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Modi's record in power has been restorative rather than transformative

Talks with Sri Aurobindo by Nirodbaran (Volume 1 and 2) - Auro e-Books
5 hours ago - Talks with Sri Aurobindo is a thousand-page record of Sri Aurobindo's conversations with the disciples who attended to him during the last twelve years of his life ...

What is Sri Aurobindo's idea of true happiness? – Plewall
14 hours ago - According to Sri Aurobindo India's cultural conception is of the eternal. He says that any country which caters only to the body and mind cannot achieve true ...

California Institute of Integral Studies - Wikipedia
10 hours ago - California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) is a private, non-profit university founded in 1968 ... Although the Institute has no official spiritual path, some of its historical roots lie among followers of the Bengali sage Sri Aurobindo.

The Current Hindu Upsurge in Sri Aurobindo's Light - AuroMaa
6 hours ago - It is this spiritual aspect of this religious culture, that Sri Aurobindo refers to as the Sanatana Dharma. ... They are convinced that Hindu spirituality has been the bane of this country.

Subhas Chandra Bose: The myths, the distortions and the biases ...
5 hours ago - 28, and considered B Tilak and Aurobindo Ghosh as leftists (clearly neither was a ..... 4) Subhas Bose's faith in Hindu spirituality continued until the very end of his ... who spread the teachings of Sri Ramkrishna and Swami Vivekananda which ...

Indian independence movement - Wikipedia
16 hours ago - The Indian independence movement encompassed activities and ideas aiming to end the East ..... "Despite its claim to represent all India, theCongress voiced the interests of urban elites; the number of participants from ... The work of men like Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Sri Aurobindo, V. O. Chidambaram Pillai, ...

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That is why you need nuance in addition to coarse logic.  Twitter’s brevity often precludes nuance.  But we need to add that on our own.  You don’t have to take tweets literally.  A point has been made for good.  Leave it at that.

Read how conversion mafia is ruling supreme among tribals in states with long-standing BJP rule. Report in RSS mouthpiece. Using census we had shown that tribals convert in states that are not leftist stronghold, but resist conversion in leftist strongholds

Modi’s Personalised Approach to Diplomacy Resembles Nehru’s: Let’s return to the Arthashastra, writes @Chellaney
If India is to emerge as a major global economic powerhouse, Modi must make economic growth his first priority and reduce the country’s spiralling arms imports, especially by developing an indigenous defence industry. Unfortunately, Modi’s ‘Make in India’ initiative has yet to take off, with manufacturing’s share of India’s GDP actually contracting.
Modi’s political rise had much to do with the Indian electorate’s yearning for an era of decisive government. Before becoming Prime Minister, he pledged to qualitatively change governance and strengthen national security. Although he came to office with a popular mandate to usher in major changes, his record in power has been restorative rather than transformative. The transformative moment usually comes once in a generation. Modi failed to seize that moment. He seems to believe in incrementalism, not transformative change. His sheen has clearly dulled, yet his mass appeal remains unmatched in the country.
As for foreign policy, India, despite absorbing greater realism, remains intrinsically cautious and reactive, rather than forward-looking and proactive. India has not fully abandoned its quixotic traditions. India’s tradition of realist strategic thought is probably the oldest in the world. The realist doctrine was propounded by the strategist Kautilya, also known as Chanakya, who wrote the Arthashastra before Christ; this ancient manual on great-power diplomacy and international statecraft remains a must-read classic. Yet India, ironically, appears to have forgotten its own realist strategic thought. Brahma Chellaney 
Excellent commentary on the general contours of Indian foreign policy under Modi. Foreign "economic" policy under Modi has not yielded much results either; this dimension is often overlooked with our obsession about military threats from two of our nuclear-armed neighbours !

Somebody needed to call him out. I am glad my friend @shwetankbhushan finally did Tufail Ahmad's post “BJP systematically excluding Muslims, marginalized groups from poll process,” is not only totally misplaced but a disservice to the community.

Introducing Swarajya Focus: ONLY the issues that matter for India's survival and prosperity. Read our inaugural issue on Kashi and how they're cleaning up the city.

In case you missed it, over at @ThinkPragati, we launched a group blog called Pragati Express a couple of weeks ago. I'm still pinching myself at the quality of the writers, and the quality of the posts. Take a look!

Women in Cinema Collective launches a series of events to highlight gender quality in cinema

Kapalbhati: purification and vitalisation of the frontal lobes
The last of the six shatkarma is kapalbhati. In the "Gherand Samhita" it is known as bhalabhai. The words 'bhala' and 'kapal' mean the 'cranium' or 'forehead'. 'Bhati'…
#Yoga #Vedic...

No, @mitalisaran, that's not a vagina. It is the 'Urdhava Pundra', representing Vishnu and his divine consort, Lakshmi. For vagina, you may lookup the Kamakhya temple. But don't think of visiting as they slaughter buffaloes there.

Such an amazing thread! Beautiful, informative, and poignant. Do read.

Hindu Seva or Christian Charity? Lessons for the US and the World #christiancharity #hinduhating

#Anti-India Sentiments - The Masterminds Behind the Scene #fbi #gulamnabifai #india #isi

Does #Monotheism Kill Spirituality? #hinduism #spirituality

Hinduism: The Natural Way of Life #divinereality #hindulife

No enlightened organisational leader, entrepreneur, or professional hankers after success alone. “Leadership, Fame, and Self-Actualization” sets out a new approach to achieve exalted leadership success, and holistic self-realization. Read more here

Confluence In The Void Of Oneness: A Brief Delve Into The Teachings of Stephen Hawking, Aldous Huxley, Anil Seth and Sri Aurobindo To Explain Life’s Questions (Western And Indian Thought)

Carl Popper concluded in his later philosophy that "Metaphysical Research Programs" (MRP) are essential and uniques aspects of science. Thomas Kuhn considered the same as World Views, and how they tend to change in the evolution of science through infrequent "revolutions", compared to the everyday activity of fleshing out the predictions and implications of a given theory. The situation is analogous to the evolution of species, which many have pointed out tends to be similarly "punctuated".
Thus the metaphysics cannot be evaluated on the basis of empirical evidence directly because it is not about the dynamics of the world, but rather how we are to construct those dynamics and in which terms of reference that may be considered naturalistic (a 'realistic' belief about the ontology of nature), or instrumental (arbitrary terms that give sufficiently accurate predictions). Here we have the present dilemma between two schools of science, one looking for what is natural and the other looking for what is descriptive without proposing natural elements. It is easy to get confused when these two modes are conflated in discussion, and also when discussion crosses over between the MRP and a theory without clearly distinguishing the two. john kineman Visit this group at

The Irony of Practice: Hypocrisy by Sam Mickey
In a previous post, I pointed out the use of Socratic irony in Pierre Hadot’s writings on philosophy as a way of life involving spiritual exercises. The idea is that “Hadot’s practice of irony reveals the irony of practice.” To put it simply, practice is always hypocritical.

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Marketime: Modi's four years' record has been of moderation @NathTusar @Sheks65 @Auro_Mere
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo ("SAVITRI")

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