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We have to see Gandhi in his own context

"For sub-continental Muslims to acknowledge the horrors of Muslim rule in India, with whatever notable exceptions come to light, is absolutely essential for a reconciliation between Hindus and Muslims today."
Why Hindus must not turn anti-Muslim: "Anger against our Muslim brethren, mostly descendants of a forcibly converted and subjugated underclass, is misdirected; instead we must wean them away from triumphalist and distorted accounts of the past."

Lets not make Jinnah a saint . Sri Aurobindo was absolutely against Partition and said that as long as India is divided, she will suffer. & that's what is happening - a 1000 wounds inflicted by #Pakistan, #Hindus persecuted in Bangaldesh,& its illegal immigrants bleeding India

Sri Aurobibdo was wrong. Combined India would have been an unmitigated disaster with 35% Muslim population. Good that we have hives off Pai and Bangladesh. Need an Israeli approach to tame Pakistan. No going back on partition

@RahulEaswar @raptor_fossil @praneelraja @pras4net moplah riots happened in 1921 in Rahul easwar's Kerala that's taught as agrarian proletariat revolution there ?Correct me if wrong. Annie Besant and dr Ambedkar criticised Gandhi for his above stand. Sri Aurobindo max xposed mkg
But dear even Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had fat better sense in this issue than Gandhi whom Rahul easwar is teaching ppl to accept as greatest indian n guru for all to follow. No yogyataa but he's teaching. Thats the farce.
Next time Rahul easwar's 'teaches' ppl to adopt Gandhi as best guru or greatest indian , show this link to him n all. Also mention Sri Aurobindo rejecting then Congress Siding with gandhi placing khafat acceptance as pre condition for swaraj. Blunder.

This is the link that gives the true glory of MKG -
Have posted this link many times,to Rahul. He is adamant to overlook MKG's immaturity and unintelligence as well as not pay heed to the words of Mahā Yogīs like Shri Aurobindo. A person pretending to sleep will never wake up.

No obviously not; we have to see him in his own context, but not necessarily with a hypercritical or jaundiced eye.

Mahatma Gandhi was person of integrity. Some of his decisions and convictions are open for debate and criticism. But there is no reason to doubt his integrity. He was after all human. And it is human to err.

In judging where to probe the edifice of science, and look for better possible theories, Einstein did use a kind of rule of thumb which he expressed in this quotation. The quotation is fairly famous, and is engraved in German on a fireplace in Princeton which I saw three years ago: [...]

I was trying to express sympathy for the general esthetic sentiments you expressed in that email, but again and again 
I have also stressed on this list the need to try to translate esthetic sentiments into testable theories before one even begins to make the strong kinds of claims I have seen voiced on this list. Even a correct sentiment usually needs many stages of revision and testing before it has any right to call itself the leading theory of how the cosmos works. 

As for Einstein's use of the word "Lord," he has other writings suggesting he was further from actual belief in God than any of the other founders of quantum mechanics, or myself. Not that any of the others were orthodox either. 

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Einstein's quote - " God is subtle but he is not malicious." refers to his other quote – “God does not play dice.” These mean that God is not a gambler reinforcing Einstein’s assertion that quantum mechanics (in spite of its worldly successes) is an incomplete theory missing some fundamental physics that leads to the quantum uncertainty and statistical nature and weirdness of fundamental quantum reality.

Einstein’s assertion is supported by the Universal Relativity Model presented in my book and papers that explain the inner workings and paradoxes of QM based on relativistic formulations vindicated by empirical observations of the universe.

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The brain has evolved to represent both the sound and the light from the same object by increases in the probability for the same set of positions of this particle because the level of noise and light coming from an object was a good rough guide to its significance, and position measurements of this particle were adapted by our ancestors to shift their attention to particular locations in their surroundings. Although the advantage of allowing the direction of attention to be chosen by the position of a single particle was a randomness that prevented a group of creatures from all attending to the brightest or noisiest objects,  there would still have been a selection pressure for the latter to be more often attended to than objects responsible for less detected light or noise (which explains why the positions that select the noisier and brighter objects have come to be made more probable by the sensory data).

The theory actually provides a relatively straightforward explanation for why these patterns of probability-determining qualia form images of the objects to which they direct attention. If anyone's interested,  the theory is laid out in my book The Blind Mindmaker, which is available on Amazon. The links are below.

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C S Morrison - author of The Blind Mindmaker: Explaining Consciousness without Magic or Misrepresentation

Behaviour is deeply linked to memory, and its not clear if all of human memory is stored in the brain/body. The Vedic texts clearly talk of preservation of memory between births and so there is need for deeper investigation.


Nature has figured out a way to encode the information in the local circuit structure to produce simple qualia like a dot of the color red. If you can imagine three different circuits corresponding to red, blue and green then you can imagine producing all possible colors. If you are interested take a look at my latest paper – attached.

Alex Escobar, Ph.D.

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