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Failure to see multiple contexts simultaneously

You can find utopia in India – if you're willing to close your eyes | Ian ...
2 hours ago - This was a special day at the Sri Aurobindo ashram, which has been a prominent part of Pondicherry's life for nearly a century, and the reason that people other than students of French colonial history have ever heard of the place. According to another steward, supervising the queue for the meal tickets, the morning's rituals ...

Madurai Today - TAMIL NADU - The Hindu
12 hours ago - Sri Aurobindo Study Forum: Discourse on Sri Aurobindo's 'Life Divine' by Subramany, Nithyatha, Auro Lab, Veerapanjan, 10 a.m.. 

Puducherry: There's more to this sleepy town than Auroville and the ...
6 hours ago - Puducherry might seem like a small, sleepy town that only houses theAurobindo Ashram and its offshoot shopping experiences, but it is more than that. If you are looking at a long, peaceful getaway or a short escapade from the city life and the thought of Goa makes you cringe, Puducherry is just a hop, skip and jump away ...

Financial Chronicle (press release) (blog)-11 hours ago
That was Aurobindo Ghosh (better known as Sri Aurobindo) and the prison cell referred to was Kolkata's Alipore Central Jail (now known as Alipore Correctional Home). Aurobindo Ghosh was arrested on May 2, 1908, under the charge of 'Conspiracy'. He spent one full year in Alipore jail while the British Government, in a ...

Sri Aurobindo lived in my neighborhood #history #blueplaque #india

When I was 12 yo my dad ordered this book for me . He had read a review and thought it might help with my school project on India!
I spent my summer holidays up a tree reading the Upanishads. Life changing. 3 years later, I found Aurobindo's works.

A summation of testimonies & the developed sciences of them - as occult Tantra-Yoga - is available at The Divine Life Society or Sivananda Ashrama. Predating both the Old & the New testament. In their complete occult sciences.
But is this what you are interested in, or practice?
You can also find the same at The Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry. With enough resources in books, etc.

One has nearly come to forget that the European Union is an association of very many states that were instrumental in giving the world its two world wars, in the twentieth century. So intense was their military rivalries and antagonisms!

It is easier to overlook that Europe is a tiny continent that carries the name of Europe that is not of any single state. Its geography severely limits its abilities and resources, when compared to the other continents. That one easily overlooks the fact that none of the other continents have such a sustained history of military rivalries and antagonisms between its states as the European states do.

Yet, none of the continents can boast of such a shared community of values as Europe does today! Its civilizational magnificence gets crystallized in its ability to adapt and change. Its modernity gives it that flexibility that its earlier religious medievalism gave it its various rigidities.

The magnificent formation of the European Union gave the world a new vision and view of Europe. That it is almost seen today as a single entity by many in their imaginations speaks of that magnificence. A continent that succeeded in banishing war from its soil through peaceful diplomatic means and mutual co-operation also stands today to mean a beacon of hope; for those millions that perhaps ironically are intrinsically antagonistic to it.

#Marx200 | Two hundred years after Marx’s birth, Bernard D’Mello imagines a critical analysis of capital and capitalism as a global system.

The one book the Communists wish had NEVER been written, is the one book that MUST be read.

It is important to recognize that there was a Western ideological interest in ensuring that Indian philosophy was not seen as in direct competition with Western philosophy. Treating its categories as theological ones accomplishes this.
So, when we speak of the ignorance or avoidance of non-Western philosophies in the West, we need to understand how that comes about, namely through theologization, and that the latter is inseparable from the monotheist mission.

West may be calling us backward-snake&monkey worshipers. But let me declare that before our thinkers like #Sankara,Vivekananda &Aurobindo their philosophers, Marx,Lenin, fade into insignificance. Jesus mythical.Hindu concept of #Brahma, Moksha & how2attain it simply stand above

Marketime: The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's spiritual power behind Churchill Savitri Era Learning Forum, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. #SavitriEra of those who adore, Om #SriAurobindo and #TheMother. #MirraAlfassa #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #SavitriEraParty @NathTusar

