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Liberty is a primordial drive in humans

Critical Posthumanism and Planetary Futures
Debashish Banerji, ‎Makarand R. Paranjape - 2016 - ‎Preview - ‎More editions
It is issues such as these which are at the heart of this new volume of explorations of the posthuman. The essays in this volume offer leading-edge thought on the subject, with special emphases on postmodern and postcolonial futures.

The New Indian Express-8 hours ago
Indeed, as earlier as in 1908, having served as the first principal of Bengal National College, Sri Aurobindo had defined the problem very lucidly: “In India ... we ...

Assorted tweets for general information:

India has arrived, because Modiji says so: he’s our most polarising leader, deeply hated by many, but equally loved by many more, esp the young. He’s a self-made superbrand, almost a deity, above his party & govt #NationalInterest:

Actually, the fundamental problem with our polity is the intellectual dishonesty practiced by keepers of public morality. Liberal intellectuals must take more than the lion's share of blame for this state of affairs. Can't blame the reaction to them.
In order of corruption, politicians fare head and shoulders above the 1. Media, 2. Judiciary, 3. Intellectual class aka Civil Society and the 4. beaurocracy. Three of the above have zero accountability.

A profound churning has occurred in the world of news production in the wake of liberalisation and the proliferation of new media in recent years.

The real negatives of the Modi govt are not on the economy, but on the undermining of key institutions & damage to the social fabric. #TN Ninan writes:

Authors of @ThePrintIndia articles are skilled practitioners of obfuscation. Ninan is spending his credibility to normalize Modi's dismal economic performance under the guise of rapping Modi on the knuckles for the more obvious crime of undermining institutions. @sanjayuvacha

The Karnataka assembly elections have shown us the true state of India’s constitutional democracy.

Liberty is a primordial drive in humans.  They may live in social groups but they value liberty & will always fight for it.  Anybody who doesn’t get that is doomed to political failure.  But yes it takes time.  Recall emergency.  Indian rebelled when given an opportunity.

Fascism begins by convincing the majority that all their problems are rooted in the minority.  It is an easy to sell myth, finds a receptive audience among the under-educated, and has just that ring of plausibility with which to feed a giant #Poopganda machinery.

By then fascism will be deeply entrenched in everything from schools, to factories, to businesses to politics.  You are talking of a darkness ahead that may last 2 generations if not violently upturned earlier.  Unthinkable.

Not really.  The techie crowd are like drawing room liberals who consider themselves about politics since their lives are largely untouched by it.  Like the empty libs call for socialism without know a fig about what it does, this crowd calls 4 robust nationalism & gets fascism.

The locus of real political power, the power of patronage, has moved from Delhi to state capitals with economic reforms.  It is no longer possible 2 fund any party from Delhi.  States have to contribute to the kitty & they demand a say in real power.
*infa. Congress faces an hobson’s choice. It needs 2 stay a centralized party with power concentrated in Delhi 2 maintain family dominance.  OTOH, as a political party it needs devolve real power to regional satraps without which it will have no money & no ground level infra.
What can be more ironic than the fact that Congress allowed a regressive, command & control Modi ji to steal ownership of reforms & the related “vikas” planks b/c no Congress leader was willing to sell enormously successful economic reforms.
That is the lesson Congress needs to learn.  But it is a party captured by out-of-date Marxists & political hacks who only know the shortest way to success is sycophancy.  Can RG be that sagacious leader?  I don’t know.  But Congress’ potential vote is intact.  It needs tapping.

Swarna Bharat Party shows why political party legislators who defect must be deemed to have resigned and must be forced to seek re-election.

Bramho Samaj is demanding separate religion status and the right to run their own 8 colleges. Last year WB govt disbanded Bramho Samaj education society which used to see the matter of teacher appointments.

Must read thread. Abrahamic religions have a powerful antidote to soft power- the belief that they are the best people. Each follower of the cult sees himself as the perfect man. 
Pagan religion do not have this concept and hence fall prey easily.

Positive news for the day. My friend @charumonga01 has developed this. Superb. Such news deserve our max attention. Cc @hchaturv

Whether you agree with this or not, overall, I found this to be a good reflection that can be instructive for Hindus about the importance of cherishing what we have inherited.
So when some cheap, third-rate, pigeon-brained "investment services professional" or as shrI rjrashva would aptly call them, "free market whores" undermines the Hindu cry for preservation of heritage, know him for the cheap, third-rate, pigeon-brained cuck he is... Source: //End

It's time to stop spreading the lie that Hindi is our national language.

Kaul delves into debates like the relationship of ‘cosmopolitan’ Sanskrit with the vernacular, of Sanskritization vs. regionalization; centre vs. periphery etc. through her analysis of the great Kashmiri classic the Rajatarangini by Kalhana

New pastime : Mapping Odissi songs onto a sort of emotion continuum gradient. Of course this will be subjective to me and my cultural upbringing and various other factors, but it is fun to be able to quantitatively visualise a cloud in which a song  (text+music) can be located.

This Day Last Year - 19th May - Humans can imagine a reality, unique compared to other animals. Man is the mind-based (“mānas”) creation of Brahmā, the ultimate creative agency, unlike other animals, which are based on life-force of the physical body.

Why Are Museums In India So Boring? 

#SummerReading2018: A time to thrill - Beware the woman in the window, writes Shylashri Shankar @AJFinnBooks, @janeharperautho, @JoeIdeTweets, @AshleyCWeaver, @SimenonTeam, @ellygriffiths, @alafairburke, @karecleve

Huxley to Orwell: My Hellish Vision of the Future is Better Than Yours (1949)

Democracy has a suicidal tendency: Justice Chelameswar on last working day

From privacy to the Collegium, the lasting legacy of Justice J Chelameswar

One thing can be said about him for certain—that he is not a stickler of the status-quo, and that he will not shy away from doing the right thing according to him, regardless of the constraints of convention and judgment of public opinion.
Perhaps, he might have imbibed the sense of indifference and equilibrium advocated by Bhagavad Gita. This could be the reason why former CJI Ventkatachaliah described him as the sanyasi in the Court.
The legend of Prometheus, the Greek mythological character who invited the wrath of gods for giving the fire of enlightenment to humans, emerge as a striking parallel to the course of journey of Justice Jasti Chelameswar.

And @Evolving_Moloch wrote at @QuilletteM about how resource and mating inequality can lead to more male violence across cultures:

2 takeaways from the interview, shared without comment:
1. "Don't engage in any physical interaction with anyone that you wouldn't talk to them about beforehand." 5m35s
2. "There isn't anything good about pornography. Stop using it." 6m50s

#Vedic #Wisdom and #Evolution of #Consciousness #agastya #darwinstheory #ego

Idea of Shifting #Zodiac Questioned in #India #aeoncentreofcosmology

Did #India (Hindustan) Benefit from the British Raj? #britianmedia #britishindia

Economic Cooperation Is the Third Key Condition of a Free World-Union

Marketime: More leadership is needed at the grass roots level @NathTusar @ChakraNews
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo (SAVITRI)

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