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Some deep and seismic change has to take place

Not enough to decry breaking India forces; far more important to work out what the renaissance of India really means and how together we can make it a reality. My May @SwarajyaMag column.
It can be achieved if, along with at least a few others, we make an inward turn to higher consciousness. If so, the energy around us will change; we will be able to celebrate difference & individuality, without tarnishing harmony or undermining unity.

We spend out lives chasing comfort & ease in a world made for struggle & conquest. Some deep & seismic change has to take place in the Hindu psyche if there is any hope of survival. It is Sri Aurobindo’s first message to us of Shakti. All these other scamsters must be cast aside.

The second talk by Dr Alok Pandey on Katha Upanishad at Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR)

My colleague @abhijit227 and I write : “India’s struggle for the soul of the Indo-Pacific” via @LowyInstitute

Ken Wilber - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview #integral #hardcoredharma

Steven Pinker’s Book Is An Antidote For The Growing Animosity Towards Science via @swarajyamag

Bengali culture is one brand of syncretism and assimilation. Veg&nonveg both are its integral part. even before Mahaprabhu's Gaudiya philosophy, bengali SriVaishnavism was a vibrant subculture, and Nabadwip was literally equivalent to the Oxford or cambridge of India.
Infact bengal is the land, where Buddhism, after getting rejected across a major part of india, found solace, and even reinvented itself into the tantric Vajrayana theory, with integration of tantric deha tattva and creation of tantric buddhist goddesses like Dakini etc.
this has been the nature of bengali hindu culture, it is one integral whole, and not defined by any specific substrands. Bengali people eat nonveg, specifically fish more commonly because of the easy availability, due to bengal's inherent geography of having multiple water bodies.
Unless a society is understood from its roots, no external model of Hindutva will ever be successful. And people like Tapan Babu will continue banging their heads in frustration, as to why the general bengali society is not responding to their calls. Rather, if an org is built up on
strong nationalist and integral philosophy, maybe somewhat like the Bengal Volunteers of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, with paramilitary training if possible, then it might go a long way in the betterment of bengali society and bengali consciousness.

How will they ever realise what inner inspiration, and which brand of darshan sends this old pehlwan to his akhada, from where he doesnt gain anything monetarily? Selfless dedication to a specific way of life is the domain analytics and SocialMedia tycoons are yet to reach.  Dedication to an art, or a particular way of life, without caring about material returns is what I call the Hindu Way of Life :) _/\_ And this is something westernised minds would never understand.. Work can be done, life can be led for the sake of itself,..
and not just by the calculation of profits or losses. West is yet to grasp this core, and as long as the philosophical core remains, no Cambridge analytica or Audrey Truscke will be able to crack the code :) Let them try as much as they like, until they reach the point of clinical depression. And I get a gut feeling, that another thumping majority to modi in 2019 will actually send many such westernised people to hangover mode 😊after all, their efforts have always been directed to gains, losses, and ledger calculations, in trying to break the indic ethos.

Yeah, that's basic given. I read this earlier today. What I am talking about is a long term action we need to undertake. Swami Vivekanand, Sri Aurobindo as well as Ganapati Muni said this. Ganpati Muni once said: We have lost Aindra Shakti (leadership power)
Swami Vivekanand said: country is too full of Tamas. Rajas is needed, even if it be at the cost of making ppl violent for a while.
SA said: India is an energy sink. Any amount I pour in thr vital atmosphere, it just gets lost. A fraction of this amount wud hv created a burst of creative activity in a European nation. We are but a shadow of ancient Aryas in mind, heart and bodies.
For example read this: 
Freedom movement was fated to be a success the day ppl developed the Mother feeling. Vande Matram was a mantra. Ofcourse, Gandhi & co. botched it up.
It is this subtle inner change in ppl that matters. But for that a tremendous leader is needed. A Shivaji or a Chandragupta Maurya, who can channelize the spiritual power of a Ramdas or a Chanakya who stand behind. The real movers of a movement are always behind the curtain. Outward tactics are just mechanisms. It's very European to rely solely on mechanisms. Mechs always have loopholes, they are human, they never stand long. When ppl are petty, the most elaborate mechanisms fail.
As Chinese say: The Great Wall is as strong as the weakest man guarding it. Aryans were not great due to mechs only. They were primarily great due to spirit. That is where yoga and discipline comes in. That we hv lost shakti in mind is why we fall for stupid virulent memes like Communism. Why do a handful of less educated and poorer groups manage to subjugate us ? We hv numbers, education and power, so system should work for us, not against. Cz we donot hv that confidence, faith, clarity, all markers of shakti. Solution is not to bcm barbarians ourselves 
We might win that way. But after being transformed from a shadow of our ancestors into their vigorous caricatures. Isvara rarely shouts. He often whispers in the ears of a nobody and destiny of nations transform. End.

