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Citizens should rise against such criminal manoeuvres

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Breaking: SC to hear @INCIndia -JD(S) plea against Karnataka governor's decision to invite @BSYBJP in Court 2 at 1:45 am.
Irrespective of merits, SC finds sufficient urgency to list at 145 pm. Shows system works irrespective if merits in getting large wheels to move at v short notice wo regard to technicalities @DrAMSinghvi
No wonder we Gujaratis are good at trading: You can bring a horse to a pond, and plead, but you may not be able to make it drink, because he may gallop away. But with astute horse-trading, you get a stable government.

Individuals heading institutions, judiciary, CAG, Rashtrapati Bhawan, police and civil services have occasionally risen for principle, defying greed, prejudice or fear as their oath of office says. No Governor in a Raj Bhawan has done that, nor will anytime soon

Interesting analysis and also very honest of you to not include the media in the list of institutions that have "occasionally risen for principle, defying greed, prejudice or fear".

Sir, a journalist has to be objective, not neutral. And the objective reality is that the governor of Karnataka has behaved in a manner that doesn't befit a constitutional functionary. I will keep calling a spade a spade. Don't like it, please don't follow me!

I beg to differ.  But for argument sake lets us say markets are harsher on businesses.  If so isn’t the case for meritocracy stronger for businesses than politics?

If your discourse makes liberals & seculars [ people supporting secularism] as your real enemy why the pretense of fighting bigotry in Islam?  Make it a direct contest.  Why poison the country?  The corrosive effect of your false propaganda is irreversible.
Wrong Aadit. They dont think Indians think like them. They think the cattle-class Indians need to be shown the righteous path and they themselves are the beacons who will take them to salvation. When the cattle-class don’t listen, they start abusing.

One thing about the ‘intellectuals’ in India is that they continue to be under the assumption that most of people in India think like them. They keep losing elections & rather than conceding that they got it wrong, they go on bashing the voters. Ridiculous ..
And the same guys who love screaming ‘Democracy under threat’ and ‘FOE under threat’ cant seem to accept the democratic verdict of the people. Their real scare is the @narendramodi juggernaut which keeps getting stronger and their inability to counter it & hence the desperation
In any case, the reality of left wing parties of 'left leaning ones' is this.. CPI(M) and Swaraj Abhiyan both got a whopping 0.2% votes each in #KarnatakaElections .. 81191 TOTAL votes for CPI(M) and 79400 for Swaraj.. Tells you the story of the left wing..

Quite some distance traveled from moral grandstanding with the anti-corruption movement in 2011 saying “mera neta chor hai”, to amorally declaring horse-trading as an art form in 2018.

In a hung parliament there’s no ethical way out. So let’s stop moralizing either side please as it is a pointless exercise. Even horse trading is an art form. another test for both BJP and Cong. Let’s see who’s better at it.

Writing books is art-form @chetan_bhagat Horse trading is a crime. Do not glorify an illegal act. Buying and selling MLAs is a subversion of our democracy and citizens should rise against such criminal manoeuvres. Regardless of who’s carrying suitcases to the Vidhan Souda.

To be fair, Rahul Kanwal has a point. I mean, Amit Shah may have killed a few people and destroyed Indian democracy, but his event management and organization skills- uff too much!

Modi vs Rest without a strong opposition leader, lack of massive anger & absence of alternate agenda will become repeat of 1971 not 1977 (which the opposition wants it to be)
Replug from article last month

Too many elections are impediments for the progress of India- a must read objective article by @Rkumars99 drawing the bigger picture amidst all the regular political hassle bussle

Every party wish to take power.
But one party wish to give power and give it back to people through SWARAJ/ Direct Democracy which was the Real Motive of Independence for Mahatma Gandhi and Aurobindo Ghosh
It is AAP

The absence of a clear statute in the Constitution, which makes a relevant Supreme Court judgment a guide, is reminiscent of the Kurukshetra war in the Mahabharata or jurisprudence in Islam

In Indian traditions, equality was never a norm. It was because inequality was inherent in Nature. This nulled the very 1st philosophical proof of “Pratyaksha” or direct sensory perception by all observers.

eSamskriti, a portal driven by zigyasa (curiosity), compassion and love for India.

Is there a way to think about #Varna without linking it to #Caste? Can Varna be understood at individual level? Can we approach Varna without superimposing biases rooted in present day politics? I think there is. And this is what I have attempted here-

In my understanding, each Chakra(as it name suggests) holds all the 4 Purusharthas. But Moksha (the tiny hole at the centre of the wheel/chakra) becomes closer as we get to the higher Chakras.

When devotees/pilgrims reach their destination, it is a release of an inner churn that takes place, a surrender

Neither is a woman a goddess, nor is a man a god by default. They only have the *potential* to become so.

Musings on ancient history, language and migrations. by Prof. @subhashkak1

Sita continues to intrigue and inspire scholars as well as young men and women. #Ramayana

Interview with author of #Vedic #Maths Inside Out @chalai71:

#Book #Review: The Sacred Sword – The Legend of #Guru #Gobind Singh by Hindol Sengupta

Book Review: #Rama and #Ayodhya by Meenakshi Jain by Veena Lekhi – Indic Today

Book Review: The Nature of Physical Reality by @subhashkak1. Reviewed by @TheRajarshi | #Indic #Science #consciousness

Book Review: The Friendless God by S. Anuradha @sanuradha_IFR @FriendlessGod from @AbhinavAgarwal #RamNavami
S.Anuradha has written a fantastic fictional story around the Ram Janmabhoomi issue which has a labyrinth of sub-plots.  @FriendlessGod is a must read.

A Question of Intent: Protect public spaces but disrupting namaaz is the communal masquerading as the civic, says @cpmadhavan

Kalinga Literary Festival to ponder on contemporary forms of literature: 

Idea that an old version of Sanskrit influenced European languages is something which we are OK with? Here is another article by Kazanas, most of which I think you will agree with -

Anyone can make rules and rules about rules as linguists have done.  For a theory to be validated it must be shown to work in a real life demonstrable setting.  Have you read my article? Please rebut

The third tip is about pH. It’s important to understand the role acidity plays in food. Acids enhance other tastes even if they are, by themselves not great tasting. So it’s useful to know what is acidic - tomatoes, lime juice, tea & what’s basic - egg whites, soda

#ScrollFood | How a novice cook became one of India’s most popular food bloggers and a published author

I strongly recommend Cecile Malaspina's new book on noise. Will keep you fascinated for several days and more:

Speculative Realism: An Introduction is now available for pre-order from Amazon.

Time travel movie was made in 1982. Whoa!!!, 400% proof that time travel technology was available in 1982. Biplad Deb-ji?

Daily Pioneer-26 minutes ago
As one of the first steps, the Parivartan Dal of teachers is undergoing a special training conducted by the Sri Aurobindo Society under its project Zero Investment Innovations for Education Initiatives (ZIIEI), which is supported by HDFC bank. These teachers will not only come up with their own solutions, but also identify and ...

Marketime: Cary Wolfe wants us to abolish the human/animal distinction @NathTusar @Gutrgoo
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo (SAVITRI)

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