Tuesday, May 08, 2018

We respect power and make a big show of respecting goodness

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why bring up Hindutva with Tagore....why not leave him out of it. He & Aurobindo had their own vision of India.   # besides Gandhi or Nehru. Many other Indians.

#ICYMI | The author invokes the Gandhian concept of ahimsa and compares it to that of the "war machine" from the work of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari.

The German Historical School: The Historical and Ethical Approach to Economics edited by Yuichi Shionoya
No country has embraced Schumpeter like the Japanese have... But he never forgot the Japanese job offer... http://t.co/hj9BWtjopL

If there was one thing that defined Marxist economist Ashok Mitra, it was his unwavering commitment to justice and human dignity. https://t.co/EyTZYWF7Q0

The charges against CJI make me hang my head in shame.  Pathetic that they have to be aired at all.  We have poisoned our discourse beyond repair.

There are issues with the way the chief editor of Republic TV, Arnab Goswami, conducts his journalism which, while the left wing has serious differences with, the right wing is not wholly comfortable either. That is, however,... https://t.co/DQFCp2Z5FT

don't think there is a center left anymore, its become a cabal of foreign agents, hindu haters, abrahamist extremists, cultural marxists, sjws, terrorist lovers, beefists etc
I'd say loosely speaking Modi lead BJP is centrist with respect to social and economic policies :) maybe there is space towards its right

We are just a few DNA strands away from chimpanzees. We respect power & (just like if chimps had brains) make a big show of respecting goodness. https://t.co/WYPiCtGU18

The Hindu Reform Paradox. If you reform Hinduism it will cease to be Hinduism. https://t.co/Fhw3K3HgAD

Partition harmed the Indian Muslims most, but to put the blame on Jinnah, or the Muslim League, is not necessarily a correct historical reading. https://t.co/YSwMcYi3xy

Defending Jinnah With Half-Truths: The Dubious Logic Of Irfan Habib And His Ilk - @TheJaggi
https://t.co/NARnvxOK0g via @swarajyamag

Partition is to with nature of Islam. Read my 2009 Rediff art Who was responsible for Partition. https://t.co/3Ll6MHO5xT

26 Dr. Shanta Kumari-2 (12-4-18)AVR-SACAR_Vedanta–In the Light of Sri Aurobindo: https://t.co/qhMCRRO3xX via @YouTube

Marketime: Democracy is about largest minority https://t.co/ktLvR4xDPW #SriAurobindo @NathTusar @SwapnaUdayana @harshmadhusudan @HindolSengupta @pbhushan1 @tufailelif #SavitriEraParty #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #KarlPopper #Marx200

This @TVMohandasPai is a sad case of tycoon's son fancying himself as a commentator bcoz of cash+allegiance. Now, some facts. 1. Bengal is a net in-migration state. 2. Bengalis built India, nothing new. 3. Political culture of Bengal weeds out communal thugs.We are proud of that. https://t.co/dNPxzDARFM

For bigots like @RajivMessage, easy to brand @AudreyTruschke as Hinduphobic-fits the stereotype. I had tweeted calling Ram a male chauvinist few months back & some had complained to Twitter, had threatened lawsuit. Who cares-I am as Hindu as anyone can be. https://t.co/Uw9XYyG00j https://t.co/79SHYKnguT

after taleb's #skininthegame, i just picked up harari's #homodeus, a massive book, and i am a bit apprehensive i'll be underwhelmed, as after all, history these days is mythology by another name. anybody who has read both these? what did you think?

Homo deus provides insights into the future of biotech and data science. Also, i think, it will help a great deal if harari's sapiens is read prior to homo deus.

Satya Nadela is a real spiritual leader...he makes so much sense whenever he talks and he talks with amazing clarity and thinking.
People who have no experience running real Business should never handle policy issues that involve business. These guys are crazy. They don't do public service. They destroy people who do real public service

Facts, Fantasy, Physics https://t.co/cWuXpje4IY via @swarajyamag

Experiments to bring pigs back to ‘life’ show why immortality for humans isn’t a great idea https://t.co/jWVJ6LMaTD https://t.co/kQxPwCAHpS

In Hindi, Part 8 of #DemocracyInIndia
1950 में संविधान लागू होने के बाद लोगों को लोकतांत्रिक अधिकार नहीं मिले होते, तो हरियाणा की महिला कॉमनवेल्थ खेलों में मेडल जीतने का मौका नहीं पाते. ये अभिव्यक्ति की आजादी मिलने से ही मुमकिन हुआ.
#TufailAhmadArchives https://t.co/24v15ssTd7

Swarajya Heritage Tours: Next Month, Join Us For A Trip To Hassan And Explore The Grand Hoysala Architecture https://t.co/uJ2zBqtiky via @swarajyamag

seeing the accomplishment of Shri Shyam Sundar Paliwal, I am really wondering that probably our online net lives are reducing the individual potentials we could  reach, if we had worked on ground instead, for some worthy goals. but then, staying online is always the easier way out. https://t.co/wf1rY2BTJX

I've always been puzzled by why Americans like to begin classes/meetings etc so early in the day. My schedule has always been shifted towards the second half of the day and I guess there are many more like that than those who admit https://t.co/qWskrG32rd

How Information Overload Robs Us of Our Creativity: What the Scientific Research Shows https://t.co/6oLa0x21IE https://t.co/tHvMTpALCD

The reason why Hellenic myth is such a mess is because there were no scribes attached to temples. The genuine hieratic myths would have been closely held within priestly families, rarely if ever written down.
There just wasn't that level of organization in the Hellenic priesthoods, it seems. People make the mistake of thinking that Homer, Hesiod, et al. are Hellenic scriptures comparable to the Veda. But they don't have that sort of stature.

“If I don’t write I feel, well, a kind of remorse, no?” —Jorge Luis Borges https://t.co/LLShQGrQrl

Karl Marx’ birthday is over, and so should the ‘Party’

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