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Kampili and Vakrangee, Sucheta and Shefali

Assorted tweets for general information:

The Story Of Kampili: A Phoenix That Burnt Itself To Ashes So That Vijayanagara Could Rise

Vakrangee’s Chequered History
@suchetadalal @Moneylifers @yogtoday

There is but one country tht humanises virulent islamists via human interest stories, and that is India. @SankarshanT humanises the whole cabal of jihadis looking to subvert the Indian state. Lenin's useful idiots r well co-opted by islamists today

Suddenly Lutyens cabal seem to be so fond of Jaswant Singh and celebrating his seminal contribution to advancing India’s strategic interest. Yes the same man they vilified and mocked as face at behest of their Congress masters till he slipped in to coma.

When Guha called Shourie a "pamphleteer masquerading as an historian" and other choice names. Delightful read

Refusing to engage in politics or to take a stand is also a political position: it endorses the status quo, which is often a state of inequality, misery, and suffering for many. Chetan Bhagat, who is cocksure confident about everything, may want to introspect about his platitude

The government’s performance is best judged by what people, mostly away from metropolitans think. @muglikar_ @MatruBhakt @chanya_manya are going to travel 8000 Kms to talk to people and prepare a governance report card.
@OpIndia_com is pleased to host #RoadTo2019

Dear Chetan it may not matter to the rich upper class who seem to have seceded from the republic of India with gated communities et at but as an ex banker how large is that number? Millions of desperately poor people depend on the govt.

Success isn't driven by hard-work alone it is also left open to winds of fortune/luck in chaotic system. Fortune favours a few including the crooks like Nirav Modi. But commoners depend on social security from the govt.

Chetan is right to the extent that govt coming to power doesn't have an agenda to interfere in people's personal lives in name of religion and culture. And that's exactly why it's swell that Congress don't have an agenda. As I argued here

In the modern world, there is less room for the growth of master strategists in the form of legendary historical figures. But PM Modi does fit into that legendary category when we see the success of BJP under his charismatic leadership in last four years

Men invented Gods. So it’s natural that they wrote or put words in Gods mouth according to their needs. It’s all a set of rules to bind a group of people together. The one who questions is thrown out of the group. And then they say God punished or talk of Karma.

What is for sure Sir, is anyone who has truly experienced a higher state of consciousness and understood ancient Indian thought,not just learnt it by rote,could not be harbouring or regularly spewing out such venomous nonsense against any group or fellow human beings !

Grateful to be a human today

1. Life starts ~4 billion years ago
2. Multicellular life ~1bya
3. Complex life ~0.5bya
4. Humans ~200k ya
5. Agriculture ~10k ya
6. Industry 200ya
7. Internet 20ya
8. Future - Great comforts for all or...Terminator

No wonder people believe in Gods

'We had done so much work, earned recognition, but solved nobody’s problem.' Abhay Bang writes on the need to put people at the heart of research in India.

Experts failed to see the extent to which strangers would assimilate into the economy, the society, and the culture. #RobertHiggs

Soumya continues: “Parents send their kids for dance, music and abacus classes to make them all-rounders. In the process, kids have to keep up with the growing competition in schools, stay involved in extracurricular activities and meet the huge expectations of their parents and teachers. For a kid, this is a lot to handle. That’s why yoga is a must for them. And that’s why I decided to provide free classes to kids. Apart from deaf and dumb children, I impart free yoga training to students of the Madhurmayee Sikhya Niketan where children of jail inmates study.”
Soumya developed an interest in yoga during her schooldays. “When I was studying in Sri Aurobindo Purnango Sikhya Kendra, learning gymnastics was compulsory. This was the first school in the state those days which provided gymnastics classes. I found gymnastics interesting.
I've lived a mofussil life all these years. Relatives and family are always joyous and celebrate a girl hitting puberty, no prudishness, no 'shame' - everybody treats it like a perfectly happy occasion.
Progressive types can pretend like its a shameful thing, but the natives are right here. And natives are sending their girls to every field and every country there is to get an education and pursue a career today.