#PresidentKovind chairs first meeting of National Committee for Commemoration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi; calls for celebrations with tangible, actionable legacies that will make a difference to the lives of ordinary people – wherever they may be
Mahatma Gandhi was born in India but he does not belong to India alone. He remains one of India’s greatest gifts to humankind and his name finds resonance across the continents #PresidentKovind
Mahatma Gandhi was the inspiration for our largely non-violent, inclusive and democratic freedom struggle. He remains the ethical benchmark against which we test public men and women, political ideas and govt policies, and the hopes and wishes of our country #PresidentKovind
Mahatma Gandhi was a multifaceted person. He was a nationalist and an internationalist; a political leader and a spiritual mentor; a writer and thinker and an activist; a person comfortable with Indian traditions, and yet an eager revolutionary for social change #PresidentKovind
Mahatma Gandhi was India’s conscience keeper. He strived to lead us to not just political independence – but to a better India, a more principled India and a society free of caste, religious, economic and even gender prejudice #PresidentKovind
The Mahatma is our past, he is our present and he is also our future. So many of the themes and ideas he spoke and wrote of – some of them far ahead of their time – are even more relevant today #PresidentKovind

Puzzled why this tweet of my has been trolled the most. Perhaps, the last bit galls those who don't want the official narrative challenged?

What I wrote about Indian data and Indian products before #CambridgeAnalytica #facebook scandal hit home

The Hindu leadership was primarily composed of lawyers. They thought they could argue their way out of anything. But reality eventually intervenes. Only Ambedkar and Rajaji were clear minded on our side, later Patel. Gandhi to Savarkar were wrong on this key issue. Unprepared.
The biggest sin that Nehru committed though was not reforming all personal laws and just Hindu ones. We accepted partition reluctantly because “secularism”, but poof we got the Ottoman millet system now. Synthesis was out forget assimilation or even integration. But it gets worse

There is a premium on majoritarianism in India. The Indian State funds numerous tirth yatras and runs temples which it must not. Use of religion overwhelms the secular character of the Indian State. #DemocracyInIndia Part 2

कैलाश पंत कहते हैं कि, 'जब हमने संविधान बनाया, तो अभिव्यक्ति की आजादी को तरजीह दी गई. संविधान ने लोगों को मुखर बनाया.' वो कहते हैं कि आम आदमी के बीच चेतना आम हो गई. इसने लोगों को सजग बनाया. #DemocracyInIndia Part 8

East Asia’s successful economies show no squeamishness about borrowing  the best ideas from the West. India shouldn’t either. [My take]

Two very different pieces by Amartya Sen on Karl Marx (separated by a near exact 40 years.) A 1978 defence of the Labour Theory of Value: and an oped today:
Spoken like a scholar from our school! Of course if all relations/exchanges were marketized to an absolute degree, the world would be a strange place. No argument there. 😊

Marx’s understanding of the limits and license of human agency is still unparalleled: men make history but they do not make it under circumstances of their own choosing.
Google, Apple, Facebook etc exemplify Marx’s idea that power lies in the hands of those who control the means of production. Content creators get diddly squat while those who determine the political economy of the circulation of information sit on billions of dollars

Hmm .. so will those who control distribution - and now also content - e.g. Netflix and to some extent Amazon, be the real winners?

Humans love turning predators in villains and prey into victims. 
We forget every prey is also a predator and every predator is also a prey. Failure to see multiple contexts simultaneously is the disease of modern times. We suffer from 'serial mono-truism'.

#Savarkar Versus #Jinnah
I have written a piece on Jinnah, and on Asaduddin Owaisi, and on Iqbal. Please dig up and read. They are on google. I do not think one man create a country.

Economic growth theorists and economic historians should be one and the same people. Economics is not math. It is more like physics and chemistry (not even that or any science but closer to those two). If your theories do not explain data over long periods of time need to rethink

The Next Frontier: The New Wave Of Innovation Will Come From Biology.  Biology could be the next hot area for disruption for Indian startups, both in food and agriculture, and medicine and healthcare. via @swarajyamag

Marxian analysis remains important today not just because of Marx’s own original work, but also because of the extraordinary contributions made in that tradition by many leading historians, social scientists and creative artists.
-#AmartyaSen on #KarlMarx
One of least-explored ideas of #KarlMarx relates to “objective illusion” and his discussion of “false consciousness”. 
An objective illusion may arise from what we can see from our particular position — how things look from there (no matter how misleading). #AmartyaSen

27 Dr. Shanta Kumari (Talk-3) (12-4-18) AVR-SACAR_Vedanta–In the Light of Sri Aurobindo: via @YouTube

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