rigorous Research

Why would anyone wish for Hindus to become Minority in the only place they call home?

So What is your Caste? - How should you answer that question? Here are some answers

A few years ago a liberal on Twitter was trying to convince me that Indian classical music was the symbol of Brahmin dominance. I said, Kirana gharana started by Abdul Karim Khan, Jaipur by Alladiya Khan, Agra by Faiyyaz Khan. He said they were victims of Brahmin dominance. Ok.

Madam with respect you are talking like a classic Westernized Indian eliteman. You have completely missed the many ways in which Western classical music &  western dance have been dovetailed into Bollywood. India's English speaking elite do not watch or appreciate Bollywood.
And with respect again - I have no idea why you bring Hindus and Muslims into this. What sort of weird ideas must you have to say that? So many classical western dances and tunes have been picked up by Bollywood. I, as a westernised colonized eliteman myself used to crinkle my nose at that until I learned about myself.

Nonliberal democracies (Poland) are more threatening to liberalism than nonliberal nondemocracies (Saudi Arabia) in part because the former threaten to reveal that liberalism is essentially an elite project, in part because they represent a shrinking of the liberal domain.

That Humans may not care much about making rational decisions takes away the foundation on which much economics is based ;-).

Right . People usually try hard to think and act rationally but LIFE has infinite number of complexities .
Faith in LIFE is not contradictory to rational thinking, in fact faith and rationality are complementary to each other.

#ChildhoodMatters | Biraj Swain on why we need to strengthen the implementation of the Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS).

'We now have maximum government, minimum governance, and with wacky policies.'

Excellent rejoinder from @Retributions to @pbmehta’s piece on partition history.  The need 4 more nuance amidst complexity is imperative. It is 1 reason why debate on twitter is so acrimonious. Perhaps PBM can respond in long form or even a book.
To my mind very few books have examined partition from a civilizational  perspective and that may be one reason that infuriates the Hindu right - the feeling that their voice was drowned out by “liberals” [wrong label] in Nehru’s India. Ignoring their killing of Gandhi of course.

Timely, good article by @VikasSaraswat ji on why the horrors of partition need to be given proper treatment in our history textbook. If we can't discuss the truth of the most bloodiest event of last century, what post truth history are our kids studying?!!

The violence of the Partition started long before Jinnah uttered the word 'Pakistan' for the first time. Golwalkar minced no words in calling for a genocide. Savarkar was defining a Hindu nation on Nazi model. Congress was not ready to get into power sharing arrangements.

India of the countryside is a place brutal and brutalised, where social hierarchies are maintained by ancient biases spanning generations, and where politics feeds on the raw emotions of caste and communities, says @prasannara

The Indian state is biased against nomadic and denotified tribes. For the police, denotified communities are synonymous with criminal tribes. Read more in this article:

Torture has been an unspoken weapon in America’s arsenal since the earliest colonial days.

“Cinema is not the medium to give you solutions, but a medium to present the situation.” (via @thereel_in)

The crisis in civilisation that Rabindranath Tagore red-flagged is back upon us
Fight against "the education which teaches that a country is greater than the ideals of humanity"

Remembering #GurudevTagore too. Here is the link to my 2014 lecture @KingsIndiaInst  London: where I spoke of India and China as Geo-civilisations in “Tagore’sCentury” @China_Amb_India

"India and China are talking and meeting each other. That is a big change."

Watch this outstanding but horrifying film by PBS on the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas in Myanmar & the horrific crimes committed on them, forcing most of them to flee

A shameless re-plug of my article from yesterday 😀
I tried to look at the phenomenon of educated terrorists and numerous studies say it is nothing new.
The sword is mightier with the pen!

Why are self proclaimed liberals also terrorist sympathisers? (writes @nirwamehta)

Some 'Moderates' in India Are The First Line Of Defense Of Extremists writes @shwetankbhushan

Amidst all the raging debate about Hindutva and Veer Savarkar, @MakrandParanspe unravels the lesser known or not-known-at-all contribution of Chandranath Basu from Bengal. Personal revelation for me. via @Makarand R Paranjape

Editorial board member @AnverEmon (@UofT) contributes the final essay in our discussion of @rumee_ahmed's "Sharia Compliant" (@stanfordpress, May 2018).

Julia Kristeva's alleged collaboration with the Bulgarian secret police is unfortunate but understandable. Her other political errors are not.

'People forget that marriage is an art and it should be updated every day'. ~ #RabindranathTagore 
Give a new start to your loved ones' morning with this famous quote by our timeless poet on #২৫শেবৈশাখ. #RabindraJayanti #RabindranathTagoreJayanti

Should newlyweds read 'Anna Karenina' to learn a thing or two about marriage?

Our view of ancient Greek polytheism is myopic, privileging literary sources far too much. Homer isn't scripture, much less Apollodorus. These narratives point to the religion, they aren't the religion themselves.

I have been reading about "pagan" religions that existed along with Zoroastrianism in Persia - and you know what? Many have elements of Vedanta taken from India  and it is easy to see how the philosophy of Vedanta posed such a formidable threat to Abrahamic monotheists

The Agnostic God and the Problem of Evil: Examining the Hindu view | IndiaFacts via @IndiaFactsOrg

We must conclude that ID is irretrievably trapped in the god/not-god duality, and if they don’t address it, then there is no saving it. This ID that I once regarded as so promising… in its current form, it is a failure. By contrast, the two main Eastern religions that I am familiar with, namely, Hinduism and Buddhism, seem to have averted this trap, for the most part.
Stephen Jarosek

The American Concept and Agenda Behind the Proposal for a League of Nations

Tribalism is barbarism. 
(Aurobindo, Ideal of Human Unity)

Marketime: Terrorism has always relied on the highly educated @NathTusar @pratyasharath
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- SAVITRI by Sri Aurobindo

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