Monday, May 14, 2018

Ekta Kapoor's unadulterated regressive trash

Americans now have massively regressed back to believing that humans were created directly as in the book of Genesis ("life comes from life" and such), and many other unfortunate delusions. Actually, insanity is a global problem.
From 1981 to 2017, the percentage rejecting the fossil record declined from 44% to 38%. Paul Werbos

To a large degree, the shifts between democracy and authoritarianism can be explained by the extent to which people feel that their existence is secure.

@_YogendraYadav cautions about distinction between minority rights and minorityism:

Who is Arun Maira? What are his policy leanings?

Will #ArtificialIntelligence bring Karl Marx's ideas to life? #AI

My continuing dispute with Maria Heim and Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad, over the ideas of Buddhaghosa, now returns to where it began: the distinction between ultimate (paramattha) and conventional (sammuti or vohāra). by Amod Lele

judeo-christians proudly refer to all their positive ancient traditions as Biblical. But Hindus are harassed if we show pride in Vedic culture & we are pressured to stop naming it Vedic or Dharmic or Hindu

Historians work all the time with entities whose existence cannot be "proven". They have questioned the existence of the Buddha, Canakya, Jesus and Mohammed. They would admit right away that Napoleon's existence cannot be "proven" (reproduced) anymore. History has its own rules.

This Is Why Osho Called Mother Teresa A 'Deceiver', 'Charlatan' And 'Hypocrite'

Dr APJ Kalam knew nothing about Physics, used religion to climb ladder to become President: Scientist K Santhanam

A tribute to Aruna Sunderlal, south India’s godmother of Western classical music

Ekta Kapoor's entire contribution to Indian television is unadulterated regressive trash and deserves to be made fun of at every opportunity.

Hindus celebrate puberty & menstruation. 
One reason why modern liberal attempts to shame Hindu women using propaganda over menstruation don't usually work well. #MothersDay

Dr Hartzell, a Sanskrit devotee and postdoctoral researcher at Spain’s Basque Centre on Cognition, Brain and Language, spent many years studying and translating Sanskrit and became fascinated by its impact on the brain.
‘Sanskrit Effect’

Accessible exegeses by enlightened modern rsis not easily available to Indian lay public, e.g. Sri Aurobindo, Sri Anrivan, Srimat MAdhusudana Ojha. Western philologists & their Indian bootlickers, e.g. D. Pattnaik, peddling distortions, become default sources from which jijnasus
must quench their urgent thirst. Holy VedaMata has compelled  2-3 to place online gratis Sri Anirvan's works in Bangla at Veda Mimansa also available in Hindi there. Urgently trying to get it + Gayatri Mandala transl. to s. Ind. langs. Anyone to help?
Jai Ma Srimat MahaSwamigal urged us to make Veda study+parayana an urgent nityakarma. Deep hunger to study, understand meaning, symbols of holy Rksamhita, Vedas, emerging all over world, Bharatmata.

In #India, the story of Savitri's descent into the #underworld with Yama, the death god to wrest her husband's soul with wit, charm & eloquence features in our epic poem #Mahabharata.
Sri Aurobindo has penned a poem, "Savitri" on just this incident!
#folklore #mythology

A Talk by Dr Alok Pandey in Delhi in 2018 (AUDIO).

Marketime: Kampili and Vakrangee, Sucheta and Shefali @NathTusar @suchetadalal @ShefVaidya
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- "SAVITRI" by Sri Aurobindo

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