Monday, May 07, 2018

Democracy is about largest minority

The games of democracy are highly dangerous. Both edges of the knife are sharp. As long as one seeks to play by the rules of democracy, he is on a slippery slope. Playing one-upmanship will eventually leads to downfall of everyone except the ultimate beneficiaries, the rulers!
What those who seek to play this game don't understand is that democracy is not about majority. It is about 'largest minority'.  As long you are large enough a group to matter to vote-vultures, you can get away with anything, literally anything, notwithstanding right or wrong.
Those who think that they can win the game, playing by the 'largest minority' rule underestimate the fact that the rulers would ensure that the 'largest minority' would always remain as such, 'a minority'. All attempts grow beyond some size will be dealt with divide-&-rule rules.

Rohit, opposing majoritarianism or fundamentalism per se is neither here nor there. For it depends what said “majority” wants and what said “fundamentals” stand for. 
A very crucial point that many overlook in their sincere attempts to come across as fair.

Tagore and Ecology: On his 157th Birth Anniversary, we examine why #RabindranathTagore's work is now more important than ever.

Part 9 of #DemocracyInIndia
my piece: As democracy matures in India, there is a process of thinking and rethinking among people who can vote a party in a certain election and vote out that party in the very next election.

A non-smiling, firm version of Hinduness, which stands its ground and does not bend over to be taken, upsets the project of turning India into a lost civilisation like Mesopotamians/Persians, Mayans, Aztecs. Invasions, colonial brainwash programmes us to oppose self-preservation

Unmarried adult couples can live together, rules Supreme Court

Adult unmarried couples can live together, says SC. That the SC has to restate this obvious proposition is a sign of the times in this age of Moral policing by the Hindutva brigade!

Our new article: The amazonian banana republic: the strī-rājya in Hindu tradition

The reopened Ambedkar House in London holds the key to understanding the man and his inspirations via @scroll_in

The ancient Tamil kingdoms, had diplomatic relations with China, trade relations with Rome, and ruled chunks of Vietnam, and Indonesia. 
i review The World of the Tamil Merchant

Why have Hindus being bunched together with followers of dogmatic religions and forced to defend themselves on a playing field which is inherently alien to them writes @vsridha2

Marketime: Remembering Tagore, Ashok Mitra, Bhagat Singh, and Hannah Arendt #SriAurobindo @NathTusar

Marx is alive in the millions Stalin killed. Marx is alive in the millions Mao murdered. Marx is alive in the millions Pol Pot slaughtered. Marx is alive in brutal North Korea. Marx is alive in Naxal killing sprees in India. Marx is alive in unfinished PhDs on state dole.

So all kinds of folks wrote puff pieces about Marx. Not many referred to Karl Popper’s evisceration of Marx in his Open Society And Its Enemies. The very notion of teleological historicism has the seed of tyranny in built in for the truth has been seen and why abhor force then?
This came around the peak of Marx fever in the world. Relatively then Popper was much harder on more distant personalities such as Hegel and Plato in his two volume book. A pity that not many have read these. Third volume would logically include the two proselytising monotheisms.

I hardly know of people who even know Sir Doktor Karl Raimund Popper, forget reading him. Reading him can be extremely liberating. I consider his epoch work: The Logic of Scientific Discovery as one of the most profound books I have read ever.

Why Empathy Is More Than Standing in Another’s Shoes

Caste should be declared a no-go area for surveyors, and those who flout the law should face non-bailable arrest

There is a pious purpose of all the religious activities, no religions breed hatred, said the Bench

Opinion | The revelations that the community’s guru, Rajneesh, made in 1985 were shocking. According to his personal secretary, he had conspired with a small circle of around 24 people to kill state and federal official, writes Marion Goldman. 

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