Had simultaneously Started of with KS Lal's and SN Balagangadhara's works, so did Not prioritise this book, that's it. 
Then read bit of Aurobindo ... so GD book has been  parked !
SNB work is serious reading, difficult to read while travelling in metro, or shuffling things. He is the best when it comes to why west sees us the way they do. 
On why H must study Islam, Christianity without which we will never be able to look at ourselves through H lens. We are all looking through Christian lens already. This he makes it very clear

The chapter on Raja Ram Mohan Roy and the Unitarian conflict in 1830s Boston is a particularly fascinating example of how Americans at home used events in India to debate the meaning and purpose of religion amongst themselves. Missionary writers such as Jedidiah Morse and Claudius Buchanan provided American readers with a picture of Hindoo religion that was “bloody, violent, superstitious, and backward,” and in need of the Gospel. It was, in other words, the opposite of “true religion,” which missionaries believed they themselves embodied. [...]
Roy’s use of Vedanta philosophy and Sanskrit texts introduced American readers to a new depiction of India and created a sort of second front in the Unitarian controversy, with some going so far as to describe Roy as “plainly a firm and zealous Unitarian.”
It was not only Unitarians who made interesting and perhaps surprising use of India in their discussion of religion. Transcendentalists and theosophists, too, are the subjects of chapters that explore American thinking about universal religion and the occult, respectively. Throughout these discussions, Altman points out that Americans held two basic types of assumptions about Hindoo religion from as early as the 1830s. On the one hand, it was marked by heathen practices and was backward in important cultural ways. On the other hand, however, it was mystical. [...]
A useful point of comparison here might be Christine Heyrman’s American Apostles, which looks at early American evangelical encounters with Islam. -Emily Conroy-Krutz

Foundations of mind residential summer school on “Natural and
artificial Intelligence” Noceto retreat center, Siena, Italy, September 2-7 2019
In the light of the current recent technological breakthroughs made in AI, the relative lack of progress in neuroscience and other sciences of the mind may come as a surprise. Surely success in one should spread  to the other, as they are essentially the same object of study? While arguing that this is not in fact the case, this summer school will equip the student with cutting-edge tools both to take part in the current AI revolution and to understand where future breakthroughs in neuroscience and cognitive science in general are likely to come from.
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The Practice of Irony in Pierre Hadot
by Sam Mickey
Pierre Hadot is well-known for his idea that philosophy is not a merely professional endeavor or simply a system of ideas but is a way of living, a practice for which one must engage in “exercise” or “training” (askēsis). That point is evident throughout Hadot’s writings, but it is especially emphasized in Philosophy as a Way of Life: Spiritual Exercises from Socrates to Foucault. Philosophy isn’t just about talking and thinking; it’s a way of being in the world. It’s not just a vocational choice; it’s an existential choice. It’s not just about ideas; it’s about one’s entire self. 

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FDP 2018 on Advanced Research Methodology and Analytics (With Session on SPSS) Visit Site

श्रीअरविंद जी ने उनकी God's Labour कवितामें अपने कार्यकी झलक प्रस्तुत की जिसे पढनेसे पता होता है की महर्षि श्रीअरविंद जैसा मानवता का प्रेमी केवल भगवान ही हो सकता हैं।वे हमेशा बिना गाजेबाजेके कार्य करना पसंद करते थे..और जबतक पृथ्विको रुपाँतरित नही करते तबतकवे पृथ्विको छोडेंगे नही।
समझ रहे बाबा😉
और इन सबका विनाश भी देख रहे.
हमारे भगवान सबकी बंशी बजा देंगे😉
देखते जाओ.
हम भी श्रीअरविंद जी के चेले है और नये सुवर्णिम युगमें विश्वास रखते हैं, इस दुष्ट असभ्यताके विनाशके बाद !
भले लोगोंके लिये ही नये युगमें प्रवेश होगा!

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