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Modi's four years' record has been of moderation

Hi All, I would like to share with you a very thought provoking interview with Judea Pearl, winner of Turing award for the invention of Bayesian networks:
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Feelings of sweet revenge after so many decades! However, no need to fall in the trap of anti-Modi rhetoric of Congress and the Left. Each party is infested by the fascist virus and hence Modi must be examined with much care as his four years' record has been of such moderation.

In 1974 congress put 14 CPM MLAs in jail under MISA to escape no trust motion. In Odisha through late B.D. Jatti as governor didn't allow majority party (Pragati dal) to form govt. The state was put under President rule. There are many instances. BJP now double Congress.

Why a pragmatic approach to policy-making works for the Modi government.
Funnily, this same missing cookie-cutter template has also worried his ardent supporters, especially those who use economics as the pivot to label themselves right wing. Due to this perceived lack of accepted and acceptable wisdom in Modi’s approach, many commentators have labeled the government as unhinged, multi-threaded, un-cohesive and arbitrary. In fact, five distinct themes characterise the Modi government's policy-making.

Why India’s Passenger Trains Need To Be Put On The Fast Track

The Prime Minister And The Media: Media is no more a business of access under PM Modi. 

Why Are Kashi’s Most Revered Temples Dirty? 

The Banaras Ghats They Are A-Changin’. - PM’s election from Varanasi is slowly but surely remaking the city, something that would have never happened otherwise. Do read this excellent groundreport by my colleague @haryannvi

Friends do check out the website of @IndicAcademyz. Inspired bunch of Dharmic minded individuals doing yeoman service in advancing Indic civilisational values. They have been around for more than 3 years doing events, scholarship awards, publishing.

Indeed. Read the eSamskriti Journey on Indic Academy.

Friends - Please do consider subscribing  to YouTube channel of the good folks at @CreativeIndMag . We are delighted to partner with them by showcasing their videos on varied Indic art/heritage/ culture themes everyday on @SwarajyaMag 

Want to understand, what's happening in India, read these two books. For rest thoughts, keep bouncing off the same in our own echo chamber and get affirmation, feel good & sleep well thinking, you have made your point.

Man Bhadraloks ideal came from Victorian England. You think it had to something to do with you? They petitioned and got 'Gajon' banned. 'Kobir Gan' got lost due to negligence. Same treatment was given to traditional folk bengali cultures.
Also, they were the one who started 'Swadeshi' and militant nationalism in Bengal. I never denied that a part supported British. OTOH Vivekananda, Aurobindo, CRD, SCB, JCB, SPM all came from Bhadraloks community. I won't call that minimal effect.

Read this to understand where I come from : The Blank Slate: The Modern Denial of Human Nature and stop being a predictable SJW are falling for the optics.

liberal feminists who are saying that hinduism hates the vagina or even its mention,should really read up a bit of tantric theory :) the GauriPatta around ShivaLingam is  symbolic representation of the Vagina.Though the inner meaning is of another level,which feminists wont grasp

Mark my words today,the fall of indic civilization  in this modern age will happen exactly with this ultrafocus on religion, ie, hindutva vs islamism.Most likely, if Hindutva Vad is given a free hand, it will turn our nation into a Srilanka, Africa or Myanmar.

As Modi's grip on power loosens, he will get even more peevish and more brazen. That's what all autocrats do. Brace yourselves #ValaMurdersDemocracy

Absolute violation of precendence and parliamentary rules by @BJP4India No wonder politicians are always questioned on propriety. They’re incapable of being partisan and fair. There’s need for urgent reforms on selection of governors ans speakers. @rashtrapatibhvn

Adivasis Are Not Begging For Charity, But Their Constitutional Rights

Guilty men of the two-nation theory: A Hindutva project borrowed by Jinnah

No Entry For Pakistani Artists?

Rebuttal: @tufailelif ‘s   post “BJP systematically excluding Muslims, marginalized groups from poll process,” is not only totally misplaced but a disservice to the community. Writes @shwetankbhushan

Opinion | #Citizenship (Amendment) Bill of 2016 has not gone down well with #Assam's ‘indigenous’ groups & has adequate fuel for votaries of 'anti-outsider campaign'. | Kishalay Bhattacharjee.

Women are a community still waiting to be mainstreamed says @shailichopra of @SheThePeopleTV at #FeministConference @TrishaBShetty @SatyamNishtha @unwomenindia

Reading  this wonderful book by @subhashkak1 @davidfrawleyved and Georg Feurstein. Can be unhesitatingly recommended to any student of history.

#BookRecommendation #KrishnaRajya
"Krishna Rajya: An alternate system of government for modern India" - Co-written by honorable guru @jaganniwas and Prafull Goradia ji.
I urge all Dharmishta-s to purchase, read and practice these teachings.

From infinitesimally small numbers to gauge fractions of time to cosmic level formulations in order to count galaxies, Indian mathematicians were conceiving of numbers that no other civilization came close to.

Dumocracy is the biggest fad that have been pulled by some "intellectuals" controlling the narrative at that time. Democracy is, was, will never be absolute. Every single powerful person with money, muscle or brain will use it for his advantage & noone cares for democracy.

"Tribalism—the abdication of critical thinking."

The BJP has spent a lot of time attacking Nehru. Maybe time the Congress did too for retaining the Raj's undemocratic centralisation, which has bambooed it in Karnataka today? #Governor

For Shri. Madhvacharya, both Bhava and Abhava are totally dependent on Vishnu, who had a role to play in kick-starting the manifestation process #Hinduism #dharma

Is an intellectual’s responsibility to think, or to enact a political argument? The question once distinguished little magazines from think tanks, but that has changed.

Ever  since I followed never I found her tweets as spams or uncouth or hitting below the belt , she is one of the few who engages in a constructive discussion on a topic . Ofocurse a few on the other side don’t get it or don’t want to accept the truth !

Hey @TwitterIndia when a  person trying to educate people and raise issues from the bottom of her heart its not spam. Improve your NLP algos

A Free World-Union Based on Self-Determination as an Alternative to the Status Quo Methodology

Consciousness Based Psychology: Beyond the Relaxation Response ~ An Aurobindonian perspective on Stress

Marketime: Citizens should rise against such criminal manoeuvres  @NathTusar @rahulkanwal
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo ("SAVITRI")

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