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Remembering Tagore, Ashok Mitra, Bhagat Singh, and Hannah Arendt

On the birth anniversary of our national treasure Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore, this is my ode to the poet who has nourished the artiste in me. Link - #RabindranathTagore #Tagore

On #RabindranathTagore's 157th birth anniversary here are the four things he stood for, which were displayed through his films. 

Ashok Mitra lived & died as a Marxist- committed to uncompromising justice-social, economic & political writes #GopalKrishnaGandhi 
Nation lost something precious.

"The Marxian project aims at a world where a true & honest companionship of individuals is realised".
A refreshing must read piece by Prof. @Apoorvanand_

Bhagat Singh and his comrades logically advocated the idea of an independent India which was to be inclusive in nature, with strong bonds of commonality and rejection of religion in matters related to the state. In simple terms, they were against the formation of any Hindu rashtra or an Islamic state. The distortion of history and facts by religious zealots, therefore, reposes a greater responsibility on us to keep alive the ideals for which these revolutionaries lived and died. Hindutva's Desperate Attempt to Use Bhagat Singh Against Love via @thewire_in An attempt to counter False Propaganda
Why Hindu culture is a culture of emancipation or why Amar Chitra Katha is a healthier and more reliable resource than Romila Thapar when it comes to learning history and striving for social justice... via @swarajyamag

It is very important and also very prone to epistemological challenges owing to the lens. Almost globally it has changed into a critical theory lens (Marxism et Al) and it's challenges. If it was attuned to local  understanding, it would be so much richer.
Ghurye, Srinivas, Beteille also come with Dumont. The orientalist lens is always there because it is essentially a Western subject.

In 1871 British commenced the first census of India. One of the striking features of this census is how the castes are recorded. So What is your Caste? Asks Dr. Suryakant Misra as he digs deep into Varna system

Thank you @yadavtejashwi for taking a stand in support of AMU students. Not many politicians have guts to emulate you since soft Hindutva is the flavour of the season

A right-winger thanks The Wire for showing how liberals must be treated via @opindia_com

I will post newspaper cuttings from 1857 where the British were providing the same justification for the subjugation of Indians that Hindu liberals give today for the subjugation of Kashmiris. The nature of the oppressor has not changed in 160 years. The skin has.

Bharatpur was a princely state. Had most of the privileges and competence of a full country. Now reduced to the status of a forgotten beggar of a district.

You cannot have scale without centralisation. Ultimately it is the scale that is responsible for centralisation. To some, it was obvious. If only IT fools had some wisdom. 
"Whenever something is wrong, something is too big." - Leopold Kohr

There has never been any doubt that RSS is a fascist organisation. They shouldn’t be compared with the Nazis loosely but fascist they are. Ultranationalism and militaristic jingoism is their basic nature.

Review मेरी हनुमान चालीसा, देवदत्त  पटनायक, अंग्रेजी से अनुवाद : भरत तिवारी....

Do read... also references "The Nay Science"!
"Hindu Rituals: A Case for Attitudinal Change", by @avatans i @myindmakers

these books should be required reading for entrepreneurs. the lessons can also be applied to living a life with purpose. 
start with why; 
measure what matters; 
keep the essentials; 
don’t lose sight of the why 😎 #cryptotrifecta @audible_com

Fifty Years Later, France Is Still Debating the Legacy of Its 1968 Protests. via @SmithsonianMag

A Look Inside Hannah Arendt’s Personal Library: Download Marginalia from 90 Books

Sri Aurobindo's guidance to a young disciple (TEXT)

Marketime: Hindutva intellectuals continue to ignore Sri Aurobindo's interpretation of the Veda @NathTusar

The four mistakes show that Chinese leaders have not always made consistent, value-maximising choices. Perhaps it is our lack of knowledge about China that makes us ascribe rationality to every decision of the Chinese leadership. 
my list of the 4 big mistakes -

Like all ideas about human evolution, the cooking hypothesis can only be tested indirectly—without a time machine we cannot know exactly what happened in our evolutionary history.

How do maps influence the way we think of the world? In space, there is no top or bottom. This map invites us to re-evaluate our perception. #map #worldmap #perception #newsociety #world #countries #equality

Quote by Sri Aurobindo, read during a meeting about the economic system of Auroville. #sriaurobindo #auroville #newsociety #government #spiritual #changes #consciousness

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