Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hindutva is just a slogan without any teeth

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Assorted tweets for general information:

Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis, who passed away recently at 101, wrote about the future of freedom and justice in the region in 2005 for Foreign Affairs: https://t.co/JKaN8qS4Y7
Equality among believers was a basic principle of Islam from its foundation in the seventh century, in marked contrast to both the caste system of India to the east and the privileged aristocracies of the Christian world to the west. Islam really did insist on equality and achieved a high measure of success in enforcing it. Obviously, the facts of life created inequalities -- primarily social and economic, sometimes also ethnic and racial -- but these were in defiance of Islamic principles and ...

Undue Hardship is Not Piety https://t.co/3zVGB11i2R

The materialistic selfish middle class turn a blind eye to the real India. The changes in the caste system are mostly cosmetic, that's why millions of Dalits wish to convert; even if those in power legislate against conversions, not wishing to lose their slaves.

"Cleopatra has meant different things to different eras – ageing without withering, perhaps. Sherry, too, adds one damn thing to another until the final potion becomes full of mystique."
@ninacaplan on sherry and Cleopatra:

“Is it baked into our culture that there’s a set balance of good and evil in the world, and therefore the very existence of a utopia would require a dystopia in another corner of the planet?” https://t.co/mZo3Zdhdfi

#ScrollMagazine | Forgotten histories: Yoga’s popularity in the US long predates hippies and bead-wearing hipsters https://t.co/I2B93mz0Vo https://t.co/MNjCP9f3t2

A bigoted man of God who believes Homosexuality is a sin, and who shamelessly fanned the fake church-attack narrative, that had the media eating out of his hands, now starts a communal campaign of Friday fasting for a non-BJP govt in 2019. No outrage here. https://t.co/HlVkLa1U9v https://t.co/Nc3WrsHVqy

"Volatile signs: Feminism, secularism, political economy" | @pcoviell's essay in @ImmanentFrame forum on "Sex, secularism, and 'femonationalism,'" which focuses on Joan Scott's "Sex and Secularism" and Sara Farris's "In the Name of Women's Rights." https://t.co/A7booRAwOE

The sexual harassment of flight attendants is a massive problem https://t.co/LIcIXbqlUW

Rise of online romance scams: When gullible victims fall prey to imposters https://t.co/jBY961vBHf

Gay porn disrupts online debate between US politicians https://t.co/KIR91MLGyh https://t.co/IvkThKHbOx

Sex abuse videos: SC slaps Rs 1 lakh cost each on #Google, #FB, others https://t.co/xn6V2iBP9J

rebuttal to the phallic angle which had gained unconditional acceptance among early Indian historians. This is an unfortunate situation because it shut the lid on other interpretations. But, even literally, the very term Linga has a deep cosmological & philosophical significance https://t.co/EjTkfri0A7

Ma Anand Sheela on how Bhagwan Rajneesh turned sannyasins into prostitutes https://t.co/ETZNK6G0kV

Our birthday message to Sri Sri Ravi Shanker isn't 'fake news', OpIndia. Read the facts! The National Green Tribunal penalised Art Of Living for damaging the Yamuna floodplain.

Arvind Kejriwal – From Magsaysay to Maobadi - A Scary Spike for India https://t.co/51w1cyOhac #aap #arvindkejriwal #bjp

Centre versus @AamAadmiParty government: An undemocratic vendetta https://t.co/ZwiYxeXuQe https://t.co/gN0ksxIMKK

#HAF Interview: Goals, Campaigns and Challenges https://t.co/Mi5W1Rf6ru #aseemshukla #dharmausa

Rewarding Those Who Demolished the Babri Masjid: A History of the Ayodhya Dispute https://t.co/o6a02QMY8r

Opposition lashes out at Naidu after Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Chief Priest accuses him of corruption - https://t.co/xgUXaSWVCL

#TirupatiControversy | There were many wrong things done in the temple, I had been bringing this to the attention of everyone from the board: AV Ramana Dikshitulu- Former Head Priest, Tirupati Temple https://t.co/L2gMjRM7pJ

