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Distinguishing violent crimes from hate crime

The art of peddling a communal, anti Hindu agenda armed with fake credentials of Atheism via @opindia_com

The RSS and BJP have the most severely anti Hindu agenda seen to date.....Aurobindo Ghosh and Tilak would have shuddered at their agenda.

In the writing of "Kali, the Mother," Swami Vivekananda explained to Sister Nivedita that God is not only benign, but terrible too: "Learn to recognise the Mother as instinctively in evil, terror, sorrow, & annihilation, as in that which makes for sweetness and joy."

Hindus are not dumb. Hard for them to not notice daylight robbery & 'secular' hijacking by Modi of India's national Hindu party.

Corruption has been legalized & made to disappear in mandated anonymity. So lo & behold, there is no corruption any more & political dealmaking with tycoons can go on merrily as before.  Modi ji is a genius.

'Menacing language': Congress leaders, ex-PM Manmohan Singh write to President against Modi
Former PM Manmohan Singh wrote to the President of India asking him to caution PM Modi from using unwarranted, threatening and intimidating language against Congress leaders and members.

Debate: First-past-the-post means India is only a namesake democracy

No matter what is the verdict, #KarnatakaElections2018 showed that the satrap model is working for @INCIndia, while #BJP’s corporate-military style of electioneering might have hit its limits. Reposting a piece I had written during Gujarat polls:

Rural distress is writ large all over the countryside. It is a time bomb which is slowly ticking away. When and where the bomb will go off is difficult to predict. One can only hope and pray that it doesn't happen during the village 'bandh' from June...

Republic of India is created on aversion towards indic pagans , so unless we revamp the laws governing the state, nothing of substantial nature will be achieved . #AmendConstitution

Jinnah’s initial demand for Muslims to be able to share power with Hindus was a legitimate approach towards political equality, though he later took it to the frustrating ends of communal politics.

Guilty Men of The Two-Nation Theory: A Hindutva Project Borrowed By Jinnah

Nehru's 'Discovery of India' remains a bestseller 50 years after his death - Times of India

Nehru himself maintained that he had acted out of the conviction that partition was preferable to a loose federation. He wanted to be master in his own house, writes @ZareerMasani

Yes. Empire not only skewed history and historical memory in other places, it had done the same to Britons with regard to their own histoy.

As one of the authors of this book, I can only laugh at this kind of petty tinkering. Read by lakhs of students so far, this was the first 'official' textbook on post independence India. Hope the book gathers greater public attention.

First of all, the Indian Parliament does not recognise "live-in relationships". It uses the term " relationship in the nature of marriage" according to Section 2(f) of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. Here is the snapshot of the concerned section:

Nearly 90 per cent of Twitter’s ‘active’ users tend to spread falsehoods in the case of public emergencies or disasters

Reza Aslan argues that the #Jesus of the Gospels is not the same as the historical man named Yeshua #BookReview

This Sankrant piece on the battle between unequals in the conversion war is a must read for any "liberal"

Mohani used to say, “I was initially a nationalist. In 1925, I abandoned this idea and adopted the principles of communism. Now I am a communist.”

When the sun’s rays are at too much of an angle, as in the mornings and evenings, the atmosphere blocks the UVB wavelength. But the rising levels of carbon particles in air restrict the penetration of the important UVB rays into the atmosphere diminishing the production of vitamin D
You say hello to the rising sun through the glass window, soak up the warmth but are still deficient in vitamin D? Read on for the reasons.

From treats to threats: The 'evil' things parents do to stay sane

We are loving the #EverydayCasteism tweet series by @genderlogindia! Great way to re-evaluate dynamics of #privilege in our lives.

On how homophobia is expressed subtly in India's lofty observation :

In a village just outside Ashoka University, segregated ways of living are still the norm. Can a university's liberal influence change this? via @livewire

Must read.  Putting the laws governing Adivasi areas on stone slabs.

Periyar started this trend of "self respect marriages" where couples were married off without brahminical rituals. The first such wedding he conducted was of a man who married 2 sisters, his cousins. He said this is fine as long as the wedding didn't have Brahmins rituals.

National crime data do not distinguish violent crimes from hate crime in the name of cow/religion. Our database is the first such statistical perspective to a growing national debate over such violence. Explore the data here:

What matters in the Walmart - Flipkart deal is how the retail business will evolve in India. The best read on the new global retail battleground - by @hchawlah -

R.E.M.’s "Losing My Religion" Reworked from Minor to Major Scale

“Music is incomplete without Swara and Laya.”
My interview with Swarajya Magazine on 25th April, 2018.

For a true artist, audience at best is paraphernalia. Once she closes her eyes & delves deep into music,esp Carnatic & Hindustani styles, bhakti in those musical notes takes over. Tday when a artist was greeted by empty chairs& yet she gave her 120%, I realised the meaning of music

"Sanskrit has immense potentiality not only to establish unity, love and  harmony but also to make us realize the sacredness of life." - @Sampadananda in this deep, brilliant #Conscious insight into #Sanskrit

From the Archive; Developing The Creative Mindset The creative mind is a moving, expanding, contracting thing. And to develop a creative mindset we need to allow this free movem #Creativity #Amwriting #Writerslife

As we think about extraterrestrial intelligence it’s helpful to remember humans are not the only intelligent life on Earth.

On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 9:50 PM, Bruno Marchal wrote: There is no algorithm which can generate one truly random number, but there is a procedure which generates all random numbers, which consists in generating all numbers.

Whit Blauvelt:
Re: [Sadhu Sanga] Generating a truly random number
Randomness is not, as is often pointed out, quite the same thing as freedom from determinism, but are there deterministic visions from physics which deny all genuine randomness?
Bruno's picture also has inherent uncertainty, but is it the sort that can be harnessed for genuine randomness? Or would a source of true randomness have to be, in some necessary sense, beyond his model, and so something important it has left out, were it to exist? Whit

Kushal Shah:
A bigger problem here is that Kolmogorov complexity is an uncomputable function. So, even if we do generate a random number, there cannot really be any mechanism to know whether it's truly random. All that we can have are statistical tests, which are very practical but do not satisfy the theoretical requirements.
Best, Kushal.

Marketime: Ekta Kapoor's unadulterated regressive trash @NathTusar @BucketheadCase
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- "SAVITRI" by Sri Aurobindo

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