Raghu Ananthanarayanan: As per statistics 50-70% of such cases are committed by people known to you like friends, relatives, and trusted people like teachers or priests. We must understand the human being’s biological and psychological systems are interlinked, for e.g. when we are born we are dependent on our parents for everything, then as we learn to walk we start exploring both from the physical mobility and the mind also, once we hit puberty there are more biological and psychological changes etc. In almost every person growth process the inner being and its development does not sit perfectly with the outer context and this causes deep hurt. For e.g. certain mothers are unable to breast-feed their child (for a variety of reasons, mostly beyond their intention) and this interference in the natural process causes trauma to the child. All these types of scars are stored in the unconscious. Of course, at every stage there are multiple hurts which if unresolved cumulatively accumulate in the next stage of growth and keeps coming back in the form of a compensatory behavior which is inappropriate. Due to the social conditioning one is told that certain types of behavior is ‘not ok’ and so the person starts managing it. This management only leads to suppression and oppression of these unexamined and unresolved parts making it more vicious each time it comes up. The defense mechanisms only strengthen the inner conflicts that then manifests in weird animalistic tendencies.
GI: But if the person is aware of the societal repercussions of such a behavior then where do these crimes take place?
RA: Yes, social context warranties that my behavior is controlled. That is why most of these violations happen in secret or anonymous spaces because here the defense mechanisms are not re-enforced by the external context. These secret spaces are haven for people who are in power like family friends, teachers, priests etc. who can let out their suppressed behavior without fear, almost like logging their acts in a secret diary.
GI: But we all have animalistic and vicious tendencies, no one is perfect right?
RA: Yes, we all have our disowned seeds sown in us. The difference lies in the decision we make to work with them and resolve them rather than suppress them. Unfortunately, our social context does not allow a safe, non-judgmental and compassionate space for sharing and re-appraisal. It rather shames you for these tendencies. The shame leads to people keeping these patterns a secret and even victims cannot share their experiences. In asymmetric power equations where one person is more vulnerable than the other and does not have the sensitivity to pause and observe the rising tendencies, obviously one cannot stop it. 

All my life,I’ve worked for the cause of the girl-child. Recently I expressed rage at assaults on young girls. But I admit that I’m as guilty as any of us for not fighting against the molestationof young boys. This is a scourge that calls for our voices to be raised...

Child sexual abuse has destroyed so many lives and crippled more. It is not just those who are abused (the prime victims) but also the vicious cycle of pain that is unleashed. In most cases, someone close is the culprit. Trusting becomes difficult for life

Whether the victims are small boys or girls, this is one of the most important issues for social reform probably the most important. The stigma of being abused needs to go. Let the perpetrators worry about the wrath of society and the state, not the victims in any way whatsoever.

I have massive, massive respect for @ShefVaidya ‘s courage after the kind of hate she gets every single day. Just sample some typical tweets of yet another abuser.

Born in Kerala, Mrinalini Sarabhai spent part of her childhood in Switzerland, where she learnt Western dance techniques. #GoogleDoodle
#MrinaliniSarabhai (1918-2016): Dance was the 'radiance of her spirit'

You know her as #India's foremost danseuse, but #MrinaliniSarabhai is more than #Bharatnatyam's shining beacon. A women's rights #activist & a vocal #feminist, she merged #Arts&Culture to social issues & broke #gendered roles in classical dance. We celebrate her. @GoogleDoodles

After writer Kamala Das, Google pays tribute to another Keralite and renowned dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai with a doodle on her 100th birth anniversary

On what basis does @Google decide whom to feature on its page..... for example a #RukminiDeviArundale does not merit a page whereas #MrinaliniSarabhai does!

Madan Mohan Malviya: how a four-time Congress president became a BJP icon via @scroll_in

Iqbal was one of the most rabidly communal Islamists that India has seen. Would be surprised if @BDUTT does not know it!
What sentiment are you trying to invoke by mentioning Iqbal?
And I love Faiz's work despite his politics but remember
'Bas naam rahega Allah ka!'

Yes. The superiority complex filled moderates derigatorily n insultingly described nationalists like Sri Aurobindo Tilak as extremists. Guru of gandhi was Gokhale. @pronam_bharat @Prof_HariOm @pras4net @praneelraja @viryavaan @FallingIntoFilm @vijayadhwaja @Vijaysubbu1

Marketime: We remain indebted to Shourie for true scholarship @NathTusar @auldtimer
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- "SAVITRI" by Sri Aurobindo

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