Very worrisome! Where is the State in protecting the religious rights of Hindus! https://t.co/aBHy6aIfgo

Traditionally, Dharma, Praja, & Rati were the basic aims of Hindu marriage. Attaining Dharma was a priority, followed by Praja (progeny) & Rati (pleasure). But presently, Rati has been gaining prominence over “Dharma”. The bond too has become fragile. https://t.co/o9NA9cvoBG

Hindus have carried the spirit of inclusivism and acceptance of diversity to such an extreme that they have ceased to see the genuine differences in the doctrines of different religions https://t.co/oU3fH8POGk

The  glitter and show of modern technology doesn't mean that modern scientific theories are sacrosanct and universal, under the garb of technology modern science is pushing some absurd ideas on Universe and existence

But to fight elections on real issues, you have to present solutions to complex problems. And for that, you need to do plenty of research on these issues. None of which was done in this term, so chances of this happening are next to zero.

Man who is appointed by the Vatican, man who is appointed by the Pope how can he be accountable to Indian people? He is representing Pope and Vatican and we know the nexus between Sonia Gandhi and Vatican: @RakeshSinha01, RSS Idealogue  | #ChurchVsModi

RSS & frans have been weak kneed. They have neither the money power nor the PR skills and capacity of the church. @narendramodi types have no clue either to systematically undermine the most potent and mortal enemy of Hindu nature of India. https://t.co/gRJQr2RMDq

Why be scared? Be angry. Become angry. Never be scared. https://t.co/oRF2TejRXr

I understand clarity of outlining what is "us" and what is "them", and I even understand need for retreat and compromise which however is temporary, as for me all borders are temporary compromises in space and time. I dont want/understand "yoga/tantra" to come/coming into this.
If u lose, yogis will explain the victory of ur enemy as part of a grand scheme that u dont fully understand but which is about defeating greater evils than the evil of ur enemy. I only understand concrete struggles over state power, over destiny of nation and nationhood.

"The Pandits kept waiting..."
Deeply poignant yet stinging piece by @VaradSharma. A cry in the wilderness, a cry for loss and longing, and sweet-talk and betrayal. Must-read. https://t.co/zoLSXcI9Va

Speakers’ Corner – Islam’s Fiercest Critics https://t.co/lITmD1IXGc https://t.co/IpDxjmnenb

Natural for the endangered Minority in India - who Forms 80% of the population and controls everything, gets away with rioting and lynching -to feel threatened all the time

Church is a vanguard of western powers to clear ground for neo colonialism. A Christian convert anywhere becomes a  permanent asset for church against his native country and culture and acts like a modern day Sepoy in civilizational war. There is nothing spiritual about church. https://t.co/EREzCBb0ge

An Essential Guide to Understanding P-Secs, Sepoys, and Other Colonized Indian Minds https://t.co/khWiaTSb6l #antihindu #forcedsecularism

Wrote it long time ago. Most of the demands of #core are also centrist. Hindutva is just a slogan without any teeth. 
It's a joke that you have to be labeled as Hindutva to demand basic parity under standard secular state.

The Seven Types of Atheist
Yes, they’re the ones I like the best in that they’re the most rigorous in stepping outside of a monotheistic way of thinking.

Until recently, women’s voices about the traumatic event have remained largely unexplored or even stifled. https://t.co/VqIiz0JlOf

At Harper Collins' launch of 'The Himalayan Arc', edited by Namita Gokhale. Launched by Bhutan's ambassador in India, who recounts his school days in Darjeeling https://t.co/rRpn71S3rW

"Essentially, both consumer and retailer will be able to enter into a symbiotic relationship wherein they both work together to improve the retail landscape and protect each others interests." https://t.co/KJt3Wqf54I

My article in Hindustan Times today. https://t.co/x0aUt1Gfne https://t.co/UU7mdXvcyg

Sri Aurobindo on Darwin and evolution

Marketime: China is designating itself as the saviour of Buddhism https://t.co/KZ3GVkQKu5 @NathTusar @FesteUnbound
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo ("SAVITRI")

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