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Societies enforce norms by criticizing and ostracizing

Quantum photosynthesis in non-biological entities is a  thing. New work published in Nature Chemistry demonstrates the first firm evidence that theoretically consistent quantum effects occur in biological systems. Amazing!

This is the first time that quantum mechanical behavior was proven to exist in biological systems that are involved in photosynthesis. 

The New Indian Express-9 hours ago
Most yoga poses are inspired from nature. Vrkshasan gives us grace and strength. In Sanskrit Vrksh means Tree. Rooted in one spot we learn an important ...

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Probably, "The Complete Works of Arthur Conan Doyle"

With great effort & dedication the Svaras of the Vedas have come down to us intact since the age of the Rishis. Perhaps this success hasn't been uniform across the country, with some regions doing better. But how difficult was this effor for people who lived closer to their time?

Probably the reason why the various Shakhas still flourish in their almost pristine forms in SI as compared to the other parts where Vedas are the backbone of DhArmik ritual a & ArAdhanAs. Traisvarya helps in memorizing and hence preservation.

On the other end, there is an inbuilt mime of detachment in Kural 341 that’s devoid of labial sounds & can be uttered with lips parted & unmoving. I’ve done demos reciting it keeping my index finger parallel between my lips!(I do get carried away! :D )2/2

As the court bids adieu to Justice Chelameswar, the article aptly summarises the greatest judgement-benches he has been a part of and highlights the standing of the man who stood up for what he believed was right, no matter what the circumstances were.

In pre-vedi & Vedic societies organized around families or clans piety & patriotism were synonymous.  T be pious - ie follow family rituals & modes of living - was the same as being patriotic - loyalty to family b/c there was life or living outside a family.
The same applies to the Vedic concept of piety = patriotism used by the #RSS that has no place in a modern nation state.

I thought India was one but Tarun Vijay finds it made up  of 2 worlds. & the connection comes thru a Tiranga which #RSS held in disdain until recently.  4 crass stupidity U can’t beat this drivel;  even if it is well intentioned b/c it subtly makes citizenship conditional 4 some.

I honestly have no idea why this thread irked so many people. I dont find the thread offensive, misogynist, regressive and what not adjectives she has been awarded with. Dhimmitude IS a genuine cause of concern and all of us have highlighted incidents at one point or another.
And the most hilarious part of all was about being judgemental. Since when is this “not being judgemental” become a thing? ALL societies enforces its norms by criticizing and ostracizing all the time. Ancient or modern. Eastern or Western.

Hinduism tolerates atheism. There is no concept of punishment for apostasy in Hinduism. Athiests are allowed freedom to debate. But it doesn't mean Dharma celebrates atheism or promotes it. Sri Krishna has condemned atheism and dialectical materialism in Bhagwat Gita.

I am sorry to butt in but atheism is secualrized theism.. The way we understand Nirishwara is not same as atheism ..
Cicero's On The Nature Of Gods apparently turned many enlightenment era thinkers to atheism but didn't have any effect on pagans .. Despite questioning the existence of gods, they continued to follow the practices of their ancestors some what like what we do .

Common people are the lowest denominator in every conflict, especially in Kashmir where political and business fortunes are created on human tragedies. The conflict elites grow while commoners are purged.
One important reason why conflicts and it’s tragedies continue is the way politics is played around it. When political beneficiaries of a conflict develop human empathy and stop harvesting tragedies, it will resolve. #Kashmir

Heard at breakfast: “Hindutva-vadis not only seem to have no idea of what Hinduism stands for, they do not know which Vedanta to follow.” #ThoothukudiShooting

'In the case of Dalits, it is the institution of caste which creates multiple “trust circles” and “closed civilised groups” which act as a hurdle in the path of building an India based on civility.'

No logic of development can justify this. The environment is crying, Ganga is drying, Yamuna is dying. Forests are depleting. Animals are straying. What are we getting in return...erratic climate; weather extremes and suffocating pollution. #StopItNow

If solar panels are so clean, why are they so toxic? | Another good one by @ShellenbergerMD; As I had also written,

Indic Teen Fest (to be held in Sonipat, Haryana in about two weeks from now) aims to be the platform through which youth from the ages 13 to 19 gather and exchange experiences. Please participate. RT. Thanks.

By age 35, you should have lost most of your real life friends to misunderstandings, changing priorities, distance and unknown reasons and found a few hundred online strangers to laugh with.

Golden Temple Pics - We cover the Hari Mandir as nobody does. @amritabhinder @GulPanag @vijayvaani @RatanSharda55
The Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama in Amritsar is out of this world - do visit. @punjabtourismpk

#4YearsofModi: Modi’s image among aspirational lower-income groups as a man on a mission to change India and as a moderniser has helped him not only win votes, but also govern the country, writes PR Ramesh

Possible Forms of a World Government: Advantages and Disadvantages

MADHUBAN - Himalayan Center of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Delhi Branch. A short documentary

Marketime: Root for capitalism, not state capitalism @NathTusar @ScrewedbyState @DivyaSoti
This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose,
From her blind unwilling substance must emerge
A beauty that belongs to happier spheres.
- Sri Aurobindo ("SAVITRI")

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